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Bunny’s elephant quilt

Quite some time ago, when my Bunny was only a toddler, i posted about her love for Elephants – and at 6 years old, Elephants are still her favourite. She has so many elephant toys that it’s somewhat ridiculous. But somehow, i find so much comfort in her steadfast love for elephants. Is that silly? Possibly, but i think it’s just so ingrained as part of her personality that i can’t imagine Bunny not loving elephants.

Anyway, i digress. Last year, my mother in law and sister in law paid a visit to Tessuti in Melbourne, and bought this gorgeous pink and white elephant fabric for Bunny. For the longest time i wasn’t sure what to do with it, because when you have a special fabric it’s kind of hard to cut into it without freaking out, am i right?!

Bunny kept asking me to make it into a blanket, but the amount i had wasn’t quite enough, which is when i realised using it in a quilt was a good solution. Her old one was way too small for her, so it made sense. She chose the fabrics aside from one which was part of my bedding set as a child, i’m nostalgic like that.

The back is just made up of lots of different green and pink fabrics, and the binding is all of the scraps sewn together. Though this is the 5th quilt i’ve posted, it was the third i made (i made it before my collection scrap quilts one and two) and i think it’s nice to look at it now and see that i’ve improved. Well at least i feel like i have hahaha

It’s an extra layer in winter, now summer is here it is her main blanket, and it’s always the centrepiece of any backyard picnic she sets up, or fort/cubby house she makes (almost every week heehe). I must admit, not many projects gets as much love as a quilt!!

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9 years ago

Very sweet! I’m keen to get into quilting as I think they’re the most beautiful keepsakes, and as you say, bedding is great for nostalgia!

Dee Durrant
Dee Durrant
9 years ago

This is lovely. my daughter is also an elephant fan – she kept us at the elephant enclosure at Perth zoo for 50 minutes and when we finally got her walking towards the next animal enclosure the zoo decided to take Trisha the Elephant out for a walk in the zoo grounds – her little face (at 1.5 years old) was so excited and she started running after her and we ended up three animal enclosures further back than when we started! We have lots of Lumpy’s, Dumbo’s and Trisha’s in her little toy family

9 years ago

This is so lovely and sweet! What a perfect quilt for Bunny! I know she’ll treasure it… I still have a tattered quilt that my mom made for me when I was about her age, and even though it’s in ruins, I can’t bear to part with it. :)

9 years ago

such a cute quilt! my daughter is a huge elephant fan too! has been since age 2 or so i think; she’s 6.5 now. she has a pretty substantial stuffed elephant collection on her bed at this point and we have a blast visiting the baby elephant at our zoo (SO CUTE). i actually bought some valori wells elephant flannel to back a quilt i was planning for her but haven’t gotten it made yet! you’re motivating me to get on it, though. :)