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Bunny turns 6!

I feel like every time a kiddo birthday comes around i’m like “What?! how did that happen?!”. Time is slipping away too fast! Bunny turned six this week, and she basically needs to stop it. STOP IT> no more growing up. Period. Mummy can’t take it hehe. We had a lovely birthday party for her with friends from school and neighbors and family. We booked the Cuddly Animal Farm again and it rocked! They brought baby animals and a gorgeous pony, and the kids just went nuts having an awesome time. We enjoyed doing a little Bunny photoshoot so much last year that we decided to do one again this year! I think i may end up making it a tradition if i can swing it, its really cool to have a little collection of facial expressions that are so indicative of her personality. I think it would be really fun to have something like this for each kid each year. What do you think my chances are of succeeding at that?! heehe I know i know… not good

Are you up for a birthday party photo recap?! Click through!

obligatory birthday party family photo, and thats a wrap!

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9 years ago

This is really interesting. Our team will try to work on this & follow this in future.

9 years ago

Haha, I remember being jealous of this birthday party last year! I really want it for myself! :D