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baby girl wish list

That’s right, baby number three is a girl!! Bunny is ridiculously excited, as she’d been hoping and hoping for a little sister. She’s already decided we should name her “Rosie Robinhood”, which might be the best name i’ve ever heard hehehe. Though hilariously, the ultrasound technician was so overly confident that its a girl, that it almost makes me nervous. Isn’t that silly? I know, it is!

I’m so glad to finally know the gender, as i can do what i love, prepare and organize! I’ve been keeping all of Bunny and Buddy’s baby things for years – so it’s been really fun unpacking all of the little baby girl things after all that time.  It’s actually worked out really well because one of my dearest friends is having a boy around the same time as me, so i’m able to pass on all of Buddy’s adorable baby things to her. I had a seriously epic baby clothing organizing session one weekend! Unfortunately we did have to get rid of a lot of things before we moved back to Australia, it was a shipping container space issue and also a this-has-been-used-and-abused-by-two-kids-already-why-are-we-keeping-it issue. But I’m really glad we brought our rocker and crib and pretty change table when we moved back to Perth.

So obviously i’ve been looking at all the things i need to get for our new addition and made a Pinterest board for the very important task! Here are a few of my favourites at the moment, some to make and some to buy:

  1. Rain cloud mobile. I think this is so cute! But i don’t really like the black rain drops, so i think i’d like to try and make my own version, maybe with pink raindrops
  2. Fawn Clock. I absolutely 100% do not need this clock. But i’ve wanted it for years (literally) and feel this might be the excuse to buy it… maybe hehehe. Isn’t it ridiculously precious??
  3. Natursutten BPA free natural rubber orthodontic pacifier. Admittedly we are not pacifier people. We’ve never let our kids sleep with them, and i don’t intend to with this baby – BUT i really love having a pacifier in my nappy bag for emergencies. By which i mean, my baby won’t stop crying in a really public place that i can’t leave and people are giving me the “eye” hehe. I have hated every pacifier we’ve ever bought, but this one looks really great because well, all natural (WIN), orthodontic (WIN) and no part of it is closed so it’s easy to clean (gosh i hate when liquid is caught in a pacifier ewwww).
  4. Ferm living cloud wallpaper. I love the idea of having a feature wall of pretty wallpaper in kids rooms, and i’ve fallen head over heels for this pretty cloud wallpaper. I know it’s unlikely i’ll actually buy it since it’s so so pricey, and then i’d have to actually hang wallpaper, but i think it’s pretty likely i’ll do some cloud stenciling on the wall like this
  5. BabyBjorn Babysitter Balance with organic cover. As much as i loved our old Boppy bouncer, after a lot of research this looks like the best one for our lifestyle. I like that it folds flat, since we’re always driving between grandparents houses, and i like that its different height settings go lower than our old Boppy bouncer did (that thing really was gigantic!). And not gonna lie, kind of jazzed that it comes in an organic cotton cover- though truthfully, that was my favourite colour choice organic or not hehe. Yes it’s pricey, but everything baby is, and i know this is something we’ll use even into toddlerhood.
  6. Freshly Picked Moccasins in blush. I know we are a long way from needing these (i’m not a fan of shoes on babies that aren’t standing yet), but goodness me i think these are the perfect first walkers. SO gorgeous. Yes they are pricey, and yes there are cheaper knockoffs allover now, but i think it’s still important to support indie designers, and i’ve been watching Susan’s little business from the beginning, and watched it grow into something really amazing.
  7. Dr Brown’s Gia nursing pillow. Somehow i lost my Boppy nursing pillow in the move?! i’m super irritated because it was still perfect and i took really good care of it. Honestly how do you lose something that bulky? Anyway, the good news is that since then Dr Browns have come out with an even cooler nursing pillow which is getting rave reviews, and my lost pillow gives me an excuse to buy the new cool one yayyyy. Kind of loving the fact that its much thicker than boppy, and angled to help baby with gas/comforter etc. I’d probably make a cover for this one, because i historically hate the patterns and colours of all nursing pillow covers. Picky meg!
  8. Wooden rattles and toys. I’m trying my best to move away from plastic, years of the stuff breaking and having to throw it in the trash (I HATE throwing things in the trash) have made me ragey, so wooden baby toys are on my mind this time. I really love everything from keepsake toys on Etsy. I mean hedgehogs, come on so adorable!!
  9. Sophie the Giraffe. We’ve used a lot of teethers over time, and i’ve never been super impressed – but i remember watching Everett go nuts over his Sophie when we were having lunch with Sydney one day, and i was completely sold on it’s awesomeness. This time round i definitely want to get a Sophie.
  10. Aden + Anais swaddling blankets. For Buddy i made all of his swaddling blankets so i could get really big ones in cool prints. Since then I’ve noticed everyone using these adorable Aden + Anais swaddlers, and must admit they look really good. (also their crib sheets look crazy cute i might need to splure or copy) The same fabrics i would make them out of myself, and the size is nice and big. Admittedly, the price is pretty high, so who knows i might end up making swaddling blankets again this time.
  11. Avent natural glass bottles. Though i like to nurse exclusively, it’s kind of rough on the rest of the family because then no-one else gets to feed cute babies – SO i always pump and have a small number of bottles on hand for Chris and other relatives to use if they want. We really really loved the plastic Avent bottles with Bunny and Buddy, but lately i’m trying really hard to move away from as much plastic as possible – so this time round I bought some of Avents natural glass bottles. I must admit, i almost bought the LifeFactory glass bottles simply because the silicone sleeves are soooo pretty, but I’ve learnt from experience that the bigger the bottle nipple the better, so sticking with my Avent :)
  12. Rope bowls for storage. For both Bunny and Buddy i used wicker baskets to store their nappys and wipes and important nursery items, but i really love the idea of these DIY rope bowls. I think a couple for toys on the floor would be really adorable too.
  13. Darling Dexter baby bibs. Yes i know i could make my own bib pattern, and yes i did for Bunny and Buddy – BUT as functional and easy as mine were, i can readily admit that these that Whitney made are WAY cuter, so i think i’ll be using her little pattern to knock up a few with my pretty fabric scraps
  14. Thief&Bandit headbands. I’m not one to cover a baby in headbands, i’m all for comfort – but having said that, this are amazingly cute and i might not be able to resist. Sure i could make some myself from fabric scraps (i probably will), but i might also get lazy and buy theirs because they are so irresistible.
I know there are many of you who are pregnant at the same time as me, so whats on your wish list?!
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Meg is the Founder and Creative Director of Megan Nielsen Patterns, and is constantly dreaming up ideas for new sewing patterns and ways to make your sewing journey more enjoyable! She gets really excited about design details and is always trying to add way too many variations to our patterns.

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10 years ago

These little things are all ridiculously cute. Also, you can count me as a vote for “Rosie Robinhood”. :)

10 years ago

There are some seriously pretty things up there, whether you’re having a baby or not (the wallpaper is super cute and I’ve been looking at getting baskets similar to ones above).
On another note… I’ve gritted by teeth so many times with other people and just can’t hold it in any more. Why do people insist on saying that they know the gender of the child? You know the sex! (No, the two words aren’t interchangeable.) The gender is how they feel once old enough to figure it out themselves. Phew. That feels better.

Holly & Molly
10 years ago

I think Freshly Picked was on the last episode of Shark Tank! Those moccasins are such a great baby gift!

10 years ago

Congratulations Megan!

My 3 favourite things for my little girls are Sophie, her big aden + Anais swaddle wraps and her growing collection of wooden toys (I’ve been getting them from and have been very happy). Good choices! I look forward to seeing any new maternity clothes that you come up with! (On a side note, my ‘getting pregnant after infertility’ present was your maternity pack! I’d had it picked out for ages. Thanks x)

sophie o.
10 years ago

I definitely recommend Sophie the Giraffe, I received it as a gift when I was pregnant because it’s my first name :) my daughter absolutely loves it and has been regularly chewing it since she has been able to grasp things (about 3 months), she’s now 8 months and this morning she was still chewing her ear. And we’re very happy that this little French giraffe is known outside Europe!

10 years ago

Rosie Robinhood is an awesome name!

If you do get the aden + anais swaddles, do try and get the bamboo ones. They are amazingly soft! I didn’t believe they would feel so different from the normal cotton, but they do. We love them!

10 years ago

Congrats on expecting a girl! I don’t know what I’m having. I have a boy at the moment, so actually can’t get my head round the fact it may not be a boy this time too. A lot of this stuff is really cute, but I am so far off thinking about this kind of thing. Is that bad? May still feels like a long way off, and the baby will be sharing a room with it’s brother, so no need to decorate. Plus, I am the sort of person who would put a girl in blue tractor print sleeping bags! I am all for reusing, and saving some money, and I’m not really a pink person anyway!

I am with you on dummies (pacifiers) and shoes on babies. I love the cloud themed things – Kerry from Kestrel Makes did a tutorial on a similar type mobile. I can totally vouch for Sophie – a great toy. I lost my son’s so may need to invest in another. And I LOVE the fawn clock too. Really cute! X

Beth @ Turn2theSimple
10 years ago

We just found out we are expecting baby #4! So baby stuff is on my brain! I’m thinking about the Miracle Blanket swaddle blanket. I also need to get a nursing pillow — I know, having nursed three babies and still no pillow…I think there are too many choices! I’m loving all the grey and white neutral baby stuff. Would also love some more wooden toys.

Love your super easy maternity tutorials…can’t wait to see more!

10 years ago

I vote you name her Rosie Robinhood don’t even think twice just do it.

10 years ago

Great list! Yes, babies love Sophie and although she is a pricey teething toy – it’s totally worth it. I understand wanting to move away from plastic bottle. We used stainless steel and I love them! (

10 years ago

We had the BabyBjorn chair and it was fantastic – so easy for us to cart around the family homes and as we live in a small home it was easy to fold down and slip behind the sofa when we had lots of guests around – they we holding the baby so no need for it to be taking up valuable space! We had Sophie to and she is still played with today and my girl is 20 months old now! I vote for Rosie Robinhood – so cute!

Kelly Rodgers
10 years ago

Love love love Rosie Robinhood. Congrats on having a girl – so are we. Hitting the last 3 weeks now. Kinda freaking out and impatient for her to arrive – all at the same time.