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bunny turns 5

Bunny turns 5

So my little girl turned 5.

Wow. that happened. It’s kind of blown my mind really. 5 years is such a long time – and it really brought home to me that she’s a kid now – a big kid!

We did this little photoshoot with her for her birthday party invite – and i just couldn’t resist sharing it here – because well, it’s just so Bunny. If pictures could properly portray a persons personality, these would come pretty close. She’s a bundle of joy that kid. Funny, sweet, brave, thoughtful, smart – all rolled up in cute.

Though it makes me so sad to see my kids growing up – it’s just beautiful to see our relationships grow, and see their personalities bloom. I love that Bunny is a total firecracker, she’s loud and crazy, but then she’s also quietly thoughtful and encouraging, and completely full of love. I’m incredibly grateful to be her mom.

[And since i’m a mom and my kid is a year older, i’m going to photo dump birthday party pictures -YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED hehehe]

Since she’s a huge animal lover – we decided to book a travelling farm/petting zoo for her birthay. It was awesome. Seriously awesome. It’s the first year she was old enough to want friends at her party, and i think everyone had a really great time. Though admittedly, Buddy was really devastated that he didn’t get to keep the goats. He really thought they were his :)

bunny turns 5

For those in the Perth area, i highly recommend the Cuddly Animal Farm travelling farm – seriously they were so great. They actually came a bit early and let Bunny and Buddy have endless pony rides and one on one play time with all the animals till the other kids arrived. Talk about value for money, i was pretty blown away by how sweet the girls were. And seriously – a huge huge thank you to my brother, my parents and my in-laws for helping out so much on the day. Rockin family.

Bunny's 5th birthday

Happy Birthday my darling Bunny – you are our sunshine!

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10 years ago

Happy birthday, Bunny! She is TOO CUTE!

Um… also… is it weird that I TOTALLY WANT THIS BIRTHDAY PARTY?! Looks like the best day EVER!

10 years ago
Reply to  Ginger

Wow, I’m really glad it’s not just me! I feel better now. :)

the other emily
10 years ago

Happy Birthday, Bunny! What a cutie – and I’m with Ginger, is it ok to hire a petting zoo for older birthdays too….. like, say, 29th birthdays?! :)

10 years ago

Awwwwww!!!! Can you hear me screeching over here in London? Bunny and Buddy are too cute! Throw some cuddly animals in and gah!!! Eeep!

10 years ago

Awwww Megan, it all looks so lovely! Bunny and Buddy are such cuties! The travelling farm looks fantastic, must of been so hard to see them all leave at the end of the day….endless last hugs I bet….one last hug….oh just one more! i bet that happened!!

10 years ago

Happy birthday, Bunny! Oh that looks like so much fun… and that is one seriously cool green elephant cake! xx

10 years ago

Happy birthday, Miss Bunny! :D

10 years ago

Soo cute! Being a fellow mom, I don’t mind at all pics of sweet kiddos! My 3 year old neighbor had a petting zoo INSIDE their house (no horses!). Now that was mayhem. Happy birthday to Buddy!!!

10 years ago

Happy Birthday Bunny! My little girl turned 5 last week and started school today, they grow up far to fast!

10 years ago

Aaaw, happy birthday to your cute little lady! Love this post and the photos…too sweet!

10 years ago

Happy Birthday Bunny! I want some of that cake! :)

10 years ago

Awww, what sweeties! Those pics are just too adorable. Happy Birthday to Bunny too!! :-)


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