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Now and Then

I’m one of those people who likes to look backwards a lot – i’m almost painfully nostalgic. I love to look back at the past and smile. If i can trick you into having a coffee with me and reminiscing about years past, i will.  And now that I’ve been blogging for a few years, and i’ve shared a (almost) complete log of the things i’ve created, i’m able to look back and see how i’ve changed.

Not going to lie, sometimes there is cringing, ( isn’t that part of growing?), but most of the time there is smiling and a special memory and sometimes a giggle when i’m taken back to a time that was, and am reminded of how a person can change in a few years, or how much you all have had an impact on my life. It’s taken me years to really define and hone my aesthetic to something that i think is really truly me. But whats interesting to me, is that though there were things in my past that at one point were very “me” as well, and aren’t really now, it’s still okay, because it was part of the journey.

Sometimes i wish i had started blogging back in college so you could have seen all the truly hilarious pieces i designed for myself – and for want of good judgement – wore out of the house. *shudder*

But i guess what it is really making me smile right now, is how a lot of my older pieces work in so well with my newer pieces. This blouse is from my 2011 Sunburnt Country collection and two years later i think it still works perfectly with my new Tania culottes from Breakwater (And incase you were wondering, you can create something similar to that blouse with Banksia, they were both created from the same block!). Those collections are different, but somehow still me – and i love that both work like a chapter in the same book. It may be overly passionate, but i have a deep love for watching where my collections take me in my own personal growth. My style has changed as my life has changed.

The old and the new fit nicely together, and all those little pieces further define who i am. I’m a great believer in the idea that what you wear tells people about who you are before they even meet you – and i think that’s what i love so much about having a handmade self designed wardrobe. When i step out in something i’ve made, it is completely a part of me, it’s the message i 100% want to make, because i created it. It’s me by definition.

And that my friends, is why sewing is really really cool. Don’t you think?

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Meg is the Founder and Creative Director of Megan Nielsen Patterns, and is constantly dreaming up ideas for new sewing patterns and ways to make your sewing journey more enjoyable! She gets really excited about design details and is always trying to add way too many variations to our patterns.

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10 years ago

I am amazed at how much my style has changed since I started sewing! It’s actually probably pretty subtle, but I definitely don’t wear certain shapes now that I wore to death just a few years ago. I actually have to consciously think about it – I get in my head that a certain pattern is “perfect” only to make it again a few years later and find all sorts of design flaws. You’re right, though, even if a garment isn’t perfect anymore, it’s definitely still a part of you!

10 years ago

Dear Megan,
please, please, please, whenever you can find the time, please turn the other looks from sunburnt collection into patterns! I utterly adore the jewel sea skirt (I’m currently struggeling to recreate it, even without the right pattern, that’s how much, I love it!) and the dress with the large front pockets. I would freak out over a pattern of these two. Love all your patterns and ideas! Thanks for sharing your creativity with us, Megan! You are awesome!
Love, Steffi

10 years ago

Yes! I do love that about sewing. I love that my clothes can also tell a different story to the 500 other people wearing the exact same thing because it’s on sale at the mall. Even if I make the same pattern as someone else, it will never be the same as theirs, it will be MINE!