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the eucalypt woven tank and dress

Megan Nielsen Eucalypt woven tank & dress

The Eucalypt has been one of my go to personal patterns for a while – and i’m really glad to finally release it as a pattern! I first drafted it for my Perth Collection in 2010, and since then it’s been my go to woven tank block. I just love it – and i hope you do too!! Here’s a little more about it:

Megan Nielsen Eucalypt woven tank & dress // Inspiration

Leaves baby. It’s all about leaves. If you’ve been reading for a while you know my love and adoration for Australian flora ( one, two, three, four) – i love my country :) Eucalypt leaves are my favourite – there is something about them that draws me, and whenever i am out in the valley i find myself take a ridiculous number of close ups of those leaves. The curves of the hem and neckline and the seaming down the centre front is intended to mimic that.

When i pulled Eucalypt out last year to begin creating a pattern for all of you, i was inspired all over again by those beautiful leaves. I found myself doing a lot of floral and leaf sketches and watercolours (such as the one above). Drawing and painting are another form my inspiration takes me in – even if i’m not sketching an actual apparel design, the act of creating something i find pretty still helps me go in the right direction.

Megan Nielsen Eucalypt woven tank & dress // Development

As i mentioned above – the Eucalypt is from a past collection – but since then i’ve used it for many more garments than i had originally planned. I wanted to include that versatility in the pattern – which is why i added the dress version to the pattern as well. Girls have gotta have options, am i right?!

Since so much of the work had already been done, this was actually the quickest pattern to develop. It’s been tested tried and trued over many years so i felt pretty satisfied about it from the get go. As a result most of my development time was spent ensuring that the construction would be as beautiful and as straight forward as possible.

I really wanted this pattern to be a perfect first project for beginners. No darts. No buttons. No zippers. What could be better?  After working so very long on the other patterns, it was certainly refreshing to have part of the work done for this one previously.

I have to admit, i’m really excited to share this one with you because it feels so personal. Much like the Briar, i just pull this pattern out for my own wardrobe so often, that it feels special that you can now use it too!

Megan Nielsen Eucalypt woven tank & dress // Variation potential

I could go on and on about the variation potential of the Eucalypt. If like me you love to cut up a pattern and see how many different things you can make it into, then Eucalypt is your girl!

With just the included versions you can make 4 pieces: plain tank, tank with centre seam, plain dress, and dress with centre seam.

But seriously, why end there?! I’d really love to try a colour blocked version with a different colour on each side. I think it would be super easy to use that centre seam to create a simple button up blouse – and i am literally dying to find a nice striped shirting to cut on the bias and create a chevron with. so excited!

I’m also thinking of cutting it at the waistline and adding a simple dirndl skirt. This pattern really can be so different when you try adding other little details like patch pockets and collars. Don’t be afraid to think beyond my ideas – there are so so many ways to use this pattern. I actually recently made myself a bunch of new sleepwear using the Eucalypt tank and some vintage sheets (they’re adorable, i need to post about it!)

The options are endless, and i really really can’t wait to see what versions you all come up with!!

Megan Nielsen Eucalypt woven tank and dress // fit

Eucalypt is a loose fit woven tank and dress. It has a good amount of easy, and the armsyces aren’t too tight. It’s intended to feel very breezy and comfortable.

The hem is curved and is slightly longer in the back than the front (as is shown well above). The neckline is scooped but not too low, and the back of the neck is cut a little lower than your average tank, which i think gives it a very sweet look.

The hemline on the tank is nice and long, so that there is room to adjust if need be. The dress should hit below mid thigh, but is also easily adaptable.

Megan Nielsen Eucalypt woven tank & dress // Alterations

You guys know i love easy adaptions! The Eucalypt is no different. Lengthening or shortening the pattern is most easily done by slashing the pattern horizontally at the hip and either spreading or overlapping the pieces.

And since there are no darts, altering the height of the neckline and armsyces etc is as easy as just drawing a new line. Isnt’ that a dream?

Megan Nielsen Eucalypt woven tank & dress // Styling

There are a lot of ways you could style up the Eucalypt!

I think it works just as well loose over jeans or shorts as it does tucked into say a skirt or the Tania culottes. It’s very versatile! This is another pattern where choosing your fabrics carefully can result in very different looks. Create the dress version in an evening wear fabric, and you’ve got a new chic cocktail dress – make it out of a light cotton, and it’s your saturday morning thrown on with a pair of converse on your way to get a coffee.

It works under a suit, it works as a beach cover up. It’s your nightie. It’s gorgeous as a belted dress. It can be as much of a show stopper or a wardrobe basic as you’d like it to be! When i call this pattern a wardrobe staple i’m really not kidding :)

Megan Nielsen Eucalypt woven tank & dress // Thoughts

So tell me – anything you want to ask about the Eucalypt? Any burning questions or concerns? let me know!!

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Meg is the Founder and Creative Director of Megan Nielsen Patterns, and is constantly dreaming up ideas for new sewing patterns and ways to make your sewing journey more enjoyable! She gets really excited about design details and is always trying to add way too many variations to our patterns.

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11 years ago

I love the extended curved back hemline! Very cute and I bet this would be a very versatile pattern!

Dee Durrant
11 years ago

I was waiting on this post before deciding on which two to buy… This has made the decision easy – its the Tania culottes and the Eucalypt top – they are just beautiful…the Cascade is on my Xmas wish list! I’ve loved reading these indepth posts – it’s interesting seeing your inspiration and design process. I’m in suspense to see what you and Holly have come up with in the coming weeks! Congrats on the success of your new collection – it is lovely.

11 years ago

I wasn’t blown away by this initially but after this post, I can really see potential in it! It’s really interesting to read about your inspiration and I can’t wait to see what Holly does with this pattern! This is definitely now on my wish list! I particularly love the idea of an eveningwear version! And at the opposite end of the spectrum, a nightie!

Blogless Anna
11 years ago

For me, this pattern started with lust and has grown to a deep love! I hadn’t thought of the link between the centre seam and the eucalyptus leaf. Great post.

11 years ago

I just got my Eucalypt kit a couple of days ago- the fabric is gorgeous and sooooooo soft, I can’t wait to make it! I’ll definitely be doing a muslin though because my bust measurement is 2 inches smaller than the smallest size…any thoughts on the best way to do a SBA on this dress?

11 years ago

This pattern is so much nicer than the Colette Patterns Sorbetto top! I find their patterns have armholes that are too tight (or maybe I just have muscle arms??) Your patterns are so lovely and I’m glad you exist in the indie pattern world. You have your own unique and fresh sense of style to add to the mix of all these other designers.

11 years ago

I can’t wait for my kit to arrive in the mail, I love, love, love your fabrics – and I must admit, it was the flowers that made the decision over the Tania culottes, but they remain on my wish list ;)
Thank You for sharing your inspiration in these posts – your collection does capture the essence of WA beautifully.

11 years ago

I love your new collection… and all things you’re doing in the sewing life :) You’re so fresh… thank you for all !!!!!!
I’ll offer some patterns to my friends, ’cause your work is so increadible !!!!
I really want to share your project (even if you don’t need me!), thx thx a lot !
PS : sorry for my english, I’m a so bad sewing speaking french girl :)

11 years ago

I loved reading all about your inspiration and design process and all that of each seperate pattern from the new collection. Your words made them even more beautiful and I’m so inspired myself right now. I can’t hardly wait until my patterns arrive, I’m already on a fabric hunt ;-)

11 years ago

I love the dress!!! what a pity that the kit has already sold out. I’m a beginner sewer and I also have ugly upper arms, any possibility to get a variation with short sleeves? I don’t have a clue how to create such a pattern on my own.
Greetings from Belgium :-)

Jennifer Sandoval
Jennifer Sandoval
5 years ago

I know this is super old, but those shorts on the model in the “fit” pic are totally cute and simple. What pattern is that? What kind of fabric?

I just ordered Eucalypt in paper, plus the new swimsuit. Will you be doing fit tutes for the swim?

Can I add a dart to Eucalypt? How did you add the elastic waistband? Any new tutes forthcoming?

Thank you so much!