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Megan Nielsen sewing kits

WOW you guys – i am so so blown away with the reactions to my Breakwater collection. I quite literally started crying from all the tweets, emails and comments – you are all so amazing, and i’m beyond thrilled, actually i’m overwhelmed with how much you like my new patterns. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart!!! All the hard work is worth it for that kind of response! It’s been ridiculously hard to keep tight lipped about these for so long, because i adore them so much :)

And as promised last week, new sewing kits are now available in store!!

I’ve been so excited about this that it’s taken all my energy not to spill the beans! Every time i release a collection the emails flood in asking me where to find the fabrics i used – SO this time i planned! I’ve created sewing kits for every look from my Breakwater collection lookbook – so you can make the exact garment you see!

Awesome right?! i’m pretty ridiculously thrilled!!

But not only are there kits for Cascade, Crescent, Tania and Eucalypt, but there are also two new kits for Kelly, Briar and Banksia! Check them out here! They’re in limited quantities, and some actually sold out right away when i listed them yesterday- so i’d be quick if you’re interested.

As per usual, my kits include all the elements you need like fabric, interfacing, buttons, bias, the pattern etc – but i also add in fun extras like Megan Nielsen patterns clothing tags, a tote bag for carrying it all and a pretty inspirational image of the finished garment. It’s pretty rad :) It almost makes me sad to part with them hehehe

I hope you love them as much as i enjoyed putting them together for you!!


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Meg is the Founder and Creative Director of Megan Nielsen Patterns, and is constantly dreaming up ideas for new sewing patterns and ways to make your sewing journey more enjoyable! She gets really excited about design details and is always trying to add way too many variations to our patterns.

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11 years ago

I am so excited for my Eucalypt kit to arrive, I had such a hard time choosing as they are all so beautiful! You have amazing taste in fabric :) I would have bought them all if I could!

11 years ago

boohoo :( not available to your european supporters? im lusting after the Eucalypt kit like a kid at the ice-cream parlour! not sure if its the fabric or the uber cute tote i want more!

11 years ago

So fun! What a beautiful collection and beautiful fabrics. Any chance you’d share where you get your fabrics? I’m thinking I’d like some of the cascade skirt fabric for a crescent blouse.

11 years ago

Ooh I love the kits. You deserve all the success. The new patterns are amazing :) Can’t wait for mine to arrive!

11 years ago

I love the idea of putting a kit together, you are definitely leading the way forward. I love the fabrics in your first pic, makes me feel as though i should be at the beach – pity it is heading into winter here in NZ.

11 years ago

Hooray! Wow!! Yay!!! I’m SO happy that you put these together (can you tell?! lol)!! I’ve been admiring the beautiful fabrics you used for this entire collection since the preview and just couldn’t resist splurging a teeny bit and picking up two of your kits today. You have such great taste in fabric prints! Can’t wait to get them!! :-D

11 years ago

Ooooh why not in Europe ?? I live in France … :(