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Becoming A Designer : Business Cards

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Just like we talked about with packaging, business cards are essential  to a small, independent designer. Think about it – you’re in the grocery store, and someone comments on your super awesome handmade top or necklace. You say thank you and pull out a business card, right?! Well, you should. But it shouldn’t be just be any ole boring business card – those will probably just end up lost somewhere or in the trash. Just like your packaging, your business cards should be memorable and show personality. When face to face with a potential customer, you only have that tiny little rectangle to hand them in hopes that they remember you. So it’s best to make an impact!

Whether you DIY, choose a graphic designer, or use a professional website for your design ( and  Vistaprint are some good ones), make sure you present your business in the best way you possibly can. Maybe you use an unconventional material or shape, or you hand dye or watercolor each card yourself, or you just include a special little detail that will make it stand out (like those stitches above. So cute!).

Whatever you do, be original, and be creative.

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Becoming a Designer series by Megan Nielsen

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annette tirette
11 years ago

I have business cards for my illustration work, and had a stamp made with my details on it. Now and then I’ll spend an evening cutting up scraps of paper and stamping cards. I never have to worry about running out and having to order more, and the stamped card looks really cool!

Sky Turtle
11 years ago

Pretty, pretty, pretty! Did I say pretty already?

11 years ago

Oh man. I love those business card ideas. So fun!

11 years ago

I couldn’t agree more with you about the importance of a business card. It is just like a first impression – made it good and stand out!

Ironically, I am in the process of making a business card for a new (and I pray up-and-coming) business. Granted my business is not a design one or related to fashion. Still, it needs to somehow rise above the rest and your tips today were an inspiration!