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I really can’t believe it – but my gorgeous little boy is now 3 years old.

How did that happen? I thought he was the baby – but he’s not. He’s a big kid now – with one of those ridiculously disarmingly dangerous smiles… any day is instantly the best day ever when he smiles at you like that.

We had such a lovely birthday celebration. One of the things that was most important to me about moving home, was getting to spend birthdays with family. There’s something special about that. For Buddy’s birthday we were lucky enough to have both sets of grandparents and my brother(!!!). It was wonderful.

I’m really enjoying seeing the little person he’s becoming. His big Koala hugs. His imagination. His love of dancing with me in the kitchen.  And that he and Bunny really are best friends, partners in crime, like we always hoped they would be.

I think i’m extra sappy this time knowing that he’s off to Kindy next year, and our time of playing at home together, making silly faces at lunch, endless cuddles and chasing after ducks is coming to an end.

Happy Birthday my darling little Buddy, please don’t grow up any more. Mommy can’t handle it :)

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Meg is the Founder and Creative Director of Megan Nielsen Patterns, and is constantly dreaming up ideas for new sewing patterns and ways to make your sewing journey more enjoyable! She gets really excited about design details and is always trying to add way too many variations to our patterns.

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11 years ago

What a cherubic smile your son has- you have two lovely kids Megan:) I know what you are going through my twins are turning 3 next month, though having twins I guess I am a little more eager that you for kindy to begin (am sure I’ll be teary when it’s here though)!

11 years ago


Kathy Bell
Kathy Bell
11 years ago

Enjoy him the time goes way too quickly, my son turned 28 last month. He is a good son, and now a wonder ful husband and father. I am very proud of him but I miss scooping him up for a hug.

11 years ago

Best birthday wishes! He’s such a cutie – I can’t believe how much more like a little boy/less like a toddler he looks! And I totally relate – I was at the store a few hours ago trying to pick a “You’re Three!” card out for Andrew, and I saw the cards for four… and five… and six… and that’s about when I had to stop looking because I started getting sniffly ;)

11 years ago

Oh, what a sweetpea! Happy birthday, Buddy!

11 years ago

Aww, I started reading your blog before you had Buddy! It’s wonderful to see your kids growing up (and growing closer to each other).

11 years ago

That first picture is so beautiful of you two!! I teared up a little reading this just now. My husband and I don’t have kids yet, but when we do I want to cherish every little second with them – I know how fast 3 years can go by for us adults!!

Your children are gorgeous – I know it must be hard keeping up with them and your work too, but you’re doing an awesome job at both, it seems!! :) Thanks for all the inspiration.

xo ~ Amanda