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Briar Sewalong: Square Patch Pocket

How to sew the pockets on a Briar tee // Tutorial by the Megan Nielsen Blog

How awesome is it we’re starting the sewalong today?! I can’t believe how many Briar’s I’ve made over the weekend – it’s such a quick sew. Today I’ll take you through how to sew the square patch pocket on your Briar Tee, but if you’re looking to do the curved patch pocket, take a look at the post here! The square pocket is even easier!

Ok, so first things first. Pockets. Technically you can add these at any point during your t-shirt/sweater construction, but it’s easiest to do it now while the fabric of the front is nice and flat and unwarped.

Cut out your pocket. And note that the pocket is very slightly longer than it is wide. You may want to mark which is the top of the pocket

Fold down the top edge by 1/2″ and topstitch. I used a double-needle, but you could also use a zig-zag stitch.

Fold the side and bottom edges in by 1/4″ and press. Remember we are turning all edges in towards the wrong side of the fabric.

Place the pocket on your top using the guidelines on your pattern piece. In the pattern I recommend just adding one pocket on the left side – but you could just as easily put one on the right instead, or put two pockets on.

Pin in place.

Topstitch around the edge. I used a twin needle for this. When I showed you how to sew the curved patch pocket, I used both rows of stitching on top of the pocket. This time I’m showing you what to do if you still want to use a twin needle but don’t really want to see two rows of stitches. You basically just want to line it up so that one row is hitting just next to the pocket, like gutter stitching, but kind of not :)

Otherwise, you can use a zig-zag stitch – or (and I don’t recommend this a lot) you may be able to get away with a regular straight stitch since there won’t be a tonne of stretching happening over your bust/pocket region.

Okay you’re all done! Rad! Back tomorrow for neckline :)


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11 years ago

Fabulous! And such a cute little sweater! I just sewed my first project using stretch knits yesterday. I think I’m going to like sewing with knits :)