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So basically, incase you were wondering – my internal temperature gauge is just so confused right now. It’s funny, but i’m actually kind of struggling to acclimatize to the heat. Summer is hot. I know that sounds really obvious, but yikes, i guess i forgot how truly hot perth summer is.

It feels so weird seeing all my friends back in the US wearing winter clothing now, while i’m dying in almost nothing. Might resort to wearing a swim suit all the time if this keeps up. Or i’ll just sit in one of those little kiddie pools all day hehehe

And ALSO my hair is like a woolly scarf… i’m pretty sure it’s raising my temperature by a few degrees on its own. I might need to work on my bun skills. But we all know that didn’t turn out so well last time.

Okay thats the end of my random thoughts on feeling overheated. I think it’s starting to effect my ability to articulate. Broken overheated brain must go sit under air vent hehehehhe

I hope you have a wonderful weekend my dears!

Top: Megan Nielsen , SS2011
Shorts: Megan Nielsen, Far Horizon Shorts SS2011
Shoes: Zomp
Bracelet: Madewell
Hat: Country Road
Necklace: Farewell gift from my dear friend Merl Kinzie // Clydes Rebirth 

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Meg is the Founder and Creative Director of Megan Nielsen Patterns, and is constantly dreaming up ideas for new sewing patterns and ways to make your sewing journey more enjoyable! She gets really excited about design details and is always trying to add way too many variations to our patterns.

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11 years ago

you hat is so jaunty! i am loving the red ribbon. wishing it was warm her e in nyc.

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11 years ago

I am so jealous! It’s snowing here – looks gorgeous but not so nice when I’ve just spent hours in the car trying to get home from work… I hear it’s the hottest day EVER in Oz! Enjoy! I’m going to make a snowman tomorrow…

11 years ago

If I posted a daily outfit, it would be all “Look how well this polyester blend sweater hangs on to my son’s crushed pieces of Cheerios!” Wink wink. But this is perfect because it’s 1) cute and 2) you could totally chase a rambunctious little explorer in it.

11 years ago

We are having Perth weather here in Sydney at the moment. I don’t know how you cope with it all summer long!
You look great – let the hair do whatever, I say (that’s my personal mantra in summer….!)

Cirque Du Bebe
11 years ago

Oh Megan. It IS freakin hot. And I won’t go into comparing hotness because obviously you are melting but after I would take a swap for your end of the country’s dry heat over our clammy, sticky, humidity any day.

11 years ago

Ugh! How terrible! Hope you guys get through this heat wave OK… :(

11 years ago

I hope you sell those shorts in a pattern they are so sweet.