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Tutorial: Toddler dress from a womens tshirt

A couple of years ago, when i started Design Diary, I was really into remaking old things into new things (OK FINE i still am hehehe). I took some old PJ pants from when i was a kid, and made them into a top & bloomers  for Bunny. About a year later, I decided to try and do something with the pj top that matched. This was the result! The t-shirt was really small (I think I was about 13 when I wore it… hahaha Meg is a hoarder) and I realised that it was probably the right length to make a dress for Bunny for summer. It’s worked for her from about age 2 through to 4.5 (now) and it’s more like a tunic length now. I kind of love things that last that long!

Getting a toddler to stand still for a photo is near impossible – i find these poses so hilarious!

This was a very small tshirt so it worked perfectly for a toddler- but the concept would work just as well for an older child, you would just need to use a larger tshirt.
So incase anyone else is interested in how to do this, here a super shortie tutorial!
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