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quick fix: sweatshirt vest

you guys, i figured it out! Remember a few weeks ago when i was telling you about my sadness over Bunny’s sweatshirt, and the tragic bleach holes in the arms?? Well i figured out how to fix it!!

As I was writing the post about my winter to summer kids tshirt fix I had a sudden realisation. I could reinvent her sweatshirt in a similar way.

I just cut off the sleeves ruined by the bleach and now she has a cute sweatshirt vest. Hilariously, it’s been a more useful piece of clothing as a vest than it was as a sweatshirt. The winter here is so mild that a sweatshirt vest over long sleeves is kind of the perfect combo for the playing in the backyard.

I think  its time to see how much Bunny likes it – ready for her happy dance??

She’s kills me she’s so cute! Though my brain does start to hurt if i watch this too much hehehe


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Brittany LeSueur
11 years ago

She is a DOLL, and I agree I think I like it better as a sweater vest. I could watch that happy dance all day!! I have been browsing through your blog, and your creativity is just killing me with envy!!

11 years ago

She kills me too she is so cute! A great fix. I love it!