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So did you know that this jersey top from my Country Roads collection is pretty acheivable using the Banksia pattern? Though it was made with my favourite tshirt pattern (originally drafted when i was a teenager – and still a favourite!), plus a similar collar – it would be so easy to create with a few small alterations to the Banksia pattern.

I think I might show you how to do it in the sewalong – it’s one of my weekend staples – something about the feel of a tshirt with the look of a nice blouse really clinches it for me. Don’t you just love it when style and comfort decide to be best friends in a garment? I do, it’s kind of the best :)

Meanwhile, i had a lovely weekend, how about you?! It was so ridiculously busy that i think i might pass out – but totally worth it! On saturday I got a nice blow dry, went shopping with a giant gift voucher to my favourite store (do you like my new sunnies?!) and was lucky enough to catch up for brunch with a dear friend from high school. There’s something lovely about sitting down with an old friend and finding that though so much time has passed… it really hasn’t at all. You know? And Sunday was just as good – we hung out with our parents and then in the arvo I popped by a meeting of the Perth sewing club – which was totally fun! It was really great to meet other ladies who love to sew. Sometimes it feels like the only people i know who love to sew are on the internet – so it was amazing to be standing in a room with people who share this passion and speak the same language. Even better – everyone was so nice!!

What did you guys get up to?!

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Meg is the Founder and Creative Director of Megan Nielsen Patterns, and is constantly dreaming up ideas for new sewing patterns and ways to make your sewing journey more enjoyable! She gets really excited about design details and is always trying to add way too many variations to our patterns.

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11 years ago

Ooh, this is so cute! I can see how this would be one of your favorite tees! I’ll have to make a Banksia tee! I worked super late Friday night (didn’t get home until 4:30a… ugh!!), so I took it pretty easy all weekend. I did lots of pug snuggling, and worked on a new dress!

11 years ago

I made a Kelly Skirt!

11 years ago

I have just bought the Banksia and Darling Ranges patterns. I would love to know how to adapt the Bansksia to make this tee. I really like your fabric.

11 years ago

Your t-shirt is lovely! I was so hoping the Banksia would also work in jersey. Got my shipping confirmation from you this morning – Banksia pattern on it’s way, looking forward to the sew-along!

11 years ago

I spent the weekend buying a brand new sewing machine so I can finally make the patterns of yours I’ve bought and do them justice. So exciting =)

Random question that you may have answered before, where did you get your shoes??? They’re gorgeous!

Cirque Du Bebe
11 years ago

I’m KEEN! Would love to know how to make a jersey version! Mmm weekend was good, bit of sewing, bit of working.

11 years ago

Very Cute, I love the colour combo. I would love a Banksia in jersey! sound like your weekend was the right kind of busy. I know what you mean about the only people you know that sew too are online, a few of my girlfriends are taking it up but I’m still the only one who sews clothing. I wonder if there’s a Gold Coast Sewing club? will have to do a google search lol

11 years ago

I’m so excited to learn about the Perth sewing club! I’m from the U.S. but my Dad is in Perth for two weeks out of the month and sometimes (when I’m lucky) he lets me go with him. So I will definitely be looking into that more for the next time I go, thanks for mentioning it.

Plus count me in on wanting to know how to make this Jersey version. I love it!

11 years ago
Reply to  Haylee

I’m a member of the Perth Burdastyle sewing club and we’d love to see you at one of our meets. The dates for our meets are on the blog:
Sarah :-)

11 years ago

Also thanks so much Megan for coming along on Saturday and inspiring us all and for the little pressie!