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I love Rachel’s blog anu*miki. Not only does she make great stuff for herself – but for her unbelievably adorable daughter too. She’s been making some really great variations on the Darling Ranges and Banksia (7 in total!) – and I was originally just going to post one, but i really love them all – and couldn’t narrow it down less than three hehe!

I guess what really excites me is see how people put their own mark on sewing patterns. I think the real value in a pattern is it’s ability to be personalized in lots of ways – and that’s exactly what Rachel has done here!

{all images courtesy of anu*miki}

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Meg is the Founder and Creative Director of Megan Nielsen Patterns, and is constantly dreaming up ideas for new sewing patterns and ways to make your sewing journey more enjoyable! She gets really excited about design details and is always trying to add way too many variations to our patterns.

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11 years ago

How gorgeous is that striped banksia? I love the fabric


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11 years ago

thanks for sharing Rachel’s blog, I will have to check it out. I agree that one of the best qualities of a pattern is that it can be personalized so many ways!

11 years ago

Whoa! These are all CUTE! Way to go, Rachel!

11 years ago

I adore the first dress! beautiful