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I think one of the main things we struggled with when we were living away from home, was how hard it was to go out on dates.

Since we met we have always made friday night dates a priority – they’re very very important to us. We’ve never wanted to become complacent with each other, and stop putting in effort – so for us it’s been a great way to avoid that. I honestly think going out regularly reminds us of why we started in the first place.

I remember when we got engaged friends teased me dating would end, and then they told me again when we were married, and i was so happy when they were wrong. That is until we had kids in a country far away from our families… and sadly, they were right that time. I really hate it when mean people get to be right sometimes, don’t you?

The problem was that we didn’t trust anyone to look after our kids. We tried – but could’t find a decent babysitter. And we found we really really missed those times out together.

So of course as soon as we got home we started going out again. Our priority list went something like this: Step 1- move home, Step 2- go on a date hehehehe. And it has been wonderful! We’ve been back to so many of our special places – and I’m thrilled that this part of our lives has been able to start again. Not to mention, I”m so grateful that we live so near to our families – and that we can trust them so wholeheartedly with our little treasures. So that when we go out, there is no worrying, no running home early. We can just enjoy our time together – and then come home to our darlings sleeping sweetly. It’s kind of perfect really.

Dress: Megan Nielsen, Highland dress, Winter 2011/12 Country Roads collection
Tights: c/o WeLoveColours (Charcoal)
Shoes: Zomp

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Meg is the Founder and Creative Director of Megan Nielsen Patterns, and is constantly dreaming up ideas for new sewing patterns and ways to make your sewing journey more enjoyable! She gets really excited about design details and is always trying to add way too many variations to our patterns.

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12 years ago

I love your Highland dress!! Is a pattern for that going to be available?

Good for yall for date nights! We just had a baby girl, okay, 6 months ago, and we’re still doing “date nights” at home. But we’ll get there!!

12 years ago

Enjoy your date, you look beautiful on you dress, very, very nice….maybe i’ll try the pattern, if it’s simple, when it will be available!

12 years ago

You look beautiful and even make me miss cool weather with your black tights. And your hair looks awesome still. I totally hear you about the dates– we have yet to hire a babysitter that isn’t family. Yay for living close to Grandma and Grandpa again!

Beth @ Turn 2 the Simple

We have a wonderful family from our church that watches our kids for a every week! They love on our kids like crazy and our kids can’t wait to go and play at their house! I would love it if our kids grow up to be just like their daughters!
Other than this family, we rarely hire a babysitter…only one other girl from church, and she has 5 younger siblings!
Still will only leave them with grandparents overnight.

We love our date nights…so glad you’ve gotten yours back!

12 years ago

Awww, so happy that you are both from Australia and moved home. I worried that one family would be without you now that you’ve moved. I have to say, I was surprised that you were in Iowa! Given the choice, I’d be where you are now. Looking forward to more patterns! xo

12 years ago

Wait, not Iowa, Virginia!

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Stephanie @ Henry Happened

You’re right, being able to go out with your significant other is super important. But it’s not easy to just leave the kids with strangers either… I’m glad you managed to figure it out!