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DIY: easy bead necklaces

Easy bead necklaces

When I was putting together a few accessory ideas for the Country Roads lookbook at the end of last year, I had a specific idea of what i wanted necklace wise. And as is often the case when i have a specific idea of what i want, i couldn’t find it anywhere!

Though luckily, as things happen, i was walking through the jewelery section of a fabric store – and happened upon some beads – that’s when a lightbulb went off, and i realised how easily i could create what i wanted.

I feel like chunky bead necklaces are just everywhere at the moment – so it’s nice to know you can come up with something of your own for just a few dollars.

Whats really funny, is that these necklaces have become quite a staple for me! I just swap out the beads when i feel like a different look – and voila, i’m off!

Easy bead necklaces

See how easy it is? You’ll need some chunky beads (i used these for the Country Roads lookbook, and these for the necklace below), with a large enough hole that you can thread a chain through – and a chain necklace/rope/ribbon/whatever hehe. That’s it. I know, ridiculous right?

Easy bead necklaces

See here i am enjoying my necklace… hehe. This was back in March in Virginia, we went to an amazing outdoor ice rink – and i’m pretty sure it was the highlight of Bunny’s little life. What am i saying? It was a highlight for me too! Outdoor skating was something i’d always always wanted to do, so i was thrilled to finally find a rink! Buddy was too small for all the skates – so i spent a lot of time pushing him around on his iced up shoes – which he thought was awesome, and my back thought was the end of the world… My mom is quite the talented skater, so she was teaching Bunny the basics. It was a pretty amazing day i must admit!!

Also worth noting it really doesn’t have to be a chain. Sometimes i use rope or ribbon, or whatever trim i have lying around. That’s what i did with the necklace in this post. There now you know all my tricks heheheee

ps. I just realised I’m also wearing two of my favourite dye/refashion jobs in these photos – if you want the details: here are the posts about the jeans (one and two), and here is the blazer!

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11 years ago

so cute. it’s funny because I just went and bought a bunch of beads at Michaels yesterday to make some statement necklaces. Now I am wishing that I had gotten some simple ones like yours.