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Thanks so much for all of your support of my new collection last week!! I’m thrilled with how well it’s been received :) And now i’m back to finishing my Christmas stuff – yay!! I doubt i’ll get through the remaining 9 posts i had planned before christmas, but i’ll try :)

Sooo, Bunny’s school has a Christmas show every year. It’s a small private school and they are adding on a new grade each year – so that means that this year they were running seriously short on costumes. My inability to say no,  meant I ended up making 20 shepherd and angel costumes. I have to admit it almost killed me. You all know how incredibly busy I am, so adding hours more work into my almost zero free time was hard. But I have to admit, I’m really quite pleased with the result!

I really had to simplify the style in order to get through so many costumes. I used the same concept as some costumes they already had, and added a few of my own details. It’s basically a tunic and the only seams are along the arms and sides to make things simple. The neckline is finished with bias tape, and each tunic has a slit placket, so that they’re easy to get on and off. The belt and head wrap are braided strips of fabric, and the head pieces are just rectangles of hemmed fabric. Phew. It honestly took so long. I’m really glad I simplified things! Unfortunately, I really wanted to do a tutorial for anyone else who might need help doing something similar in the future – but time got away with me.

I made them in a variety of different earthy tones, and different sizes and lengths at their request. Sizing was actually kind of difficult. They needed to be able to fit a lot of different kids, but then they also use these in our towns Christmas parade, which means they need to fit over winter coats too. My goodness it did my head in trying to make sure i’d covered all bases!! I honestly wish I’d had time to make a more complex design, but given the time constaints I decided I’d rather go for simple design finished to a high quality – I’m hoping that they can be used for years and years to come!

hehehe Bunny apparently really enjoyed being a shepherdess and didn’t want to take her costume off…
That is, until she got to play in the Angel costume… which i’ll show you this arvo, once i’m done editing photos!!!
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12 years ago

Ohmygoodness – Bunny is WAY too cute!! Don’t you just love the Old Town Christmas parade? It’s one of my favorite Christmas traditions – the Jazzercise ladies, high-steppin’ all the way down Main St, the random cloggers, the Shriners zipping around in the mini cars – it never gets old! :)

12 years ago

You are too funny. You did ALL of this, and you wish you had done more?! You get the “Mom of the Year” award in my book. These are fabulous – I hope they expressed their appreciation for your incredible contribution.

And congrats on the new line! I love everything about it!


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