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Something rather unfortunate happened when we moved house – all our Christmas tree ornaments broke. On one hand i was sad – but on the other hand, they weren’t that expensive, and if they broke that easily I’m not sure i want them around my kids.

So I decided to make some softer and less breakable ornaments. I think they turned out really cute! I love that they are made out of felt – because every time the kids rip them off the tree and start playing with them, I don’t freak out hehehe.

I used this tutorial – but I made a few changes. They are made using felt circles, and she recommends making them with circles no less than 4″ wide. To be honest, i found this way way too big. So i made mine 2.5″ wide, and i really really love them. I made half plain, but then for the rest i sewed little pearl beads at the joins (leftover beads from this collar). I really love them!

There are a lot more I wish I’d had time to make – but you do what you can i guess :) Maybe next year I’ll be able to tackle some of these really gorgeous  handmade ornaments!

one // two // three // four // five // six // seven // eight

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12 years ago

We are mostly sticking with our felt and plastic canvas ornaments this year. I’m missing the elegance of our glass bulbs, but our tiny tree looks adorably home-y with its cheesy little ornaments.

And when the baby is older next year, I hope to make some more of these, because, although my kids hate them, I love them.

12 years ago

I love these! I also made some ornaments this week. We had lots of extra room in our tree, so I glued ribbon onto pine cones and they turned out to be my favorite parts of our tree this year. Ornaments really don’t have to be ‘fancy’ or expensive!

12 years ago

This is such a genius idea for a tree when you have kids and animals running around! Very pretty, too :-)

אומגה 3
אומגה 3
11 years ago

מגוון רחב של ויטמינים, תוספי תזונה ברזל, מגה גלופקס ועוד..

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