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Angel Costumes

Bunny really loved this costume so much… i felt really bad when i had to pack them all up and take them to school. My little sweetheart just kept dancing around in the most adorable way… I think this means I will in fact have to make just one more angel for her to keep. Yes? I’m such a sucker hehe

Just like the Shepherds I tried to keep things as simple as possible. Once again they are tunic style, made from one piece of fabric folded at the shoulders. The sleeves are similar to costumes they already had at school – just trying to keep things consistent. But I have to admit I quite like the idea. They look almost wing like hey? They sashes are strips of lame with the edges serged. It’s hard to see in these photos, but the main costume fabric is actually covered in glitter – can you imagine my studio right now? hehe I have vacuumed soooo many times and I keep finding glitter everywhere! It’s too funny!

The neckline is once again finished with bias tape, and with slit plackets so they’r easy to get on and off. Though instead of tie up closures like for the shepherds, I used snaps. I figure that way the teachers can decide if they want the slit to be in the front or the back. I kind of liked it, so i put it in the front for these photos. One of the teachers made little headband halos for all the kids, so cute!

also… Bunny would like everyone to know that there are in fact puppy angels. FYI. hehehe

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12 years ago

SO CUTE. You did a fantastic job on these costumes, fellow Meg, especially given how versatile they had to be! :D