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Sorry for the lack of posting this week friends, there’s just been a lot going on resulting in nothing going on. If that makes sense! hehe.

I’m having some weird issue with my blog server which means uploading photos is near impossible. Yes, there are photos in this post – but i had to figure some strange work around to get them here – and my holiday recap post literally took hours to put together. That my dears, is not fun. Chris is trying to figure out what is wrong, because it’s some sort of weird coding issue. Here’s hoping he figures it out soon, because it’s driving me freaking crazy!!

I’m working hard at trying to finish up the fall samples, as well as getting ready to release some new patterns… which is just taking soooo much time.

But more importantly, Bunny started preschool yesterday, and to be honest, I’m really quite heartbroken about it. All my mommy friends kept telling me how much I’d love having only one child in the house. How much I’d love the extra free time. How much I’d get done. To be honest, I just didn’t feel that way. I cried, and I missed her like crazy. I counted down the hours till i could pick her up. Little Buddy wandered around all morning looking for her in the house, because they normally play with each other all day. I know she craves the socialization, and that it’s good for her development etc etc – but that doesn’t stop me feeling sad or the house from feeling empty when she isn’t in it. I had emotionally prepared myself for the kids going to first grade – and so starting the whole school thing 2 years sooner is hard to handle. I know it’ll get easier with time… but sometimes, i just wish they’d never grow up.

I promise to be a lot less somber next week :)

Top: Megan Nielsen, Eucalypt tank, AW2010
Skirt: Megan Nielsen, made from a pillowcase, get the tutorial here
Shoes: Pebble Point Wedge c/o Modcloth
Necklace: Clydes Rebirth
Belt: Vintage Coach, thrifted 

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Meg is the Founder and Creative Director of Megan Nielsen Patterns, and is constantly dreaming up ideas for new sewing patterns and ways to make your sewing journey more enjoyable! She gets really excited about design details and is always trying to add way too many variations to our patterns.

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12 years ago

It will get easier Mama. She will love new friends, and you and Buddy will find your new routine eventually. Hugs to you.

12 years ago

It will get easier – and rather than thinking of missing Bunny, think of all the WONDERFUL time you can spend with Little Buddy!!! Just the two of you :)
Every kid needs some one-on-one Mommy time :)

12 years ago

awww…you do have a lot going on! i know it’s so tough when they go to school, but she is probably having so much fun. and now mommy and little buddy will get to bond!
keep smiling, honey…it’ll get easier!


12 years ago

Charming skirt, absolutely. I’m getting so sad that light floral prints are not in season here in MN anymore!

<3 Cambria

12 years ago

I have been showing everyone at work that gorgeous photo of bunny! She looks so happy, I’m sure she’ll love it :) xo

12 years ago

Those pics are great! I absolutely love the outfit! I’d steal it in a minute hehe! BTW I’ve never noticed your freckles before, but thet’re great. I’ve always been proud of my freckles! ;)