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DIY Dip Dyed Tote Bags

Chris and Bunny have started a little tradition. Every Saturday morning they head off to the library together to pick out new books, it’s ridiculously adorable.

But a few weeks ago, we came across a problem. Too many books to carry! At which point Chris asked me for a tote bag, and i replied something to the effect of “what tote bag? when have i ever had a tote bag??” (it definitely felt a little reminiscent of a certain Gilmore Girls episode- say what? you don’t have the episodes memorized too?).

So anyway, I decided i needed to rectify the situation. I made some tote bags from some canvas i had lying around, and then dip dyed them. Remember when I asked your opinions on a colour combo for a dip dye project? Well here we are!! And i have to say, I am thrilled with how they turned out!!

I used RIT liquid dyes – one bag is Petal Pink and Taupe – and the other is Teal and Royal Blue. Unfortunately I now want to make a million more in different colour combos!

I also love how they fold up really small! Now I carry one around in my diaper bag allll the time just in case – they’e been coming in so handy!

The great part is that you don’t have to make your own bag (though I’ll show you a tutorial for that on Monday), you can use one of million ones most people get as freebies from pretty much everywhere theses days, or you can buy plain canvas totes pretty cheaply. I had a look around and found Walmart, Michaels and Jo-Anns fabrics all had packs of 3-5 bags for a few dollars.

Want to make one?

You’ll need:

– A tote bag. I made mine from canvas fabric (i’ll show you how on Monday), but you could just as easily buy one.
– 2 complimentary dye colours. I used RIT liquid dye – i like it the best. The top colour is Teal and the bottom colour is Royal Blue.
– a big bucket!
– rubber gloves to protect your hands from looking all silly afterwards

And that’s it!! Easy hey?

If like me you’ve fallen in love with dip dying, you can also try out this tutorial for a scarf.

If you want more tips on dying with RIT dye, check out this post!

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Meg is the Founder and Creative Director of Megan Nielsen Patterns, and is constantly dreaming up ideas for new sewing patterns and ways to make your sewing journey more enjoyable! She gets really excited about design details and is always trying to add way too many variations to our patterns.

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12 years ago

Love these!! They are so cute!! I also love that you put tags on them. That makes them look even more lust worthy. I so envy your creativity, but am thrilled that you share it with the world :)


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