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Scallop Shorts By Request

The little lady of the house liked my scalloped shorts, so I decided to make her a pair! It’s amazing to me to watch her get more interested in what she wears. Lately she likes to choose her own outfits – and if she can’t be found for even a minute, i can pretty much guarantee that she is in my closet trying on my shoes. hehe it’s crazy cute

I think she must be pretty perceptive, as she was actually totally right about the shorts – she was starting to run out, and definitely needed some more! I made them slightly more shallow than mine, which i think i actually like better! It almost looks like a wavey hem, you know?

I drafted my own pattern (which i think needs a little work) and then for the scallop hem I used the same method as when I made mine.

Once again, it’s almost impossible to get a toddler to stand still for a photo (though juice box bribery helps), but I think you get the general idea :)

Okay, see you later, there’s lots of playing to be done…

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Meg is the Founder and Creative Director of Megan Nielsen Patterns, and is constantly dreaming up ideas for new sewing patterns and ways to make your sewing journey more enjoyable! She gets really excited about design details and is always trying to add way too many variations to our patterns.

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12 years ago

Your daughter is totally adorable! My 5 year old niece is starting to get a good fashion sense and it’s so cute. The other day I showed up at her house with a skirt fashioned with a skinny belt and she said “Wow, you are wearing a special skirt that you can wear a belt with!” I’m glad someone notices the effort I put into getting dressed! Sadly though this may mean the end to me being able to buy her clothes because she is very picky about what she will wear.

12 years ago

so cute! she is a very lucky little lady to have such a talented mommy who will make her great clothing!
when do you plan to sit in front of the sewing machine? ;)

12 years ago

And I shall call her ‘Mini-Me’. So cute! My mom also used to make my clothes, or would cut hers down to my size. What a fun and special experience.

12 years ago

ADORABLE! Your daughter is one stylish lady, takes after her mother. For a great deal of my early childhood, my mom made much of my clothes. I wore a lot of dresses. If only she had transferred her sewing skillz to me. I am a great cook, though, thanks to her… so can’t complain too much. eh?
Van // The Clothes We Wear
Wearing motherhood with style.

12 years ago

Mini scallops! I die! I hope to one day have a daughter with such fantastic/adorable fashion sense!


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12 years ago

The shorts look adorable, but not as adorable as the mini model! LOVE!

12 years ago

Oh my goodness!!!!!!!!! She is so adorable I can hardly stand it!!!!!!! And what a great little outfit!!!!