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So Much Talk Of Hems

We found the most gorgeous back road the other day. There are just so many country roads to get lost in here…  I think it might be our new favourite spot to take photos (and it’s always deserted which is a real plus – I still feel a little silly when people see us photoing it up!)

So guess what?! I hemmed my skirt! After all of your feedback on whether i should hem  my awkwardly lengthed skirts – i was actually more confused! Even though the majority said hem them, the difference between the do and it’s and don’t do its was really small – and the points for hemming and not hemming were all excellent. ahhh so confused. But i finally got tipped in the hemming direction when my husband got worried that i was starting to dress like an old lady. I guess that’s a signal that they were too long. I’m not going to lie to you – it was tedious and frustrating. I decided to remove the waistband and alter the skirt from the top, as i knew hemming would be really hard – and though it was a very slow process, i’m glad i did it that way. I think hemming the bottom would have been worse!!

What do you think girls – did i do the right thing??? eeeeeeep

Top: Witchery
Skirt: Vintage, hemmed
Belt: Vintage, from my moms closet
Shoes: Sachi
Necklace: Vintage via Ebay

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Meg is the Founder and Creative Director of Megan Nielsen Patterns, and is constantly dreaming up ideas for new sewing patterns and ways to make your sewing journey more enjoyable! She gets really excited about design details and is always trying to add way too many variations to our patterns.

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12 years ago

This length flatters you figure better. I like it a lot. I think it was defiantly worth the work.

12 years ago

I love it!!! Good cal!!

Sarah G.
12 years ago

you def did the right thing lol this length really flatters you :)and there’s no way you could ever look like an old lady. your husband has nothing to worry about :)

the other emily
12 years ago

I think this skirt is absolutely dreamy both ways, so no need for any hem-regret! Good call shortening it from the top though, it looks like it’s turned out beautifully. :)

12 years ago

the skirt is gorgeous at this length! and the waistband idea is genius to avoid the volume of all those pleats!

dash dot dotty

Varnish Vixen
12 years ago

I love it hemmed. It is so beautiful and whimsical. I went to college in VA and I’ve never been to a more beautiful place. All your photos are making me miss it so very much.

12 years ago

It was the right thing to do! This is the perfect length on you!!!

12 years ago

Beautiful! Although I thought the longer length was fun, I do like this one as well–perhaps it’ll be a bit more versatile too? Oddly enough I was wearing one of my silk maxi skirts yesterday and was musing on hemming it to knee length. (I was starting to feel a bit dowdy in it…) lol. Great minds think alike? ;)

12 years ago

You look gorgeous! the skirt looks fantastic. I wish I had one. :)

Chris C
12 years ago

Oh, you totally did the right thing! This length is SO much more flattering on you, and the skirt is just adorable now. Before I totally thought it fell into the dowdy, unflattering category.

12 years ago

I was also one of those who thought it was great as a maxi too. However, having said that, this length is very flattering on you. Very feminine. Just fantastic.

12 years ago

The skirt is still fantastic. I think you totally made the right decision.

12 years ago

I think it looks even more fantastic!! I LOVE that skirt – such a great find!!

Shen Dove
12 years ago

I think your skirt is the perfect length, you definitely made the right choice!

12 years ago

Though I loved this skirt as a maxi, too, I think this length is super flattering on you and really perfect for summer! These photos are so dreamy–the soft neutrals of your outfit against the picturesque fields… Beautiful!

12 years ago

I LOVE this location and the way you hemmed that skirt!! Ya know I went to a really similar location today and there was this little wildcat sitting in the grass, I got scared away. Be careful! And stay beautiful ;)

12 years ago

Looks perfect!

Vanessa, Take only Memories

So gorgeous! I love that skirt! It looks perfect on you!

Trudy Callan
12 years ago


12 years ago

Yes, you did. This is much better lenght for you.

12 years ago

I’d say you did the right thing x 1000. I love this skirt and it falls in the perfect place. Add to that the gorgeous scenery and all your lovely hair and I think you have a post that’s about as perfect as you can get. Unless you had some cheese. That would make it more perfect. :)

12 years ago

I love the new length. Much better. It looked nice before, but the length did seem a little awkward to me. Now it looks fantastic! I love it!