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I never ever thought this day would come – but I’ve fallen fast and hard for midi skirts. I’ve always been one to wear my skirts above the knee, and the second I saw the longer skirts out recently I knew they weren’t for me. I dismissed them as something only to be worn by those more tall and svelte than I.

But I’m starting to love them. I feel like they’re somehow prettier and more ladylike, and unbelievably – they’re turning out to be more practical. With 2 toddlers around all the time, I always find I have to be extra careful with what I wear, since I’m constantly picking them up, and sitting on the floor etc etc – and with these lengths, I never have to worry about whether I”m being modest enough.

This is one of the ones I found over the weekend. I love the print. It reminds me of a Monet painting – very impressionist. I love it so much and can’t stop wearing it. It was only $2 at the thrift store because the elastic waist was perished – So i just replaced the elastic, and I was good to go!! Yayyyyy

Top: Witchery
Skirt: Thrifted
Wedges: c/o Wanted Shoes
Necklace: Vintage via Ebay
Belt: Banana Republic

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Meg is the Founder and Creative Director of Megan Nielsen Patterns, and is constantly dreaming up ideas for new sewing patterns and ways to make your sewing journey more enjoyable! She gets really excited about design details and is always trying to add way too many variations to our patterns.

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13 years ago

I too have been dismissing longer skirts… but maybe I need to give them a chance! I just love that you are able to find awesome pieces at thrift stores! I am super jealous!
You look awesome and I am so excited about your new line coming out!

13 years ago

I want a midi skirt SO. HARD. These beautiful photos are not helping. Although if I found one without a waist I would have to duct tape it, that is the extent of my DIY sewing skills. :)

13 years ago

You look fantastic in this skirt! Not only was it a great purchase, but it is also a great length on you. You look amazing and oh so chic!

13 years ago

Love it! What a great find! I was worried about the longer length too but it works. Can’t wait to see the other ones you found :)

13 years ago

What a great find.I also look for clothing that other people would pass by because of simple repairs.I volunteer at a thrift shop /food pantry and you would be surprised at how may nice items are trashed because they need a little maintenance.They believe people will only buy perfect goods hence if it has buttons missing or a seam needs repair its automaticaly junked or shipped elsewere.So sad.On a happier note,You look beautiful as usual.

Trudy Callan
13 years ago

This is a gorgeous skirt. Great find. I think you look especially nice in midi-skirts, very lady like as you say. Love your hair and makeup in this post as well. I do find the the longer length more practical with running after little ones. I’m always concerned I might be flashing someone when I wear something shorter. I hope I haven’t, especially at church.

13 years ago

I love the longer skirt length! It is so chic AND practical :)

What thrift store are you frequenting in town that you are finding these things?? Here I am, only been here for years, and I have no clue where these places exist :). I’m much better at the Maxx, Ross, or Marshalls though :)

13 years ago

I am such a thrifting novice (and non-sewer), I will probably not even recognize the treasures in there!! :) Thanks for the tip though – and yes, Deja Vu is a bit a pricey on some of its stuff! PS – We have to have a coffee date soon! :)

Pam Speak
13 years ago

I look at longer skirts in shops and they nearly always trip me up they’re so long. I think I’m going to have to make my own because long skirts in England were not designed for women of 5ft2.

13 years ago

This looks lovely on you. Beautiful colours too.
I agree with the modesty! It is such a relief to not worry about showing your hooha to anyone by mistake!

13 years ago

I NEVER thought that I would like any longer skirts but I’m adoring maxi skirts. I love how you don’t have to worry about having your skirt fly up at just the wrong time.
You look great and that skirt is so perfect for spring, with it’s soft colors and pattern.

13 years ago

So summery and pretty! I’m so jealous you have such a wonderful pastoral setting to play in!

13 years ago

megan, you look SO beautiful here! i think light blue can be a very difficult color to pull off but it really does suit you perfectly.

13 years ago

I adore this skirt. The pattern really is very Monet-esque in that dreamy, muted way that Impressionist painters mastered so well. And the midi length is super flattering on you. I’m all about this kind of skirt for the same reasons you are- I can play and run around with the little girl I care for and not have to worry about exposing m’parts. :)

13 years ago

Those colours look fantastic with your skin tone! I really love that colour of blue when someone is pale. And I just adore the skirt, haha

13 years ago

I love this outfit! I also love how you wear your hair down and naturally curly! My hair is a very similar texture and I tend to do lots of straightening/putting up in a bun.. I need to look at these pictures the next time I feel like throwing my hair up and not dealing with the curls!

Sara Shoemaker
13 years ago

love this. I love skirts that length as well but have yet to fill my closet with them. love the wide belt with the colors of this skirT!!

check out my daily fashion diaries at House of Shoes

Girl about Town
13 years ago

Loving the skirt, i agree, it is like a painting! Stunning!

I love your blog!!

Girl about Town XxX

13 years ago

I’ve actually been liking midi skirts myself. Never thought I would but this spring for whatever reason suddenly like them!

Tieka, Selective Potential

I’ve purchased so many longer skirts for spring/summer and can’t wait to start styling them! I think this is look is gorgeous on you!! xo