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The Making Of The Lookbook

I was so happy when Kendi’s sweet friend Amy contacted me a while back, and told me about how she helped out Kendi and her hubby with the the Perth collection lookbook. Even better, she showed me her behind the scenes photos -which are, lets admit it, amazing! What’s bad is how long it’s taken me to share them with you. Honestly, it’s a crime!

I just love these photos, and I also love Amy’s vintage camera. Seriously, how cool is it? Super cool if you ask me (and yes, it is still cool to say cool. I just decided)

You absolutely have to go check out her blog, and her post about helping on the photoshoot.

Photo Credit: Pixie Space

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13 years ago

How lovely! Very delicate photos of Kendi <3

13 years ago

Oh, how awesome!