Save the date! Children’s patterns will be here soon!

Megan Nielsen Patterns childrens collection launch date

Save the date my dears! Our highly anticipated collection of stylish and adaptable sewing patterns for little girls officially launch on Saturday, November 21st!

I’m beyond excited and can’t wait to share these with you – i know you’re going to love them! The first three patterns in this collection will be mini versions of the very popular Tania culottes, Briar sweater & tee and Virginia leggings.

Quite a few people have asked me about fabric requirements etc for the new mini patterns, so if you’d like to get a headstart on collection fabrics for the new patterns, click through below for a sneakpeek at the pattern envelopes.

As always, if you have any questions, let me know!

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Tutorial // How to make the perfect baby swaddle (every time)

How to make and wrap the perfect baby swaddle // Free tutorial by Megan Nielsen // an easy sew for beginners and a wonderful gift for expecting moms I absolutely love swaddling my babies! Swaddling is awesome because not only does it keep your baby snug and warm, but it helps prevent them from waking themselves with their own startle reflex.

There are a lot of really cute swaddling blankets out there, but unfortunately many of them are just too tiny to actually be useful. The only brand I’ve bought and actually been able to use were Aden and Anais swaddles, they are truly lovely and very large.

Generally I much prefer to make my own, that way i can have complete control over size and fabric choice. It’s easy, cheap, and i think anyone can do it, even with the most basic of sewing skills. I always keep one in my handbag incase i need an emergency breastfeeding cover, or something clean to lay a baby down on. Handmade swaddles also make great gifts! I love giving friends a handmade swaddle as a newborn gift – the perfect combination of useful and thoughtful.

So if you’d like to whip up a swaddle (or like 10 because its just that easy) here is how:

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Tour of my workroom

Megan Nielsen's Workroom

So glad to finally be sharing with you a few images of my workroom. This room is at the front of our home and was originally a formal lounge room. Even though it is technically the largest workroom I’ve ever had, it was actually the hardest to set up as every wall has some obstruction. Two walls have doors, one wall has the giant window and last wall had a huge fireplace. We spent a really long time figuring out how to deal with the constraints. Finally we decided to board up the fireplace, and pretend the mantle was a shelf hehe. Best decision ever.

Megan Nielsen's Workroom Megan Nielsen's Workroom Megan Nielsen's Workroom

I have my computer and machines on a long table, and floating shelves for things i like and things i use most often. I’m a bit jar obsessed, so most things are stored in various clear jars so i can easily see where things are. With every home we’ve lived in I have a peg board on the wall for my tools – this is incredibly important to me as it keeps things neat and safely out of reach of little hands. Thread is up on the wall out of reach too, and stashed next to the fireplace-that-shall-not-be-named are a few bolts of fabric and rolls upon rolls of pattern drafting paper.
Megan Nielsen's Workroom Megan Nielsen's WorkroomMegan Nielsen's Workroom

I’m so glad we decided to put a couch in here as it’s been really great for having meetings, and is also a nice place for little people to curl up with a book when i’m pottering around. It’s getting a little beaten up after all the snacks and juice that have spilt on it in the last year. Oh dear. Life with kiddos hehe.

That big ugly beast you can see in the corner of the above photo is my wide format printer, without which i’m sure i would die. It’s vital to being able to print off patterns easily during the development process.

And on the shelf/mantle are my Elna Lotus (the machine i learnt on), magazines i’m currently reading and bags of knitting. So much half finished knitting that there is some in a bag on the floor too haha.

Megan Nielsen's WorkroomI love how much light this room gets. It’s just sunny all the time, and as i’m sure you know, good lighting is key when you’re sewing.

My cutting table is up against this window mostly because i didn’t want to block the light too much. I think it works well, and i really enjoy looking out at greenery and my street when i’m working.
2015-11-workroom8Megan Nielsen's Workroom

Probably the least attractive side of the room is where the big Ikea shelves that hold my fabric are.

At one point it was very ordered and all the fabric was prettily folded – but now its just a jumbled mess. I’m a bit terrified to tackle that. Also note that the top of the shelf is conveniently cropped out of all photos- you do not want to see the horror of piled boxes of fabric up there. EEEEK.

More boxes of fabric are stored above the wardrobe in our bedroom as i couldn’t fit it all in here. I know. I have a problem.

I use large drawers for all of my patterns that are half developed or archived, and for a few art supplies. It’s a nice corner for hiding ugly items like the printer. Why are printers all so ugly? And a little hook on the wall where i hang all of the patterns I’m currently working on. You can see that when i took these photos i had been making samples of the Mini Virginia leggings.

The big “stuff” paper bag is my pile of half completely projects. YUP. it’s stuffed so tight now that i’ve had to move onto a new basket. I think the lesson here is less baskets, more actual finishing things LOL.

Megan Nielsen's WorkroomMegan Nielsen's Workroom Megan Nielsen's WorkroomAnd now we’ve moved in a full circle and we’re back at my desk! Where there is a small sliver of otherwise useless wall that houses a huge mirror i use for fittings and two more dress forms. I found a nifty bathroom door hook set from Ikea (endless love for Ikea!) that i use to hang all my rulers on the bifold doors. All those metal rulers make a very irritating clanging sound when you open the doors. The bifold doors lead to the playroom. Most of the time the doors are open and i push the dress forms away, so that my kiddos can play in the playroom next to me and come in and out. I think my favourite thing about this room is being right next to the action centre of the home. But now that Birdie is well and truly a toddler she is really awesome at coming into my workroom and completely destroying any semblance of neatness.

Well my dears, that’s my little corner of the world and where i spend a really terrifying amount of time! I try my best to keep it very neat otherwise my ability to be productive just disappears.

I’ve listed as many of the sources for things as i can remember below incase you’re interested: