right now

July 31st, 2014

Hey there lovelies! So i think that might be the longest time between blog posts i’ve ever done. Eeeek! Sorry about that :) Today was kind of the first day i felt like it, things have just been super busy with my little ones and everything, and heading out for outfit photos with Chris just hasn’t worked. So i thought i’d just pop in for a quick hello, in what is basically my favourite outfit at the moment! I cracked out the tripod and remote for the first time in something like 4 years, and wow, it was a learning process all over again heheehe. I remembered why i hate taking my own photos LOL. Buddy was my trusty adorable assistant, i think he is in love with the camera remote.

I really love this tshirt from Hello Apparel – i like to laugh at myself, and there is something about wearing a tshirt that says “I’m so tired” whilst carrying a little baby that makes me giggle. You know i’ll turn anything into a crop top! And these pants. Which i wish i had like 20 pairs of. I haven’t been a huge fan of the track pants trend going on, but in this chambray i was sold. Not really fitting back into my regular wardrobe just yet, so i have a few favourite outfits on repeat – definitely helps with the morning school rush to have a few outfits already planned out. Things have been pretty crazy recently, i’ve definitely had that drowning feeling quite a few times. But i’m hoping things are calming down, and i think we’re getting into a good new rhythm. Our little ladybug has been sleeping through the night for a few weeks, and that has helped so much with my energy levels. yay!!

Meanwhile, thank you so so much for all of your comments on my last post! I”m so glad you enjoyed it. I read every single comment and they all meant so much to me. I really wish i could respond to everyone as per usual, but unfortunately i’ve had almost zero free time at the moment. Poop. Thinking about sorting out my email inbox is giving me hives. But please please know i really appreciate it, and i’m sending you all big hugs! Ummm, that’s it for today i guess! I’m planning on doing a little baby girl photo dump soon, just need to get myself organised! hugs to you all, i’ve missed this :)

[Make this Look]
Tshirt: Hello Merch // I’m So Tired with the sleeves, neckline and hem chopped off
Pants:  Country Road // Similar sewing pattern
Shoes: Swedish Hasbeens //  T Strap Sky High in Natural

on not writing a book

June 19th, 2014

This post has been a long time coming. But i just wasn’t in a place where i had the right words, or felt like talking about it, and i think now i do :)

Over a year and a half ago i was contacted by a prominent publisher to write a book about sewing. On anything i wanted. I was really excited. Writing a book is something i’ve always wanted to do, and had never pursued. I was always fantasizing about what i would write, my notebooks of ideas were full. I was just waiting for that time of my life which would be the right moment to go for it. For my time. And now it seemed like that moment was upon me. Let me tell you, the process of negotiating a book deal is no joke. It took a long time, and it was tiring and stressful, and was a lot of work. But i loved the concept of the book, and the vision is something i still think is awesome. But as we got further along in the process, i began to see how much work it would take to write this book. What i would have to give up.

It would be my life for at least a year. All things would have to take second seat to it. And suddenly i found myself thinking about how i could possibly look after my darling kids and how i could try and run my business and still find time for full time book writing. When would i spend time with Chris? When would i sleep? And the more i tried to make it all work, the more it became apparent that it couldn’t. (by this point in the year i had developed a stress ulcer)

Until one night i snapped. And completely unprovoked i yelled at my husband. If i write this book i won’t be able to have another baby!

And that was my moment of clarity. That was the moment i realised that as much as writing a book is something i’d love to do, it wasn’t the real dream i had for my life. It would get in the way of my real dream. And i knew what it was i really wanted to do with that next year in my life. I wanted to expand our family. And i wanted more moments with my Bunny and Buddy before their days were full of school, and no longer constantly by my side.

So i turned down that book deal, and focused on my health, and took the steps i thought i needed to take to make time in my life to raise another little love, and gather all the golden moments with my kids that i could.

So why am i telling you this story?

Because these days it seems like all anyone with a blog wants to do is write a book, have a more popular blog, start a business, make their stamp on the world, to be known, to become the best whatever etc etc. We are constantly told to push for success, to hustle, to reach for the stars, to prioritize ourselves, to conquer the world! There are better things than being a mother! Your free moments should be spent becoming awesome!! But sometimes those things are not the most important things. And in amongst all the people telling you that the ultimate goal is to write a book, or host a web series, or start a new venture, or be the best new indie something – i wanted someone to tell you that it’s okay if you don’t. It’s okay to choose a quieter life, it’s okay to say no to big opportunities. It’s okay to make real life the most important thing. Because though you may think big opportunities come once in a lifetime, your life also only comes once in a lifetime, and you really don’t want to miss it.

So here i am. A woman with many dreams, and many opportunities, and many once-in-a-lifetimes that i’m happy to say no to. I’m just choosing a different kind of awesome.

what three looks like

May 28th, 2014

Before this little baby girl was born i used to wonder what it would be like with 3 kids. Not going to lie, we’ve already had our fair share of crazy-everyone-needs-attention-at-the-same-time moments, but most of the time, three looks like this.

Two big kids loving on their little sister. It amazes me how they can spend so much time each day just staring at her and telling her how much they love her.

The house is messy. The laundry is not done. I have no idea when i’ll be sewing again. And we’re only slightly closer to figuring out how all our routines work together. But everyone is happy.

It’s kind of perfect from where i stand.

kitty ottoman!

May 22nd, 2014

Whilst getting the nursery ready for our little girl, i absolutely fell in love with these Boramiri Cat ottoman/pouf things. The one thing i always find irritating is not having an ottoman to use with my rocker – and i thought this would be a great solution, cute + functional!

The unfortunate part was that this gorgeous store is located in France – and shipping to Australia was just not going to work. It’s not surprising, any time you ship something bulky it’s going to be insane.

So anyway, i couldn’t get them out my mind, so i decided to try a bit of a knock off version. Not exactly the same – but i really love it. I just used some extra draping muslin i had lying around, embroidered a little kitty face on and stuffed it with what was left with my scrap fabric. It’s a little lumpy, but meh, i’m really glad to have done something with all those scraps, even if they’re just being used as filling!

our newest little love

May 14th, 2014

Hello my lovely friends!!

Well here she is! Our newest little love arrived last Thursday at 9:27am after a very smooth delivery, and weighing in at a hefty 9lb/4.1kg. We are so completely in love with her, and Bunny and Buddy are basically freaking out with excitement all day everyday. It’s been so wonderful to see how they have welcomed their little sister into our family with so much adoration. Our only problem so far has been trying to keep them at bay! hehehe.

Thank you so so much to everyone for all of your incredibly kind messages, prayers and good thoughts. I feel so blessed, and am so grateful that our little girl is finally with us!! And now i shall take a nap.

Love and hugs to all of you!! XOXO

new maternity survival pack

May 6th, 2014

You guys, by popular demand i’m bringing back my Maternity Survival Pack!! For those who aren’t familiar with this pack, it’s much like my Beginner Pack, 4 popular patterns for the price of 3.

After a lot of feedback about how useful the Virginia leggings are during pregnancy, I’ve made a small change to the line up, and added them to the pack!

So now in my Maternity Survival Pack you’ll find: