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So I’ve been knitting again!

I spent most of May + June really sick this year, which resulted in a lot of knitting and tv watching. You know i like a good Gilmore Girls marathon. I may have gotten through all 7 seasons haha.

Anyway. The last time i had a real knitting binge was when i was hugely pregnant with Birdie and i made her little newborn hat (here). Which i may add, was way too big, and actually fits her perfectly now that she is 14 months old. So basically i’m not too upset because at least she is getting her use out of it! That time round i used the Purl Bee Basic Hats for Everyone pattern – and in all honesty – i hated it. The sizing is just really big, and i’m not experienced enough to mess with adjusting a knitting pattern. After Birdie’s hat i made a beanie for Buddy and one for Bunny and they were both really huge. So i knew that this year i need to make them some hats that didn’t look so sloppy, i just felt really embarrassed every time last years beanies on.

I love all of Jenny Gordy’s knitting (have you seen the lambie hat she made for Iris?! i died) – so i tried her Ribbstickad pattern, and i just loved it. I learnt a few new things and the fit is just really nice. I feel like it’s a much more stylish hat too. I made one for myself that was exactly as the pattern described, but for Bunny’s i started running out of yarn because i made the ginormous pom pom first (LOL rookie mistake?!) – so her hat is a little shorter, which worked out quite well for her!

I can see a lot of imperfections in it and room for improvement, but overall, i’m really happy and i think this is my best knitting project so far. After all the feedback i received from you guys last time i posted about my knitting i was better able to tackle blocking, and it was way less scary, and way more successful than previous attempts. So yay!

Both Bunny and Buddy are requesting mittens next – any suggestions for good beginner mitten patterns?? This makes me very nervous!


ps. sneakpeeks of the upcoming Mini Briar and Mini Virginia patterns! WINK!


How to wash clothing with leather patches // Megan Nielsen Design Diary

Sweater: Briar sweater sewing pattern + FREE elbow patch patternleather patches tutorial

Since posting about my leather patched Briar last week i’ve had a lot of questions about how to wash clothing with leather patches. So here is a little refresher on how I wash clothing with leather patches – I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find how easy it is.

It’s worth noting that i only add leather patches to clothing that isn’t washed (or worn) too regularly, such as sweaters and jeans. I’ve had very good results with these, but haven’t tested what would happen if you added them to a piece of clothing you need to wash after each wear.

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Have you made a Crescent blouse yet? If you have, you know that those little button loops can sometimes be a pain in the bum to make. Or is that just me? Personally, I hate having to sew teeny tiny components like that. But luckily, there is a simple hand-sewn technique that you can use instead. Compared to sewn button loops, thread bar button loops are delicate and discrete. And they work perfect for the lightweight fabrics you may be using for your Crescent blouse! The same technique is used to make this long belt loops on dresses, as well as short straight “eyes”  you might see for hook and eyes. But today I’ll show you how to do it in loop form for those button holes.

As with any hand work, it takes patience. But I swear it is actually really simple!

Find out how after the jump….

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