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Tutorial // How to lengthen a hem with lace

December 3rd, 2014

photography by Sabatomic

I’m not sure if you remember, but last year i posted about one of the first Tania culottes samples i made and how they were way way way too short. The only way i got away with wearing that sample was in winter with tights. Thats just sad. They needed to be fixed and i had a plan. Which i took a year to implement hehehehe.

My usual preferences for lengthening a too short skirt or dress are to let the hem out, or add a band of the same fabric or similar. Letting the hem out doesn’t work when your hem is only 1/4″ wide, and adding a band doesn’t work when there is a curve this steep, and a pattern to match, so i had to come up with a new plan. LACE!

I really love this solution because it adds a cool detail to the culottes, without them looking like they were repaired.  you know what i mean right?! Obviously they are still short, but those extra 2 inches mean that now they are wearable, and that’s a game changer.


The two seam dress revisited

November 25th, 2014

I’ve had a lot of questions about what the two seam dress i posted at the beginning of the year looks like unbelted. So now that I am no longer sporting a baby bump, i thought it was time to revisit it!

I used the exact same method as i share in the two seam dress tutorial except that this one is tunic length, and is made with a fabric with very little sretch. You can see that it has much less drape than the original. The neckline is also higher, as many of you have asked what it would look like with a higher neckline :)

I knocked this one up in about 10 minutes before church one morning – so i promise its a super easy sew! if you haven’t made one yet, head on over to the tutorial!

photography by Sabatomic

[make this look]

Tunic: Megan Nielsen two seam dress // Tutorial here
Leggings: Megan Nielsen // Virginia leggings sewing pattern
Boots: Zomp
Necklace: Merl Kinzie // Clydes Rebirth 

ideas for disposing of old needles and pins

November 22nd, 2014

I’m always really terrified of hurting someone when i throw out my old needles and pins, so i end up wrapping everything up in many layers of packing tape and then throwing in the trash. It’s not a perfect solution, and i don’t like that its not eco friendly.

So this week on Instagram i asked the question of how other people dispose of their old needles and pins, and there were so many awesome ideas that i thought it would be great to share them with you here! So without further ado, here are some awesome ideas for how to dispose of your old pins and needles

  • Wrap them up in piles of tape (I”m not the only one! hehehe partners in crime Jen, Elena, and Helene)
  • Place them in your local sharps bin (thanks to Judy and Charlotte for this fantastic idea)
  • Stick them in a cork before throwing in the trash (thanks to Sylvie for this one)
  • Take an old needle packet, write “OLD” on the front and put all your old needles in. When it’s full, tape it closed and throw away. ( idea from Measure Twice, Marilla, Kathy and Edna)
  • Put them in an old pill container (Thanks Issy, Kate, Misty)
  • Put them into an old spice jar (Thanks Issy)
  • Put them into an old tic tac container (via Janomegnome)
  • Put them in an old film container (thanks for the idea Claire)
  • Place in a mason jar labelled “sharps” and empty into recycling when full (thanks Amanda)
  • And my favourite idea, put them in an old metal mints tin, the whole thing can be thrown into the recycling (idea by Kerry)
*update* I didn’t realise this but apparently in some places recycling is hand sorted, and sharp objects are no allowed in recycling, so it’s definitely worth checking the rules where you live before you throw anything loosely into the recycling or trash bin.
Apologies if i left anyone out, SO many good ideas!! So did we miss any?? Do you have any great tips for how to dispose of old needles and pins?

Tutorial // How to pattern match with ruching and gathers

October 28th, 2014

A question i get a lot is how to pattern match designs with ruching and gathers (specifically for my Ruched Maternity skirt and Ruched Maternity tshirt). I know everyone wants their stripes to be matched perfectly all the time, but when it comes to these designs the ruching is not symmetric, so perfection in pattern matching just isn’t possible. Sorry.

You can get close though :)

The same is true for any seam that includes gathers, you can pattern match seams that are equal distances, but once you hit those gathers, everything is going to be off kilter.

So if you want to sew a ruched maternity skirt in stripes like i did when i was pregnant and have them nicely matched up at the side seams, you can only do so up to a point.

Here’s what you do: start from the hemline and go up! When you hit the ruching notches stop trying to pattern match and instead go with the flow. Once the ruching is completed, the ruched sections will be all gathered and the pattern mismatch won’t matter, but everything below it will be nice and straight! It’s that easy :)

Tutorial // How to make a bow headband with free pattern!

October 18th, 2014

If you follow me on instagram  you may have noticed that i got a little obsessed with making Baby Bird headbands this week. Finally an adorable way to use up the fabric scraps i can’t part with!

And since so many people asked, i decided to make a little tutorial and free pattern for all of you to use – yay! If you don’t have a little girl, i think this project is still for you as they would make great gifts for little girls or for baby showers/new baby pressies. Someone even suggested giving them out as party favors for little girls birthday parties, which i think is an awesome idea that i might steal for Bunny’s party next year!

This is such a simple project, don’t worry if you are not the worlds best sewer, you can do this! And the results are awesome. I can’t even tell you how many mums tried to buy these off me at school this week.

Ok enough of me blabbing, who wants to see a tutorial and more pictures of Baby Bird being adorable?! After the jump!


DIY cloth baby wipes

September 23rd, 2014

I have been cloth diapering Baby Bird since she was about 2 weeks old, and i noticed very quickly once i started that i didn’t have enough cloth wipes. In a mad panic i ordered more, waited and waited, and then realised: I CAN SEW.

Moments like these i kind of want to bang my head against the wall for being so silly. I mean seriously meg?? My stash of soft flannel fabric is huge and this task simply could not be easier. Grrrr.

So i quickly sat down, cut a bunch of 7″x7″ (28cmx28cm) squares, rounded off the edges, serged/overlocked the raw edges and we were good to go. It was just that easy. So if you use cloth wipes for your babe, or are thinking about it, don’t forget to check out your fabric stash before you buy! Personally i like using flannel or terry cloth for my wipes. It’s always such a good feeling when you can make something rather than buy it right?

Now feel free to giggle at me for forgetting i owned a sewing machine and scissors.