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Tutorial // How to make a straight hem briar tshirt

April 6th, 2015

People often ask me how to alter the Briar pattern to look more like a regular tee – well guess what. IT IS SO EASY!

I’ve made myself two straight hem Briar crop tops this summer, but the exact same pattern alteration is required for a standard length tshirt.

Here’s what you do


Tutorial // how to raise a neckline with lace

March 7th, 2015

Every now and then you will most likely find yourself with a neckline that is a tad too low for your liking. It may be a garment you’ve made or it may be a store bought garment, but the key is to ensure that your alteration looks intentional. This dress is one of my favourite Darling Ranges variations, but these days it’s a little too large for me, and that has resulted in the neckline being too low cut.

It can be a little challenging to add to a garment without it looking obviously like an add on, which is why i often turn to lace. As a decorative notion lace looks appropriate when externally added, whereas other methods can look really “homemade” and contrived very quickly.

Much like the culottes i lengthened using lace (tutorial here) i was careful to choose a lace that complimented the original fabric and look of the garment so that it wouldn’t look out of place. I have to admit, i am really thrilled with the end result and i actually love the altered neckline better than the original. YAY!

Click through for the tutorial!


Tutorial // how to make midi Tania culottes!

February 16th, 2015

YOU GUYS! i am so so excited to share this tutorial with you!!

I have had sooooo many requests for a tutorial on how to make the Tania culottes midi length, and i’ve tried out a couple of methods to find what i think works well, whilst still maintaining the original feel of the Tania culottes. The thing that makes the Tania culottes so special is the fact that they really look like a skirt and i wanted that effect to remain when lengthened.

OK so i’ve prepared two methods for you. The first method is for culottes that are very drapey, like the orange pair i shared in my last post, and have a very similar shape to the original culottes. This method will use more fabric, so keep that in mind. The second option is for culottes that are more structured, and have less flow. This is a great option for your more structured stiff fabrics, and also for any fabrics that are narrower. When i made the second option i was able to place my pattern pieces on folded fabric rather than single layer to cut, and that was really really nice.

Ready? click through for the details!


Quick tip // Using a mens tshirt as fabric

January 27th, 2015

If you’ve been reading Design Diary for a while, you know i loving taking something old and making it new again. I love reimagining and i love fabric from unusual sources

A while ago i bought a tshirt from Print Liberation and they had some screen print test print shirts for like $5 or something. I thought all of the prints on top of one another looked cool, so i bought one not really sure what i’d do with it. When it arrived i saw the 1984 on the front, and thought yes, BIRTH  YEAR! boooyahh hehe. So i decided to make a Briar crop top out of it – and thought i’d share with you what i did incase you’d like to try something similar


Tutorial // how to make a jersey maxi dress

January 11th, 2015

For a very long time I’ve been dreaming of a jersey Eucalypt maxi dress – and i finally made one! It’s one of those wardrobe basics that i keep pulling out over and over again – plus it was an easy make, so winning on all fronts.

Ready to make your own? Lets do this!


[Updated] How to make a bow headband with free pattern

January 5th, 2015

Ever since i posted my baby bow headband tutorial and free pattern, i have had so so so many requests for an adult version. So i made one! YAY! I’ve updated the pattern to include 3 sizes: baby, child and adult. I really really hope you enjoy it!

If you’d like to make your own headband CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE PATTERN and follow these instructions:

1// Print off the pattern & tape together. I’ve provided the pattern in three sizes: baby (works perfectly for my baby bird, i first made it when she was 5 mths and at 7mths this size is still perfect) and child (works perfectly for my 6 year old honey bunny), and adult.

2// You are going to need some stretchy fabric (the stretchier the better), you could even use an old tshirt! Fold your fabric perpendicular to the grain (the pattern should run along the stretchiest part of the fabric). Place pattern on fold & cut out.

3// With right sides together sew 1/4? all the way round leaving a small gap in your stitches as indicated on the pattern piece. You can use either a zig zag stitch on a regular machine or a serger/overlocker.

4// Turn your headband the right way round by pushing through the gap in your sewing. No need to close this hole we are going to hide it!

5// Now tie a knot, and adjust to fit (the gap in your sewing should be hidden in the knot now).


Photography by Sabatomic