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the short issue

August 27th, 2013

the short issue

SO i’m not sure if you remember – but when i first chatted to you all about Tania  i mentioned that one of the first samples i made was too short.

Well, my dears, say hello to the too short shorts erh culottes hehehe

As you know, i like my hemlines short – but this is too far for me. yep.

It was one of the first samples i made of the Tania culottes and i thought i was ready to crack out the “good” fabric – that is until i realised that the pattern at that point was too short. SIGH. It’s okay though, it’s winter right now, so i’m wearing them with opaque tights – but once summer hits i’m going to add some 2″ wide eyelet lace to the hem and i think that will solve my little problem. I’ll be damned if i’m going to give up – i just love this fabric too much to waste a garment made from it (anyone else get emotionally attached to good fabric?! not just me surely…)

Anyone got any hot tips for lengthening too short shorts/skirts?! Thoughts?

[Make this look]

Bottoms: Megan Nielsen Tania culottes // Kit or Pattern
Top: Megan Nielsen Banksia top // Kit or Pattern
Blazer: Cue // Similar pattern 
Shoes: Dolce Vita
Tights: We Love Colours
Sunnies: Witchery


tutorial: how to make bias tape

May 13th, 2013

How to make Bias tape // Megan Nielsen Design Diary // @megan_nielsen

You may have noticed that i really really like bias binding tape. It features in a couple of patterns for good reason – the Darling Ranges dress, the Banksia top, the Crescent blouse and the Eucalypt tank- it’s just seriously awesome. the end.

Oh you need more explanation than that?! hehe Ok, lets chat. Incase you haven’t yet discovered the joy that is bias tape – here’s the run down, it’s basically a strip of fabric cut on a 45 degree angle with the edges pressed in to make it easy to use. Look i made a picture :)

Why is it awesome? It’s awesome because since the strip is cut on the 45 degree angle, it has some stretch to it, which means it can conform beautifully to curves (making your life easier) and more than that, it makes finishing the raw edges on many garments a breeze (your life easier again). No it can’t do everything, but it can do a lot.

So what can you do with bias tape? Well a lot :) I like to use it instead of facings a lot. I have a personal hatred for facings – i think they look icky, they’re generally a pain to sew – and even worse a pain to wash (please tell me i’m not the only one whose facings turn inside out and get all crazy after going through the washing machine?!). I use it on necklines and armsyces the most often – and i like that you can get a nice clean edge and completely enclose the raw edge. My second favourite use for bias tape is hemming – it’s fantastic for curved hems, and if you accidently cut your skirt or pants too short – you can use bias tape as a teeny tiny hem on the inside.   It also makes a pretty cool design detail – since it conforms so easily you can top stitch it on pretty much anything to create an interesting design. It’s also a favourite for quilters and crafters who use it to bind the edges of quilts and pot holders and cute stuff like that. But sometimes – i also like to use it to cheat :) It can make  pretty good simple straps for dresses – wide tape is a nice cheat for a waistband.

And you can make it yourself! i know, how cool is that? There is something alluring about buying bias tape because it’s so cheap and convenient – but i love home made bias tape so much more because it’s just so much cuter, and you can match it perfectly to your garment, which is pretty darn cool. There’s something so satisfying about a garment that’s pretty on the inside and outside. But i think the even more surprising point is that is super cheap – you can get more bias out of yard of fabric than you could buy premade for the same amount. But most of the time, it can be free. yeah free! Lately my favourite thing to do with cute fabric scraps is to cut them on the bias and make some quick bias tape – i save it for later, and then when i want to sew i have something cute waiting for me! I almost never have a project where i don’t have enough fabric left over to make matching bias.

Ready to learn how to make some? Have i convinced you that you need bias tape in your life?! i promise its easy! Click through for instructions!


new sewing kits

May 6th, 2013

Megan Nielsen sewing kits

WOW you guys – i am so so blown away with the reactions to my Breakwater collection. I quite literally started crying from all the tweets, emails and comments – you are all so amazing, and i’m beyond thrilled, actually i’m overwhelmed with how much you like my new patterns. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart!!! All the hard work is worth it for that kind of response! It’s been ridiculously hard to keep tight lipped about these for so long, because i adore them so much :)

And as promised last week, new sewing kits are now available in store!!

I’ve been so excited about this that it’s taken all my energy not to spill the beans! Every time i release a collection the emails flood in asking me where to find the fabrics i used – SO this time i planned! I’ve created sewing kits for every look from my Breakwater collection lookbook – so you can make the exact garment you see!

Awesome right?! i’m pretty ridiculously thrilled!!

But not only are there kits for Cascade, Crescent, Tania and Eucalypt, but there are also two new kits for Kelly, Briar and Banksia! Check them out here! They’re in limited quantities, and some actually sold out right away when i listed them yesterday- so i’d be quick if you’re interested.

As per usual, my kits include all the elements you need like fabric, interfacing, buttons, bias, the pattern etc – but i also add in fun extras like Megan Nielsen patterns clothing tags, a tote bag for carrying it all and a pretty inspirational image of the finished garment. It’s pretty rad :) It almost makes me sad to part with them hehehe

I hope you love them as much as i enjoyed putting them together for you!!


Banksia Variation : drop waist dress

April 11th, 2013

You guys, this is my favorite Banksia eveeeeeeer. Well, I’ve only made two versions so far, but I don’t think it could get any better than this. A drop waist Banksia dress. Sleeveless. In bright red.  I didn’t want to take it off, it’s so fun.

Meg has shown you how to extend the Banksia top into a dress before, but adding a gathered skirt really adds a fun element.  Again, you can check out more of my outfit over on my blog – HollyDolly. And you can see how to do it yourself after the jump!


Banksia Top Variation: Scalloped Collar

March 22nd, 2013

Since we are on the topic of scallops this week, I thought I would show you another scalloped pattern variation – this time on the Banksia Top! I also left off the placket and shortened the sleeves, but the real star is the scalloped collar. How cute is that?

In essence, the process is pretty similar to the scalloped hem I showed you earlier this week. But here is how I did it…


Banksia sewalong: sleeveless // faux shawl collar show and tell

January 4th, 2013

Two things:

  1. I adore this top
  2. this post is realllllly late

So basically after the Banksia sewalong i was feeling really beat – and didn’t have the energy to finish this top. Which is actually pretty shameful considering the only thing left to do was hem it (i KNOW so lame). Anyway, over the Christmas holidays i took some times (okay it was 5 minutes hahahaha) to finally finish it. And yay!! Doesn’t it look awesome?

Kind of wish i’d finished it earlier!

Relevant posts from the Banksia Sewalong used to create this top:

So even though it’s a quite a while after the sewalong, did anyone else decide to make a different collar or go sleeveless??
Also wearing:
Skirt: Vintage (altered) – also seen here and here
Shoes: c/o Modcloth (last year)
Necklace: Merl Kinzie // Clydes Rebirth