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Frozen Elsa costume

August 28th, 2014

SO i made Bunny an Elsa costume… and then i photoshopped her into a frozen poster (poorly). yeah that happened. hehehe.

Much like every little girl who has ever seen Frozen, Bunny became obsessed with Elsa. She would watch it on loop every day if i let her. She was singing Frozen constantly, and her pretend play Elsa games were lasting like a whole day. So i knew it was time to make her a costume.

Since baby bird was still teeeensy tiny at this point, i tried to make it as simple as possible. The main body of the dress is some cheapy satin, which is shirred with elastic thread. I should have shirred all the way down to her waistline if i was being really true to the story, but i was tired, and i think empire waists are cuter. The cape is just a blue netting/tulle thing with spots all over, and i attached it to the top of the dress before adding the sparkly arms. It’s joined to one line of shirring to gather it up. The sparkly arms are made from a white and silver sparkly spandex, and i literally just used the top part of a stock standard tshirt pattern i have. I didn’t even hem the neckline or sleeves. naughty meg.

So that’s it! It was super quick and Bunny was over the moon. Cue epic “Let it Go” concerts in the backyard all winter (without shoes of course… this is Australia after all!). The only adjustment i had to make was adding the slit in the side seam, as after i gave it to her i was informed that unless you have a slit you are nothing. I had no idea the slit was so important to Elsa’s aesthetic! It’s so adorable the stuff kids notice.

I’m really happy with how this turned out, and Bunny uses it constantly. Even better a few weeks later one of her friends had a Disney princess themed birthday party and Bunny was able to wear her costume out of the house, which i think basically made her whole year hehehe. And here’s a photo of the dress on its own on instagram.

And after all that, i got a little crazy with photoshop and plonked her on a Frozen poster hehehe. I’m a good amount of crazy. But i must admit, it took ages and i got tired, so the rest of the photos after the jump are unedited in our backyard. Sorry hehe. Gosh i love how much she enjoys her costumes!



rope bowls and baskets

August 23rd, 2014

This was such a satisfying project, i’m now more than a little obsessed with making these. A while ago i saw this tutorial on A Pair and a Spare and knew it would be a perfect project to create pretty storage in baby birds room. I kept things simple leaving the rope natural and using a rosey pink thread for the stitching. I experimented with using a thick rope and a thin one, and i definitely like how the bowls/baskets made with the thicker rope look much more. Plus they were quicker to make (ha! i love quick!).

If you’re looking for a quick and pretty DIY storage solution, i would definitely recommend checking out the tutorial here.

Bunny’s Perri Pullover

August 16th, 2014

I can’t remember exactly where i first heard about the Perri Pullover, but it’s been on my sewing to do list for Bunny for ages. It’s a oversized tunic style sweater, and its about the cutest thing ever with leggings. I had a really specific idea in my head of what i wanted to do (not unusual) so i had all materials and the idea set aside for my “ready” moment. So after our little sunshine arrived, I started working away at it slowly. Cut out the fabric one day. Add the Rabbit another. Sew a seam here. Sew a seam there. It was a really unusually slow pace for me, but it was nice and manageable. Usually i sit down and do everything all in one go, but i think i’m going to have to learn to do things more in stages from now one. That’s ok :)

The Rabbit was a really easy addition, and i think it really makes the look. I literally just printed an image on iron on transfer paper and ironed it on. Voila! The fabric is this really drapey soft sweatshirt jersey – i’m so addicted to this fabric that i bought it in bulk and in 4 colours. I know. I have a problem. Don’t judge.

I really wanted to share a photo of Bunny wearing it, but it’s in such constant rotation in her wardrobe, that it’s been near impossible to find a time that it isn’t in the laundry hamper, or currently on her body and covered in the remains of a chocolate sundae. When i do finally get that magical moment where it’s clean and i have my camera ready, i think i’ll do an update post. Because hey, i really love this jumper!

It was really nice working with someone elses pattern for a change. It was just so much less work to start with a pattern, than work from scratch as i usually do – i think it made the project more enjoyable and certainly shorter. I think next time i make this pattern i will use a more stable/structured knit fabric, as this fabric is so drapey that it almost looks too oversized. I’m pretty sure it’s because of the fabric, not the sizing. If there is one thing i know for sure, using a fabric different that what is recommended will always get different results.

So i guess that’s it! A Bunny for my Bunny! It’s nice to be sewing again :)

zip front Eucalypt dress

August 12th, 2014

So excited to show you my latest make! I’ve been looking at all my Eucalypt dresses longingly for weeks… but my life is all about baby feeding friendly attire these days, so something had to be done! I have tonnes of button front dresses (i’m pretty sure i have the worlds largest array of Darling Ranges dresses), so wanted to try something a little different. Enter the zipper.

I used my Eucalypt pattern, and a metallic open end zipper and i couldn’t be more thrilled with how it turned out. Magically i somehow managed to guess the exact length of zip i’d need. I know. It made my day.

A lot of people have asked me about this fabric. It’s a digitally printed japanese linen – and i bought a tonne of it plus some other fabrics to list in the store – so once i get my butt in gear and list them i’ll let you know :) i’m so slow paced these days. If you’d like to make your own zipper front Eucalypt – i used the seam front version of the pattern and left the zipper exposed. Easy peasy.

In other news, my trusty little Buddy helped me with my photos again today – and i think we’re becoming quite the team hehehe. That kid loves the remote, there are ridiculous number of photos. And possibly too many of us giggling uncontrollably. But they won’t be posted, as they were not flattering by any means hehe.

[Make this Look]
Dress: Megan Nielsen Eucalypt dress with zipper front // Get the pattern here
Shoes: Dolce Vita
Jacket: Country Road
Cute boy: not sold in stores 

the crescent blouse as PDF

August 6th, 2014

Great news! The Crescent blouse is now available as an instant download PDF pattern! Which also means that all the patterns from the Breakwater Collection have been PDF’d and so i’ve been able to bring back the Breakwater collection pattern pack (all 4 patterns for the price of 3).

Get the Crescent blouse pattern here

Get the Breakwater Collection Pattern Pack here


kitty ottoman!

May 22nd, 2014

Whilst getting the nursery ready for our little girl, i absolutely fell in love with these Boramiri Cat ottoman/pouf things. The one thing i always find irritating is not having an ottoman to use with my rocker – and i thought this would be a great solution, cute + functional!

The unfortunate part was that this gorgeous store is located in France – and shipping to Australia was just not going to work. It’s not surprising, any time you ship something bulky it’s going to be insane.

So anyway, i couldn’t get them out my mind, so i decided to try a bit of a knock off version. Not exactly the same – but i really love it. I just used some extra draping muslin i had lying around, embroidered a little kitty face on and stuffed it with what was left with my scrap fabric. It’s a little lumpy, but meh, i’m really glad to have done something with all those scraps, even if they’re just being used as filling!