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rope bowls and baskets

August 23rd, 2014

This was such a satisfying project, i’m now more than a little obsessed with making these. A while ago i saw this tutorial on A Pair and a Spare and knew it would be a perfect project to create pretty storage in baby birds room. I kept things simple leaving the rope natural and using a rosey pink thread for the stitching. I experimented with using a thick rope and a thin one, and i definitely like how the bowls/baskets made with the thicker rope look much more. Plus they were quicker to make (ha! i love quick!).

If you’re looking for a quick and pretty DIY storage solution, i would definitely recommend checking out the tutorial here.

kitty ottoman!

May 22nd, 2014

Whilst getting the nursery ready for our little girl, i absolutely fell in love with these Boramiri Cat ottoman/pouf things. The one thing i always find irritating is not having an ottoman to use with my rocker – and i thought this would be a great solution, cute + functional!

The unfortunate part was that this gorgeous store is located in France – and shipping to Australia was just not going to work. It’s not surprising, any time you ship something bulky it’s going to be insane.

So anyway, i couldn’t get them out my mind, so i decided to try a bit of a knock off version. Not exactly the same – but i really love it. I just used some extra draping muslin i had lying around, embroidered a little kitty face on and stuffed it with what was left with my scrap fabric. It’s a little lumpy, but meh, i’m really glad to have done something with all those scraps, even if they’re just being used as filling!

collection scrap quilt //2

April 23rd, 2014

Megan Nielsen Collection scrap quilt //2

You guys, i really like this quilt! So this is another collection scrap quilt – made using the leftovers from my AW2010 collection, the “Perth collection”. I really feel like this quilt gives the same vibe as that collection – I am so in love with the idea of using up my collection scraps in quilts. I love mementos! Can you tell i’m excited!!

I tried really hard to do a better job with this quilt, and i feel like my quilting is improving very slightly with each one i do (Here is the first quilt i ever made for Bunny, the second i made for Buddy and also the collection scrap quilt #1). I decided to hand quilt this one – and *cough* – i’m not sure i’ll ever hand quilt again. You guys it took ages! I actually gave up and didn’t do even half as many lines of hand stitching as i had planned. Ugh so lame! hehehe. Also it’s wrinkly as all hell, and i don’t know why, and i also kind of don’t care. Is that bad?

But regardless of my laziness, this is my favourite quilt so far. I looooove it! I didn’t have enough scraps from the Perth collection to make a queen size quilt, so instead i just made a smaller one to use on the couch. We like blankets in the family room :)

This one really wore me out with how long it took, so i think i’m going to take a bit of a break before tackling the next collection scrap quilt (which will be from this collection). What do you think?!

Megan Nielsen Collection scrap quilt //2

don’t be a grumpy cloud

March 28th, 2014

So we sometimes have cases of “the grumpies” in our house. When ordinarily cute and sweet tiny people find themselves in a grumpy mood. When it first started, i didn’t really know how to combat it – i tried lots of things – but one day, because hey, i’m an intrinsically silly person, I told Bunny to stop being a grumpy cloud because she was my happy sunshine. And then i threw all the socks in her sock drawer at her. We called them grumpy raindrops. And we literally pelted each other with socks until she was giggling.

That was about two years ago, and that’s how grumpy cloud was born. Since then, whenever our kids are grumpy we ask them if they’re grumpy clouds, and the game begins again. It’s gotten to the point where if Chris or I seem a bit off the kids will ask “are you a grumpy cloud?! DON’T BE A GRUMPY CLOUD!”. so awesome.

After a while i thought it would be fun to have a little reminder of our game. I love all the cloud cushions i’ve seen popping up all over, so i thought it was a perfect marriage! I quickly whipped together this little cloud out of some leftover fleece i had lying around, embroidered “don’t be a grumpy cloud” on the front” and then stuffed it!

It was instantly a family hit. Like i think i need to make another because sharing is an issue hehehe. These days instead of pelting my grumpy kids with socks, i chase them round the house with this pillow, and have a grumpy cloud pillow fight until everyone is giggling and happy, and my happy sunshines are back. Best accidental parenting solution ever :)

(Meanwhile, i asked Bunny to look grumpy so i could take a photo of her – and i totally love the progression, from good acting to “Oh i give up i can’t do it!” hehee. The second photo of her is what we call her “happy mad face” which is literally her trying her hardest to act mad when she is actually happy. It’s so silly and i love it!)

collection scrap quilt //1

March 18th, 2014

Collection scrap quilt //1

I like to call it nostalgic, but i might just be a hoarder. I’ve been keeping fabric scraps from the very first collection i released back in 2010… for no reason that i can explain. Finally i decided i had to do something with them or get rid of them, and for some reason i was emotionally attached to all those little pieces of fabric. So i decided to make a quilt!

It took absolute ages but i really love it. I cut all the pieces of leftover fabric into either triangles or strips for the binding, and the quilt backing is a vintage sheet. It’s so big thats its kind of hard to get a good photo of, but these are a few from our old house (below). It’s been really useful as an extra layer in winter, and as a nice thin blanket for summer – even better its become my kids comfort blanket of choice for when they’re sick, that kind of melts my heart. It even found it’s way into my maternity lookbook as a picnic blanket prop!

collection scrap quilt //1

I’m so glad to have found a way to use up all those special pieces of fabric and to have a special memento of that very first collection. I like how this idea turned out so much that i would really like to create a collection scrap quilt for all of my collections.

Any suggestions for good quilting patterns?

quick fix// jewelry display

February 21st, 2014

quick fix// jewelry displayYou may have noticed that i pretty much always wear a chunky dangly necklace. More often than not, by Merl. The problem with these kinds of adornments is that they’re kind of hard to store.

I have a truly amazing jewelry box (shown above) that my parents had made for me in Hong Kong for my 16th birthday, but unfortunately even though it is huge it just can’t handle all the chunk. I needed a better solution.

I’d seen a lot of cool jewelry hangers around, but they never had enough space – six hooks? Umm no. i need more. In the end i realised i needed to make something in order to get what i really needed.

This frame was originally used to display my brothers Paratrooper flag – but when he had the flag removed and restored to its original condition, the frame wasn’t needed anymore. I love it when fortune strikes! I bought a little bag of hooks from the hardware store, measured out as many spots as i thought i could squeeze on the long edge of the frame, and just spent a few minutes twisting them in by hand. Since we were renting i used the same trick as i did for my spool racks, and hung it with some 3M hooks – which made even the installation quick. Now that we’ve moved into our own home, it has a more permanent home on my wall. It was crazy easy, and it’s been so incredibly useful.

The hilarious part is that i almost need a second one, as i still have to double up a couple of hooks to get everything in! I think it makes getting dressed much easier because i can see all the options right in front of me – plus theres that important benefit of keeping my rugrats out of my necklaces hehehe