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fabric wrapped presents // four

December 15th, 2014

You guys! This is the fourth year that we have wrapped our Christmas presents in fabric! I am SO excited! When i started doing this i really hoped that it would be something we could continue each year, and i’m just thrilled that it’s worked so well! In four years we haven’t bought any wrapping paper! YAY! Now if only i could reduce the amount of waste packaging in the presents themselves i would be a really happy girl (sigh).

If you’d like to try this yourself, click through for all the info, tips and tricks you’ll need to know!


Fabric wrapped christmas presents: Year 3!

December 12th, 2013

Fabric wrapped Christmas presents

I’ve been getting a lot of questions recently about my fabric wrapped Christmas presents. WELL i’m really excited to say that we’re in to the third year of doing this in our family, and i love it even more! There’s something really satisfying about pulling out my little bag of wrappings and knowing that i won’t be throwing any of it in the trash, and i didn’t have to rush to the store to buy paper at the last minute. YES!

So here are the posts i’ve done about my fabric wrapped presents:

Fabric wrapped Christmas presents: year 1The original post where i first tried the idea

fabric wrapped christmas presents -  year two tips

FAQ’s and Tips for wrapping presents with fabric (This time i’ve really perfected my wrapping technique to completely remove the need for using another other securing device than just ribbons and the fabric itself).

Last year i also added reusable felt gift tags, and i’m so glad i did, this year wrapping was such a breeze

Also if you’re feeling really crafty, here are a few other ways i’ve tried to make our Christmas more handmade. I was hoping to add more to the list this year, but I guess moving house and being pregnant has turned out to be enough for me to handle this December hehe

handmade Christmas stockings[TUTORIAL: handmade Christmas stockings]

Holly christmas garland[TUTORIAL: Holly garland]

Another Holly garland[TUTORIAL: Another Holly Christmas garland]

how to felt + leather acorn[TUTORIAL: Felt & leather acorn ornaments]

[Storing handmade garlands and buntings]

[Holly tree skirt]

[Handmade ornaments]

AND Kelli over at True Bias is hosting a handmade ornament exchange again this year – and a bunch of my favourite bloggers will be sharing what they made and their tutorials for their creations very soon (heres the list of bloggers), so make sure to keep an eye out! Last years were absolutely amazing and i know this year will be too (my kids had an epic battle this year over who would hang Jen’s Narwhal ornament hehe)

Any other handmade Christmas things on your radar this year?

The night before Christmas

December 24th, 2012

This year we decided to try the whole, Christmas stockings on Christmas Eve idea, and it was kind of awesome. I think we’ll have to continue this. (Though for us this was the Eve of Christmas Eve, since we actually have a family party tonight – does that make us big cheats who try and sneak their stockings early?! hehehe). We like to keep our stockings to treats (chocolates, candy canes etc) and one small toy/pressie – but this year i kind of messed up and completely forgot to fill Chris and my stockings! eeek! Though, the kids decided they were tired of their chocolates half the way in (WHAT?!), which please my darling immensely hehe. I think you know you are a parent when you don’t mind eating half destroyed chocolate Christmas bears…

We also really love reading Christmas books together, which is really special to us. We prefer biblical ones – but somehow the grinch ends up getting read too (gosh i hate that book! hahaha). I absolutely love traditions, they are always dear to me – and i love that as the kids are growing up we’re coming up with more and more special traditions to repeat each year.

Do you have any special Christmas Eve traditions?

Also, ps. everyone involved in the handmade ornament exchange has been posting their trees with ornaments – and they look awesome!!

Unfortunately mine haven’t arrived yet (drat you international mail), but please check out the others involved!!! They are adorable!!

Thanks again to Kelli for organizing such a fun exchange!!!

reusable felt gift tags

December 13th, 2012

So building on from my fabric wrapped presents (follow up tips here)- i hit one tiny snag last year. I found it really hard to keep track of whose package was whose! I tried to make salt dough gift tags with Bunny, but they were a total disaster, and in the end i ran out of time and had to resort to post it notes under the presents. ick.

This year i wanted to fix that, and make my present experience completely reusable – so i made reusable felt gift tags!

I did this the quickest and easiest way i could think of since i’m incredibly time poor (so some of these are a bit, er, sloppy) – but this concept would work equally well in different fabrics. I love the idea of doing this with your fabric scraps or something.

Here’s how i made mine!


Storing your handmade Christmas garlands

December 12th, 2012

After spending so much time and effort on making handmade Christmas garlands last year, there was no way i was going to ruin them by dumping them in a pile before they were stored.

Seriously, is there anything more irritating than trying to untangle a mass of garland or tinsel or fairy lights? i think not, it makes me get all hot and bothered just thinking about it.

Instead i found a simple and quick solution: take some sturdy cardboard, either cut it to size or fold it a few times (this makes it extra sturdier), and then carefully wrap your garland or bunting around it. Tuck in the end and you’re done! Next year when you pull out your ornaments and decorations for Christmas, you’ll be thrilled to find you don’t have to untangle a mess! And i also found that it was wayyyy easier to hang metres of garlands when i was unwinding them off the card as i went.

Tutorials to make the garlands pictured above can be found here and here. 

fabric wrapped Christmas presents: year 2!

December 11th, 2012

I’m so excited – this is the second year that I’ve wrapped our Christmas presents in fabric!!

(If you have no idea what i’m talking about here’s last years post)

Now that this is my second year, i thought I might share some tips for those who might want to do the same.