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Tutorial // How to make a bow headband with free pattern!

October 18th, 2014

If you follow me on instagram  you may have noticed that i got a little obsessed with making Baby Bird headbands this week. Finally an adorable way to use up the fabric scraps i can’t part with!

And since so many people asked, i decided to make a little tutorial and free pattern for all of you to use – yay! If you don’t have a little girl, i think this project is still for you as they would make great gifts for little girls or for baby showers/new baby pressies. Someone even suggested giving them out as party favors for little girls birthday parties, which i think is an awesome idea that i might steal for Bunny’s party next year!

This is such a simple project, don’t worry if you are not the worlds best sewer, you can do this! And the results are awesome. I can’t even tell you how many mums tried to buy these off me at school this week.

Ok enough of me blabbing, who wants to see a tutorial and more pictures of Baby Bird being adorable?! After the jump!


the golden brumby

October 16th, 2014

Oh you guys, the warm weather is here! I love winter in Perth, but must admit, this year i’ve just been really looking forward to some sunny happy weather. I started wardrobe planning a few months ago as per usual, and i found myself in a real Brumby skirt mood. Remember that one? It’s from my Perth collection. Here’s a little look at what my plans looked like

And after a rather stressful time for our little family, i finally found myself with a little bit of time to myself this week (yay!). So predictably, i made something. Chris was a little scared when i pulled out the gold coated denim, but i think it turned out really well! The one mistake i’m not so happy about is the sizing, and it was a stupid mistake. I didn’t re-measure myself before i cut, assuming i was the same size i was a month ago, but turns out i’ve actually lost about 2 inches from my waistline. Which yes, i am pretty freaking jazzed about, BUT does mean that this skirt is sitting way too low, much lower than i would normally wear it, and it’s irritating. I may not end up keeping this for myself. Oh well.

So i think todays lesson is always measure yourself before you begin sewing, don’t assume anything about your measurements! Also, gold denim is rad. That is all. Hugs to you dears! xoxo

madeline costume

October 8th, 2014

I think this might be my favourite costume ever!

When book week came around at Bunny’s school it was time to think about costumes, and Madeline was obviously at the top of the list. We love Madeline, and i knew it would make a really great costume for Bunny.

Much like i did with Rainbow Dash and Ariel, I made this costume into component pieces so that each could be worn separately. This costume is really made up of three parts: Dress, Capelet and hat. She also wore a long sleeved shirt under as it was cold, and obviously socks and black shoes.

The dress is very simple – it’s half of a tshirt pattern with a skirt attached. I added the pleat because well, does that need explanation? i just like pleats hehe. The capelet was very simply a circle with a peter pan collar, and red bow. I think the capelet is really key to Madeline, and i think if you’re thinking about making something similar,  you could actually get away with just making a capelet, and pairing it with hat, navy top and navy skirt (or dress).

The thing i love about this costume is that piece aren’t really too much work, but they really scream Madeline! Im even more excited about the fact that the dress is just cute on its own, so it has more value than just being a costume. that makes me so happy. All the happy dancing.

But i think best of all (as per usual) was how much Bunny loved this costume, it really makes all the work worth it!

DIY cloth baby wipes

September 23rd, 2014

I have been cloth diapering Baby Bird since she was about 2 weeks old, and i noticed very quickly once i started that i didn’t have enough cloth wipes. In a mad panic i ordered more, waited and waited, and then realised: I CAN SEW.

Moments like these i kind of want to bang my head against the wall for being so silly. I mean seriously meg?? My stash of soft flannel fabric is huge and this task simply could not be easier. Grrrr.

So i quickly sat down, cut a bunch of 7″x7″ (28cmx28cm) squares, rounded off the edges, serged/overlocked the raw edges and we were good to go. It was just that easy. So if you use cloth wipes for your babe, or are thinking about it, don’t forget to check out your fabric stash before you buy! Personally i like using flannel or terry cloth for my wipes. It’s always such a good feeling when you can make something rather than buy it right?

Now feel free to giggle at me for forgetting i owned a sewing machine and scissors.

wrapped dress

September 13th, 2014

It was only a matter of time until i turned my Wrapped Maternity Crop Top into a dress! You may remember back when i was pregnant i made the crop top version of my Wrapped Maternity top pattern? Well i just couldn’t stop thinking about how cool it would be as a dress!

I wasn’t in the mood to wear a completely lavender dress, so i went for a grey skirt instead. It was a really simple change- i just unpicked the hemline and added a circle skirt. I haven’t even hemmed it yet because baby birdie woke up and i ran out of time. You know what, i might even just leave it unhemmed because its working just fine as is.

At the end of the day i’m really happy with how this turned out! It’s really really great for feeding baby in, and i honestly can’t decide whether i like it better as a crop top or a dress… maybe i need to make another crop top now!

[Make this look]
Dress: Megan Nielsen // Wrapped Maternity top  pattern + circle skirt
Shoes: Swedish Hasbeens // Peep toe high 

first drafts

August 30th, 2014

One of the big mistakes i see home sewers make is beating themselves up for a garment not turning out “perfectly” the first time they make it. If you have that attitude when it comes to sewing, you will be constantly disappointed, and will imagine that everyone else is better than you. That is not the case. The best attitude you can have with sewing is considering each “failure” as a draft along the way to your final garment.

You’ll see people call these muslins or test runs or toiles. It’s all the same thing. A practice run. You try something, and it wasn’t right the first time, so you learn from it and make a new one.

So today i have an example for you! This is a nursing tunic that i dreamed up with i was pregnant with baby bird. Here is the sketch, ahhhh so cute yes?

The idea was to have slits up the side of the tunic for easy feeding, and also for the front piece to act as a bit of a nursing cover. I planned to wear it over leggings & jeans with one of my many nursing tanks underneath (love those things to death). I was envisioning comfy but cute postpartum wear for that period after baby is born and you feel like a gross blob.

So this was the first draft. It seemed pretty good when i made it, so as per usual i put it through my wearability test. I’ve worn it for almost 3 months like this, and have found that this first draft needs some tweaking. It looks very cute and perfect when you stand still (See above), but if you move a little too vigorously or dare to pick up your cute baby. DRAMA. The front and back pieces get caught (sometimes separately often at the same time) rather unattractively exposing your entire behind and/or midsection. And the seam of your tank top which you tucked into your leggings (it was comfy okay?) making it look like you have VPL when you don’t. Ummm no, not a good look. See the below exhibits:

Obviously changes will need to be made. I am very happy with the length, so i’ll keep that, but for my next draft i will either add another layer underneath to bridge the side gaps, or i’ll cross over the front and back pieces under the arms. Perhaps i’ll do both. We’ll see.

So as you can see, this one little design will be going through a lot of changes before i’m happy with it. I will probably make this top around 5 times to perfect it for my personal use. If i decide to release it as a pattern, there will be more drafts as each size and variation would need to be tested.

So if you take out a pattern for the first time, or draft a little piece of awesome to sew up for yourself, and it doesn’t work out the way you’d hoped the first time, take heart! It will never be perfect the first time! The Briar and Virginia both took years of development before i was completely happy with them. Consider this a first draft, make your notes, implement your changes, it WILL be better next time. That is what sewing is all about. It is a craft because it must be worked at it, it is not magic my darlings.