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coming soon // sneak peeks and the like

November 19th, 2014

Sometimes i’m never quite sure whether to tell you all about what i’m working on, or wait until i’m done, and be all like, SURPRISE!

But i’m so excited about this next pattern that i really want to talk to you about it – so helloooo epic sneak peek!

I get so many emails from beginner sewers asking me about what patterns to try when they’re starting out, and though i have a lot of fantastic beginner level patterns (see Eucalypt, Cascade, Virginia, Briar) i feel like i want to offer something more. As you know, I love beginners, and part of my goal as a pattern designer is to simplify simplify simplify to make sewing great garments more accessible. So i kept coming back to this idea of the perfect beginner pattern. One that could be used for wovens and knits, one that was stylish and classic, and that was absolutely 100% beginner friendly but still interesting enough for intermediate sewers. And then i thought, whats more beginner friendly than being FREE?! Yes i did say free, wink wink.

So my dear friends, my next pattern will be a free PDF downloadable pattern – You may remember the Chantilly skirt from my 2011 winter ready to wear collection? She’s the one!

It will be a kick ass wardrobe staple circle skirt, with two waistband options, optional (completely rad) pockets, and a woven or knit option. I’m so excited its not even funny! Right now i’m at the stage of making a zillion samples and making sure everything is perfect before sending it out for testing. The only thing i’m up in the air about is whether to change the name – as there is a lovely dress by Colette with the same name, which may be a tad confusing, thoughts?

*update* thank you so much for all of your feedback! i’m so glad that everyone is so excited! Thanks for all the feedback on the name, it was a huge help! After some thought, I’ve decided that it will be called the Veronika skirt after my lovely friend Veronika, whose blog was one of my greatest inspirations during the time i first designed this skirt (though she closed her blog Tick Tock Vintage quite some time ago, all her outfits are still available on Flickr and she is on Instagram)

If you follow me on instagram, then you’ve probably already seen a few behind the scenes snaps of me working on this particular skirt. I’m so happy with it, especially since i’ve been saving this silk crepe since we lived in Virginia, and it magically matched a vintage zip i thrifted eons ago perfectly. I mean come on! fate! fist pump!

So my darlings, what do you think? tell me tell me!

photography by Sabatomic

[Make this look]

Top: Megan Nielsen Briar crop top // Get the Pattern
Skirt: Megan Nielsen // Pattern coming soon!
Shoes: Swedish Hasbeens // Peep toe super high in “natural”

I love you too much // part 1

November 3rd, 2014

Buddy is not normally interested in having his photo taken, he’s pretty shy of the camera, but on this day he was 100% into it, and boy did we have a blast. That kid was dancing all over the footpath and i was almost dying laughing. I mean what is all that posing? i love it hehehe

Ok back to the project… really this is part 2… but i just haven’t gotten my act together to photograph part 1, so i’m posting backwards. Isn’t that nice and confusing?! let me start from the beginning.

When i tuck Buddy in to bed at night he tells me “i love you too much!”, it’s the sweetest thing and melts my heart every time. I wanted to have a little way to remember this little Buddy-ism, so i decided to make a little banner to hang in his room that said “i love you too much”. I used my Silhouette Cameo and heat transfer material to cut out the words, simple simple, and made the banner. But then i was left with the negative space from the cut out, and never one to waste things i can use, i decided to make a tshirt out of the leftovers. Also, I LOVE BONUS PROJECTS / do you know what i mean? that one you tack on the end that takes almost no effort?

And now it’s Buddy’s favourite tshirt. He would wear it every day if he could. Did you hear my heart swelling again?

Much like the very simple Dow Dow and Nee Nee shirts i made them last summer - It’s amazing to me how much my kids appreciate the simplest projects. At the end of the day, i think they just love that i made them something – and it makes me love making them things even more. And of course, just another really great reminder not to overcomplicate things.

Shall we end with more photos of Buddy hamming it up for the camera?! Of course!

Tutorial // How to pattern match with ruching and gathers

October 28th, 2014

A question i get a lot is how to pattern match designs with ruching and gathers (specifically for my Ruched Maternity skirt and Ruched Maternity tshirt). I know everyone wants their stripes to be matched perfectly all the time, but when it comes to these designs the ruching is not symmetric, so perfection in pattern matching just isn’t possible. Sorry.

You can get close though :)

The same is true for any seam that includes gathers, you can pattern match seams that are equal distances, but once you hit those gathers, everything is going to be off kilter.

So if you want to sew a ruched maternity skirt in stripes like i did when i was pregnant and have them nicely matched up at the side seams, you can only do so up to a point.

Here’s what you do: start from the hemline and go up! When you hit the ruching notches stop trying to pattern match and instead go with the flow. Once the ruching is completed, the ruched sections will be all gathered and the pattern mismatch won’t matter, but everything below it will be nice and straight! It’s that easy :)

disco or something like it

October 23rd, 2014

So Bunny’s teacher had this idea to have a class party // with a dress up theme. SIGH> I feel like this year i have had to make so many costumes! Don’t get me wrong, i love making costumes for Bunny, but there have just been a lot in the last few months. So i was feeling a little tapped out!

The theme was Disco (honestly, what?), so i decided a loose interpretation was my best bet for knocking this out. I used some silver sparkly spandex to make her some leggings (left over from these leggings of mine), paired with her glittery nee nee top, a ballet cardigan and silver booties, and overly high pony tail.

Even though this was a very loose interpretation of Disco, i think it works. AND she wears these leggings all the time, which means it’s not just a “costume” YAY, that makes me happy. I love it when we get a lot of use out of things. Which reminds me, that sometimes it’s best to keep things nice and simple!

Tutorial // How to make a bow headband with free pattern!

October 18th, 2014

If you follow me on instagram  you may have noticed that i got a little obsessed with making Baby Bird headbands this week. Finally an adorable way to use up the fabric scraps i can’t part with!

And since so many people asked, i decided to make a little tutorial and free pattern for all of you to use – yay! If you don’t have a little girl, i think this project is still for you as they would make great gifts for little girls or for baby showers/new baby pressies. Someone even suggested giving them out as party favors for little girls birthday parties, which i think is an awesome idea that i might steal for Bunny’s party next year!

This is such a simple project, don’t worry if you are not the worlds best sewer, you can do this! And the results are awesome. I can’t even tell you how many mums tried to buy these off me at school this week.

Ok enough of me blabbing, who wants to see a tutorial and more pictures of Baby Bird being adorable?! After the jump!


the golden brumby

October 16th, 2014

Oh you guys, the warm weather is here! I love winter in Perth, but must admit, this year i’ve just been really looking forward to some sunny happy weather. I started wardrobe planning a few months ago as per usual, and i found myself in a real Brumby skirt mood. Remember that one? It’s from my Perth collection. Here’s a little look at what my plans looked like

And after a rather stressful time for our little family, i finally found myself with a little bit of time to myself this week (yay!). So predictably, i made something. Chris was a little scared when i pulled out the gold coated denim, but i think it turned out really well! The one mistake i’m not so happy about is the sizing, and it was a stupid mistake. I didn’t re-measure myself before i cut, assuming i was the same size i was a month ago, but turns out i’ve actually lost about 2 inches from my waistline. Which yes, i am pretty freaking jazzed about, BUT does mean that this skirt is sitting way too low, much lower than i would normally wear it, and it’s irritating. I may not end up keeping this for myself. Oh well.

So i think todays lesson is always measure yourself before you begin sewing, don’t assume anything about your measurements! Also, gold denim is rad. That is all. Hugs to you dears! xoxo