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a little website refresh

December 18th, 2014

So last week i bumped into a friend who asked me a question about one of my patterns – i couldn’t remember off the top of my head, so i hopped onto my store on my phone, and then there was this why isn’t my website mobile optimized panic attack. I honestly can’t believe i hadn’t noticed that before, but i guess i always hop on from a computer, and that slipped through. EEEK

Anyway, long story short, as we were fixing the site to work better on mobiles, i decided it was a good time to refresh the whole site in general. Sometimes you just need a bit of a change! a fresh new look!

So here is a little sneakpeek of store refresher, click through to see the rest :) If anything isn’t working properly please give me a yell!


Thanksgiving sale!

November 28th, 2014

Hey hey Thanksgiving sale time!

To say thank you for being such awesome friends/readers/customers/amazing gals please enjoy 20% off all PDF sewing patterns in store for the whole of this weekend! Just enter code “THANKFUL” at checkout!

I’ve also just listed a tonne of cool new fabric in store – including the most perfect jersey for basically allll of my stretch patterns.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone, and all my American friends please eat a pile of Turkey and Pumpkin Pie for me!!


updated// pattern tester list

October 11th, 2014

Hey lovely friends! Ive been getting a lot of questions recently about how to become a pattern tester, so i thought it was time to make it a little easier! I’m so grateful for all of the help we get from the sewing community testing patterns before they are released, you guys are quite literally the best!

There are no special requirements for pattern testing, you don’t need to be an expert seamstress or have a blog or jump through any hoops. It’s just a matter of letting me know you want to. I know, so easy right? Previously i’ve done this through compiling a list from blog post comments and emails, but that has gotten quite messy, and relies on me being good at updating the database properly (ahem, not my strength). So i’ve decided to make a sign up sheet available all the time, so that if you want to put your hand up you can!

So if you’d like to add yourself to our tester list, CLICK HERE, fill in your details and that’s it! Pattern testers are chosen pretty randomly, but i do try to work my way through the list so as many people as possible get a turn, whilst choosing a good cross section of sizes and skill levels to make sure we are covering all our bases.

Well that’s enough boring admin type stuff right? Have a lovely weekend!! XOXO

a three month old ladybug

August 8th, 2014

Baby photodump anyone?! Our littlest love is now 3 months old! I’ve really sucked at sharing photos of our girl… like i only did it that one time… but here she is now! These snaps range from birth to today. Isn’t she ridiculously kick-ass cute? I will accept no response other than “hell yes!” heehehe kidding. but seriously i’m not.

I really can’t decide what to call our little babe her on the blog, at home she has so many nicknames ranging from sunshine to poopy pants to ladybug. So for now i think i’ll call her ladybug till one of her names sticks.

SO tell me, do you like baby photo dumps? shall we do this again?

Bunny turns 6!

August 3rd, 2014

I feel like every time a kiddo birthday comes around i’m like “What?! how did that happen?!”. Time is slipping away too fast! Bunny turned six this week, and she basically needs to stop it. STOP IT> no more growing up. Period. Mummy can’t take it hehe. We had a lovely birthday party for her with friends from school and neighbors and family. We booked the Cuddly Animal Farm again and it rocked! They brought baby animals and a gorgeous pony, and the kids just went nuts having an awesome time. We enjoyed doing a little Bunny photoshoot so much last year that we decided to do one again this year! I think i may end up making it a tradition if i can swing it, its really cool to have a little collection of facial expressions that are so indicative of her personality. I think it would be really fun to have something like this for each kid each year. What do you think my chances are of succeeding at that?! heehe I know i know… not good

Are you up for a birthday party photo recap?! Click through!


on not writing a book

June 19th, 2014

This post has been a long time coming. But i just wasn’t in a place where i had the right words, or felt like talking about it, and i think now i do :)

Over a year and a half ago i was contacted by a prominent publisher to write a book about sewing. On anything i wanted. I was really excited. Writing a book is something i’ve always wanted to do, and had never pursued. I was always fantasizing about what i would write, my notebooks of ideas were full. I was just waiting for that time of my life which would be the right moment to go for it. For my time. And now it seemed like that moment was upon me. Let me tell you, the process of negotiating a book deal is no joke. It took a long time, and it was tiring and stressful, and was a lot of work. But i loved the concept of the book, and the vision is something i still think is awesome. But as we got further along in the process, i began to see how much work it would take to write this book. What i would have to give up.

It would be my life for at least a year. All things would have to take second seat to it. And suddenly i found myself thinking about how i could possibly look after my darling kids and how i could try and run my business and still find time for full time book writing. When would i spend time with Chris? When would i sleep? And the more i tried to make it all work, the more it became apparent that it couldn’t. (by this point in the year i had developed a stress ulcer)

Until one night i snapped. And completely unprovoked i yelled at my husband. If i write this book i won’t be able to have another baby!

And that was my moment of clarity. That was the moment i realised that as much as writing a book is something i’d love to do, it wasn’t the real dream i had for my life. It would get in the way of my real dream. And i knew what it was i really wanted to do with that next year in my life. I wanted to expand our family. And i wanted more moments with my Bunny and Buddy before their days were full of school, and no longer constantly by my side.

So i turned down that book deal, and focused on my health, and took the steps i thought i needed to take to make time in my life to raise another little love, and gather all the golden moments with my kids that i could.

So why am i telling you this story?

Because these days it seems like all anyone with a blog wants to do is write a book, have a more popular blog, start a business, make their stamp on the world, to be known, to become the best whatever etc etc. We are constantly told to push for success, to hustle, to reach for the stars, to prioritize ourselves, to conquer the world! There are better things than being a mother! Your free moments should be spent becoming awesome!! But sometimes those things are not the most important things. And in amongst all the people telling you that the ultimate goal is to write a book, or host a web series, or start a new venture, or be the best new indie something – i wanted someone to tell you that it’s okay if you don’t. It’s okay to choose a quieter life, it’s okay to say no to big opportunities. It’s okay to make real life the most important thing. Because though you may think big opportunities come once in a lifetime, your life also only comes once in a lifetime, and you really don’t want to miss it.

So here i am. A woman with many dreams, and many opportunities, and many once-in-a-lifetimes that i’m happy to say no to. I’m just choosing a different kind of awesome.