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Breakwater pattern tester round up: part two

May 31st, 2013

who: Andrea of Four Square Walls

pattern tested: MN2202 Cascade skirt

what did they think?: “The Cascade skirt is a beautiful design that truly disguises how easy it is to make! This version took me a couple hours total, and the most time-consuming part was turning the ties right side out. My skirt is made of crepe de chine, which has the perfect amount of body and drape for the pattern. I straightened out the hem a bit on this version so it’s knee-length in the back instead of mid-calf length. I plan to make another one in a fun rayon print that’s a bit shorter and has the buttoned waistband instead of the ties. I know it’ll be a quick and satisfying sew! Thank you for this stunning design, Megan!”

who: oonaballoona

pattern tested: MN2103 Crescent Blouse

what did they think?: “This was truly fun to make!  The shoulder details are especially nice, and it was lovely to take my time and see the curves and cutouts take shape.  This is really an enjoy-yourself pattern, with wonderful results.”

who: Michelle of Handmade Martini

pattern tested: MN2103 Crescent Blouse

any variations planned?: “Yes! I’d like to do a solid black version – no collar – with a chiffon bottom to it.”

who: Michelle of Handmade Martini

pattern tested: MN2203 Tania Culottes

what did they think?: “The design of this pattern is GENIUS. Everyone who has commented on my version says they had NO idea they were culottes just based on the pictures. It’s an easy pattern to execute and has unlimited possibilities. They are short, so be sure to check the final measurements before you begin.”

who: Miranda of One Little Minute

pattern tested: MN2203 Tania Culottes

what did they think?: “I loved this pattern. Initially, I was curious how the shape would look, but the high-waist and flowy legs are so flattering! For the test pair I used almost transparent cotton/poly and chose to use them as a swimsuit cover up. They were so fun to wear around the beach resort, and I can’t wait to make some more.”

who: Miranda of One Little Minute

pattern tested: MN2101 Eucalypt tank and dress

what did they think?: “Megan Nielsen really shines taking simple lines and making them flattering and unique. I love the dress version of this tank, with the french seam detail down the front. It fits just right, and is so easy to wear! ”

who: Kate of Sewing For Sanity

pattern tested: MN2202 Cascade skirt and MN2101 Eucalypt tank and dress

any variations planned?: “As it is getting cooler here in Australia I would like to have a go at making [the Eucalypt tank dress] up in a thicker knit ( like a fine or lacy sweater knit) to wear layered over long sleeve tee and tights. And maybe some large angled patch pockets too…

 For the Cascade skirt I would love to try and make a lined version using a sheer top layer ( maybe even lace) and a contrasting lining! I could also see this in a chambray or even wool suiting fabric for winter, if I could find a suitable fabric that was fine enough with suitable drape for the style.”

What about you?! We’d love to see what you’re creating from the Breakwater collection! Join the Megan Nielsen Flickr group to share what you’ve been working on, and check out what everyone else is up to!

Breakwater pattern tester round up: part one

May 17th, 2013

We have a special treat for you all today! All of these lovely ladies were kind of enough to serve as pattern testers for the new Breakwater collection while Meg was finalizing everything. They’re here today to share what they have done. And let me tell you, that all did amazing (and these are only half of them!). Check out all the girls below, and stay tuned later this month – we will have round two with even more amazing ladies and their creations!

who: Sophie of Cirque Du Bebe

pattern tested: MN2103 Crescent Blouse

what did they think?: “This top is dreamy! I had so much fun testing this pattern, usually I steer towards prints but this pattern already has so many cute features and details I went with a solid, in a silk cotton. Though the pattern certainly has scope for lots of fun variations, I think if I was to make it again I’d play with some fleuro color-blocking. It’s comfy and a lovely fit, even if my shoulders only just fit into the cut outs, genetics can take the blame for that one.”

who: Ginger Makes

pattern tested: MN2103 Crescent blouse

any variations planned?: “I’m planning quite a few variations– I’d like to lengthen one into a dress, and make another with a pointed collar.  I’m also really excited to make one using sheer fabric for the crossover hem for some extra fun.”

who:Sallie of Sallie Oh

pattern tested: MN2103 Crescent blouse

any variations planned?:  “When I first saw the sketch for the Crescent blouse I was really inspired to make one that was dressy and feminine, a perfect summer date-night top! But now that I made that one, all I can think of is making a more relaxed version – almost sporty – maybe in white mesh with turquoise contrast binding.”

who: Melissa Esplin of I Still Love You

pattern tested: MN2202 Cascade skirt

what did they think? any tips?: “It’s imperative to trust the grainline on the pattern pieces! Megan knew exactly what she was doing when she drew up the grain lines. I wasn’t sure about it at first, but I’m so glad I followed her instructions. It made the drape of the skirt just right on all sides.”

who: Michelle of Handmade Martini

pattern tested: MN2202 Cascade skirt

what did they think?: “This pattern was very easy to sew, and the resulting drape of the skirt is gorgeous. Even with basic cotton gauze, which is what I used, it’s definitely a statement piece.”

who: Michelle of Handmade Martini (again!)

pattern tested: MN2101 Eucalypt tank and dress

any variations planned?: “I’ve already finished one variation — a version with the front seam and contrasting fabric. I’ve got a Liberty of London fabric  (with parrots!) on order that I’ll use for another version. It won’t be the last one I make, that’s for sure.”

who: Anna of Blogless Anna

pattern tested: MN2101 Eucalypt tank and dress

what did they think?: “When Megan sent me the proposed line drawings for her new collection, I was VERY excited about the Eucalyptus Tank & Dress.  A woven tank was a missing item in my wardrobe, I loved it’s simple lines and all the possible variations.  I made the tank and was thrilled with the result.  It’s such a flattering cut for my body shape.  In fact, I was so thrilled with my tank, I raided my Liberty tana lawn stash and made a dress straight after.”

who: Amanda of Bimble and Pimble

pattern tested: MN2101 Eucalypt tank and dress

any variations planned?: “Yup, I’m thinking a lace yoke version for spring… Just got to make it through winter first!”

who: Jen of Made On The Couch

pattern tested: MN2203 Tania Culottes

what did they think?: “I loved it. These are totally my kind of culottes. Not only do they look nothing like the horrid ones I was forced to wear when I was a girl guide (yep, that’s how cool I am), they’re SUPER practical for Perth weather- we’re in the top ten windiest cities in the world (or so the internet tells me), but I still love to wear pretty skirts- these culottes are totally the solution. You can also run around in them, sit on the ground without fear- there really isn’t anything that you can’t do with them. I’m pretty much in love. And seriously, when you bend over in them in a most unlady like manner, they are the most hilarious things to look at in the world. I don’t even know how to explain that. Anyway. Moral of the story? Awesome, sneaky pants inside a skirt. I am quite taken with them :)”

What about you?! We’d love to see what you’re creating from the Breakwater collection! Join the Megan Nielsen Flickr group to share what you’ve been working on, and check out what everyone else is up to!

As Seen On : Ping of Peneloping

April 29th, 2013

[ photo via Peneloping ]

Is anyone else as obsessed with The Hunger Games as I am?! If you are, then your are going to LOVE this Darling ranges variation made by Ping of Peneloping. She re-created Katniss’s reaping dress! She used the Darling Ranges bodice, and just extended the shoulders to create room for the gathering. Genius, right?! It looks perfect!

Head on over to Peneloping to read more about how she made this amazing replica. 

[ photo via Peneloping ]

As Seen On : Shona Stitches

April 12th, 2013

[ photo via Shona Stitches ]

Have you guys seen this Darling Ranges variation that Shona made a few months ago? Well if you haven’t, you should check it out! She made a Darling Ranges cardigan. A cardigan. How genius is that?! She just removed the darts, and cut the skirt off at the hip to create a cute little peplum cardigan.

And now I think I must try this.

Head on over to Shona Stitches, and check out more of her cardigan, as well as her other creations!

Briar Variation tutorial: Pocket full of gold with Miranda of One Little Minute

April 5th, 2013

Todays tutorial comes from one of the Briar pattern testers AKA my dear friend and all round awesome gal Miranda of One Little Minute. She is such a honey, and a really wonderful creative seamstress. I love how this variation has just enough sparkle to make it appropriate for day time and night time – i think you’re going to love it too!

When you’re done, don’t forget to check out Miranda’s blog One Little Minute, follow on twitter and instagram.

Take it away Miranda!

As the weather slowly warms up here in DC, I’ve been pulling together some comfy, summer basics. At the top of my list is several versions of my very favorite tee shirt, the Briar Tee! I think I’m up to five, and I have a few more yards of knit set aside for additional Briars. The shape and hemline are super flattering and hip, and I love how easily this tee sews up. I can make one in about thirty minutes, which leaves plenty of time for reading a book and making chocolate chip cookies during the rest of nap time.

Today, I want to share a simple variation that give the Briar tee a fun detail: sequins inside the pocket! I call it my “pocket full of gold” tee. The simple pop of sparkle makes me smile, and is so easy to add. Click through for the full tutorial!


As Seen On : Jo Sews

March 29th, 2013

You guys, I am IN LOVE with this dress version of the Briar by Jo of Jo Sews!

She extended the pattern to a dress length, and kept the original crop length as a color blocked effect. How genius is that?! And did I mention that it sparkles? I’m pretty sure it couldn’t get any better.

Head on over to Jo Sews to see more of the dress, and to read about how she made it.

[photos via Jo Sews]