becoming a designer

One of the questions people ask me a lot is “how do i become a designer??

It’s a really hard question to answer. You see, I don’t feel that I am an expert on the subject – I only know what worked for me – and I don’t think that there is a clear cut answer for everyone. Most careers have a very set path to getting to the end goal – but I feel like careers in design aren’t the same. Especially these days where being a “designer” doesn’t necessarily mean working for someone else, and independent designers are growing in numbers and success, and etching out their own individual pathways of getting there.

So I’ve asked other independent designers to share their stories, and their paths to becoming designers, in the hopes that together, we can help answer that tricky question of how one becomes a designer.

becoming a designer: my story
becoming a designer: Jessica Quirk
becoming a designer: Jess // Jess LC
becoming a designer: Hannah Elise // Hetterson
becoming a designer: Brandy // BabyBlackbird
becoming a designer: Kristin Hassan
becoming a designer: Jennifer // Hound 
becoming a designer: Erika // Asuyeta
becoming a designer: Anja Verdugo // ANN-YA
becoming a designer: Merl Kinzie // Clydes Rebirth 

Practical tips and advice for those interested in pursuing independent design:

… stay tuned for more posts in this series coming soon!


Some of the incredibly talented independent designers who have been featured on Design Diary