Banksia Variation : drop waist dress

You guys, this is my favorite Banksia eveeeeeeer. Well, I’ve only made two versions so far, but I don’t think it could get any better than this. A drop waist Banksia dress. Sleeveless. In bright red.  I didn’t want to take it off, it’s so fun.

Meg has shown you how to extend the Banksia top into a dress before, but adding a gathered skirt really adds a fun element.  Again, you can check out more of my outfit over on my blog – HollyDolly. And you can see how to do it yourself after the jump!

1. During the Banksia sewalong, Megan showed you how to turn the Banksia top into a dress, and this is the same exact concept. Start by extending your front and back bodice pieces to your desired tunic length. You probably want it to land right around your bum area. Don’t forget your seam allowance! For reference, I added a total of 5 inches.

2. Create a rectangular pattern piece 11” x 20”. When cutting out your fabric, you will cut out TWO pieces, on the fold. (If you want to skip drafting the pattern pieces,  you’ll just need two 11″ x 40″ pieces of fabric.)

Sew your Banksia as directed by your booklet. 

3. Once the top portion is completed, it’s time to add the skirt. Start by sewing the two rectangular pieces together at the side seams (I used french seams so it had a clean finish. Totally up to you). I also chose to hem the bottom edge next, but you can also save this until the very end.

4. Sew a long basting stitch along the upper edge of your skirt, not backstitching, and leaving long threads at the end. Pull the thread to gather.

5. Gather until your skirt matches up with the hem of the top half. Pin and stitch.

That’s it! A drop waist Banskia dress! This same concept would apply if you wanted to make a dress with a gathered skirt at the natural waist too. For that, there would be no need to extend the top, just make a longer skirt.

Simple simple!

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    This just gave me instant flashback to one of my favourite dresses when I was a wee girl – a jersey pastel-striped, drop-waisted dress from Clothkits. and you know what? I’m tempted to try this out in jersey and recreate my childhood favourite! Thanks for the inspiration!

    • says

      Thank you! When I was working out this variation, I couldn’t picture it any other color than red. It just seemed right!