Briar Variation: Centre front seam

I am a big fan of simple adjustments that can make a pattern seem completely different. For this variation i added a centre seamline to the Briar. I really love this because it gives a bit of visual interest to an otherwise plain knit fabric.

Here’s how!

You could overcomplicate this a bit if you are so inclined – but i decided to keep it really simple. Since the pattern pieces are created for you to line up the centre fron edge with the folded edge of the fabric – in order to make a centre front seam (or back if you like) you just need to add seam allowance to the centre front edge of the pattern, and then when you cut your fabric, cut along that line instead of on the fold. I used the standard 5/8″ seam allownace.

You will end up with two pieces as above. I’ve laid the original pattern piece over one side so you can see the additional seam allowance. Sew the centre seam using either a zig zag stitch or your overlocker/serger. Then press flat. Pressing will make it awesome :)

Then construct the rest of the top as per usual! you can use these tutorials from our sewalong

I was torn about whether to topstitch down that centre seam, but i decided to leave it as is. I think it would look really cool topstitched though!

Seriously, could that be easier? and how cute is it?!

Additional ideas for Briar pattern with centre front seam

Other ideas:

  • Add around 1-1.5″ to the centre front, then fold the additional allowance towards the inside, press and topstitch. Add buttons and buttonholes (or snaps!) and you have a cardigan :)
  • Using the same method i used of adding a standard 5/8″ seam allowance, you could add a zip to the centre front.
  • Colour block it! Make one side of the Briar out of one fabric and the other side out of another. I mean seriously, how cool right?
  • Use a stripey knit cut on the bias to create a chevron pattern.

I love it!

We’ll chat about the sleeveless aspect and also alternate neckline bindings next week. Plus hopefully the Briar dress! (just waiting for some rad fabric to arrive that i have my heart set on!)

ps. don’t have your pattern yet?! Don’t worry! you can still get 10% off using code BRIAR at checkout!

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  1. jess says

    Oooo I want to make a cardigan!!! :) or a short sleeves bolero …
    Now if only I can thread my serger :(

  2. says

    Love the cardigan version – – so cute I almost can’t stand it. I officially have all of your patterns on my “to make” list.

  3. Sarah Connell says

    For the cardy version, which would you do first: folding the placket under or the neckband? How would you get a nice edge at the top of the band? I love these variations, I’m just terrible at visualizing things!