A Briar Valentine

A Valentine Briar // Megan Nielsen

I think you know i had to do something super cheesy for Valentines day – it’s kind of a given in blog land right?

But i feel like this is a bit toned down – like i will be wearing this for the rest of the year too :) I like that the grey and black are a bit more subtle, they’re not yelling “oh hey!!! HEY! look at my Valentines themed outfit! I’m the personification of a Hallmark card!!”

This is a completely blatant knock off of a Romwe shirt (no longer available) i saw James wear absolutely ages ago. But thankfully, as Pinterest seems to work, it popped up on my feed one day and I suddenly realised how easy it would be to recreate with the Briar pattern – hurrah!! It’s not exactly the same, but come on, i reckon that’s about as close as we’re going to get right?! I’m pretty darn thrilled with it.

Though the one thing i’m not pleased about is the fact that i was so set on creating the same top that i made long sleeves. It’s summer. In Australia. Pushing those sleeves up to the 3/4 mark did nothing to alleviate the heat people! Stupid Meg. But it’s okay, winter will come and it will be awesome with this top.

So who wants to make one!?

Yes i know you do. Lets do it!

This is super easy! I actually overcomplicated it, so i’ll mentioned easier options along the way :)


What i did: Hem the top first. I know we never do this first, but since we’ll be adding an applique we won’t be able to hem later

Easier option: Don’t hem it, leave that baby raw.


What i did: Fold a sheet of paper in half, and place the folded edge of the Briar front piece along it. Trace the pattern out and cut (make sure you leave some paper at the hemline for the bottom of the heart). Draw the heart as you’d like it to appear. I took so, way too long on this. WAY to long. Once you’re happy, cut the heart out. Don’t throw away your full briar front with the cutout, we’ll use it later. Now you’ve got your pattern :)

Easier option: Draw a big heart. cut out.


What i did: Cut out 2 pieces of jersey, and 1 piece of interfacing or steam a seam out of your heart pattern. Place the interfacing (or steam a seam) in between the two layers of fabric and then sew all the way around the edge using either a serger/overlocker or zig zag stitch. This is to make that heart keep it’s shape nicely.

Easier option: Cut the heart out of felt, it’s sturdy and doesn’t frey.


What i did: Use your original template as the guide for placing your heart on the shirt. Basically lay your template on top of the front panel, and place the heart you made in the cut out. Pin in place and sew all the way around the edge to secure.

Easier option: Pin the heart to the centre of the top, and sew around the edge.


Finish the rest of the top as per normal. Wear with a smile on Valentines day!

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    Get out of town!! This has got to be the cutest darned thing I ever did see! Such a great valentine’s top without, like you said, looking like a walking Hallmark card. I love it!


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