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January 11th, 2013

(Oh yeah, my garments can all be referred to as “she”, you know, that way i can talk about them like they’re friends  of mine, cos they kind of are :) hehehe)

So pop quiz – who can remember this dress? I made it for myself wayyyyyy back in the beginning of this blog, and honestly, haven’t worn it in gosh just over 2 years. As a little background, here is the last time i wore it on Design Diary, and the time before that.

So why the hiatus? For the last few years i blamed it on the issue of the sleeves – they were these little cap sleeves, and when i graded the armhole seam allowance back i cut wayyy too close and they just started ripping with wear. So i put it aside in my box of mending. Just before we moved i had enough of  how big the mending box(es) had become, so i made it sleeveless. I considered the problem solved… but then i still wasn’t wearing it. Sad.

I just can’t decide whether my style has moved on from this, and that now i don’t really like it anymore – or whether the fact that it was drafted for a body shape that I no longer have, and so is a little ill fitting now. I don’t know.

In a last ditch attempt i decided to try and wear it a little differently to how i have in the past, in a way thats more current to me, right now, as it were.

So i guess the really question is – will she live on? I’m generally a great believer in the fact that any wardrobe item can be current if you style it in a modern way – and though i do feel a lot better about my ruffle dress wearing it this way. I’m just undecided. Thoughts my dear friends?

Also wearing:

Shoes: Banana Republic
Sunnies: Rayban Wayfarers
Belt: Witchery (best belt ever, going to get it in brown too)
Watch: Stolen from Chris

ps. if you’re thinking, WOAH Meg you look like you’re close to the edge of that there hill edge – then you’re right, i was. Freaking terrifying. But the view of Perth was rad i tell you, and totally worth the Vertigo.

8 Responses

  1. Ginger says:

    This looks so cute on you!

  2. Lisa says:

    I think the dress looks even better on you without the sleeves.. I love this look on you.

  3. Carita says:

    Wow your taste in shoes has changed dramatically!! compared to this post anyway:

    I think it looks gorgeous, as you always do, but if it’s not right, maybe it’s time for someone else to love it and wear it instead? I’m reminded of the Sarai/coletterie blog post “Kill your darlings”!

    • Meg says:

      Carita you are totally right! I was actually just thinking about that recently. Those shoes (and many others i adore), fit into the category of “career shoes”, that i once wore constantly when working in an office, and when my style was more office focused. But i’ve found myself gravitating more towards edgier and sturdier shoes since having the kids. It’s kind of funny with blogging, as when i look back in the archives i can really follow the transition pictorially, as i began to wear the “old” style of shoes less and less. Kinda funny hey?

      I have a feeling i should really get rid of them all at some point, but somehow i’m emotionally attached even though i don’t wear that! Silly!! hehehe


  4. Lara says:

    I think it looks lovely without the sleeves (I looked back at the older post to compare), much less cutesy and much more sophisticated/casual. I’ve just started following your blog, I hope you don’t mind if I put a link to you on my own shiny new blog! Love your patterns and creations! Lara x

  5. Dani says:

    I agree it looks great without the sleeves, and so much better suited to a Perth summer! While I actually love the top half, the bottom half still looks like its for a much curvier woman than you now are. Could you make some alterations to take some of the fabric bulk out?

  6. Claire Jain says:

    I think it’s winner!