Inspire me: beading

I’ve been in clean up mode recently (holidays get me that way), and i found these old slippers from when i was a child. Its funny how much i couldn’t stop thinking about them. They’ve gotten me excited about beading again.

The last time i was into beading, i made this detachable collar, (tutorial here), and it kind of wore me out. But now i’m wondering whether a little beading might just go a long way on a few future projects.

I think if i do it tastefully, and with restraint, i can keep it on trend and avoid taking it into grandma territory. Thoughts?

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  1. says

    Check out for examples of a little beading going a long way. Beautiful stuff there, a lot of inspirational pieces, too.

    • angela says

      Yes, the alabama chanin beading is absolutely amazing!!! I am working on an alabama chanin skirt right now!!

  2. says

    I love beading! But you are right in that sometimes it can take on a “granny-ish” look. But those slippers are so beautiful. What a wonderful thing to wear on your feet as a kid. I did beading and such as a kid – what a great idea to bring it back.

  3. says

    I remember OOOOH so carefully putting some sparkly beads on a black top back when I was 18. Definitely chic, not granny, and I thought I looked pretty flash! I love beading, and those shoes are totally gorgeous :) I’m not surprised that collar burned you out for a while, but it’s so beautiful, you should wear it every day!!