Clementine storage crates

Clementine Storage Crates

A little while ago (and by a little while ago, i mean a year ago *coughs*) I was organizing my studio back in Virginia, and i had been slowly collecting cute storage pieces, like little wooden boxes, and crates, and baskets etc.

As you know, i hate waste, and i’m pretty serious about recycling as much as possible. Obviously i couldn’t throw out these adorable Clementine crates from the grocery store. I had been storing them for ages trying to figure out the right what to do with them so i wouldn’t have to throw them out – when it hit me they’d make pretty cute quirky storage boxes. YAY! A can of spray paint later, and a quickie little cover from some vintage fabric and I had a bunch of new little storage crates for my shelf.

It may sound silly, but somehow pulling a tool or notion out of a cute box makes me smile. And these made me smile a lot! So this is basically my little punt to encourage you to rethink throwing out cute little boxes :) You might be able to find a good use for them!! Reuse for the win!

ps. thank you so much for all of your suggestions and encouragement about knitting yesterday. Like wow, seriously. I had no idea there were so many other options – i feel really encouraged and empowered to keep going. Thanks everyone, you really are the best – i’m so very grateful for your input, and all of the resources and supplies suggested!! XOXO

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  1. says

    I knew I shouldn’t have gotten rid of the clementine crate we had! lol. Although the last couple ones got a bit gross in the bottom (the problem of buying a whole box and only two people in the house… :/). But will have to keep this in mind for future acquisitions! :)

  2. says

    Very clever and cute idea!!! I also agree, pulling tools and notions, or anything for that matter from a cute storage box is somehow fulfilling ;)

  3. Emilie says

    Thanks for the great idea. I never know what to do with these and always hate to throw them away.