Megan Nielsen Patterns is one year old!!! (lets have a giveaway!)

Can you believe it? Megan Nielsen Patterns is one year old!! The actual anniversary was a few days ago, during our sewalong, so i waited till we were done – but now i think we should celebrate!!!

What started as an experiment with 4 of my maternity patterns and the 1 from my clothing line – has grown now to include 10 patterns and other fun stuff like sewing kits, tote bags and fabric note cards – and some incredibly exciting things on the horizon. I can’t believe how much has happened (including moving the whole business to a new country, which let me tell you, was no small feat). We’ve come so far – and i can’t wait to see where we’re going!

I am over the moon. YAYYYYY!!!!

I totally want to celebrate!!  And since all of you are so much a part of the reason we’ve had a banner first year, I want to thank you for your constant support and encouragement! I’m so excited about the future, and thrilled to see so many people enjoying my patterns.

Who wants to come to Perth and have a massive party with me?! Okay yeah, that’s not gonna work is it? hehehe. So here’s what i’m a thinking – lets have a HUGE giveaway. Like a really HUGE giveaway. I’m thinking 5 winners at least- each getting a Megan Nielsen prize pack (yeah i totally just invented that prize pack hehehe). Each one will be slightly different, but will include:

Each pack will be around $100 value. Great right?!

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment below :) That’s it! (It doesn’t matter where in the world you live, everyone can enter)

And as with previous giveaways i’ve had – you can get additional entries by:

For each additional entry, please leave an extra comment below (that way i won’t leave any entries out).

Entries close midnight Nov 7th. I’ll announce the winners on Thurs the 8th!

Oh and that’s not all – did I mention i’ll be offering 10% off everything in store for the next few days?! Just enter the code BIRTHDAY at checkout. I know, i’m going all out. It’s kind of awesome – just like you!

Thanks so much for being so amazing you guys, if I could hug you all i totally would!!!

ps. It’s also my birthday today :) But lets not talk about that part hehehe

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  1. says

    Wow wee, congratulations…what a long way you’ve come in such an short time! And what an inspiration you are too!!! I would love to enter this giveaway please…more comments to follow as I try to get the best chance of winning ;o)

  2. says

    Finally, I’ve subscribed to your newsletter too…can you tell I really want to win? Hehe! Thanks again for such a brilliant giveaway and many congratulations!

  3. says

    I would totally come to Perth for a party – I’m sure I could convince family that I was there to visit them and the party just happened to be a coincidence!

  4. Katie G. says

    How very exciting, congratulations! And I think I might just have to take advantage of the store discount :)

  5. says

    Yay! Congratulations! Part of me can’t wait to get pregnant just so I can sew up your pregnancy pack. :) Your patterns are so adorable.

  6. says

    just find out your blog yesterday and love it. link you as my favourite pattern designer…. happy anniversary and happy birthday…

  7. Vanessa says

    Congrats – I wouldn’t have thought you’ve only been going a year! Everything looks so professional and well designed. Would love to try some patterns :)

  8. says

    What an incredibly generous offer! I really hope that you got some goodies of your own today, too!

    I’m a Twitter and FB follower, I’ve pinned you and made mention on my FB page. (I don’t have a tremendous following, but you just may get an extra hit or two from it!)

    Happiest of birthdays to you and Megan Nielsen Patterns. Congratulations on hitting the year mark on the blog and growing your company. That’s a terrific achievement.

  9. says

    Happy birthday to you and to your pattern line. I would actually love to come to Perth for a party (I always regret not making it there when I lived in Oz back in the day) but sadly that won’t happen. Thanks for the fabulous opportunity to win your

  10. says

    Wow, it has only been a year!?! Your brand is so well developed! Congrats and I can’t wait to see what is next!

  11. says

    Happy birthday! I’m so glad to have found your patterns. I’ve made up the Kelly skirt and can’t wait to sew more.

  12. Sarah says

    Congratulations Megan! It’s great to see an independent Aussie designer doing so well. The last month has been torture for me, because I committed to ‘Buy Nothing New’ month, and I have been stalking the Banksia sew along, waiting for November to arrive so I can buy the pattern and get started! I’m really impressed by your commitment to your blog, and assistance to your fellow readers/sewers. So if I don’t win I’ll still be grabbing a Banksia (I’m splashing out on some Liberty lawn as I type). Again, well done.

  13. says

    I would love to enter… I adore all of your patterns and designs. :) This sewalong especially has been so helpful… in helping me branch out creatively, instead of sticking to a pattern like a religion. :P

    P.S. I follow you on twitter as @cathiemaud

  14. Sarah says

    Oh and just signed up for newsletter too! Happy birthday (ps birthdays are AWESOME and am very glad you are celebrating it!)

  15. says

    Wow, this is fantastic!! Happy Birthday!!! I followed you on facebook, subscribed to the newsletter, followed you on pinterest. Mentioned the contest on facebook. Also Pinned the contest to my “Sew Buttons” Board. :) Thanks for having this contest. So fun. I love your patterns.

  16. Liz says

    Happy 1st anniversary!! What a lovely giveaway. I’d love to win as I’ve been eyeing your patterns off for a while. I promised myself I’d get a few if/when we fell pregnant with our first child. We just found out that we are pregnant after four years of trying so it would be another lovely surprise if I won!

  17. Angela Kypreos says

    happy anniversary. I’ve been following your blog for ages but never commented before. Would love to win the maternity patterns as we are planning baby number 2. good luck for another strong year.

  18. Grace says

    Congratulations on turning one! Thank you for the chance to win. My brother is trying for a baby and I wold love to make my sister-in-law something to wear.

  19. Nina Rose Odegaard says

    I so love your patterns and your blog.
    Congratulations !!!! I will be starting my first Darling Ranges as soon as my fabric arrives in the mail.
    I promise to share the results.
    Thanks again for sharing and inspiring !!

  20. Sandra says

    Most awesome – happy birthday. May business blossom and grow – your story is an absolute inspiration and joy to read and share via this site.

  21. Megan says

    Congrats on your anniversary! How lovely. I’m following on facebook, signed up for the newsletter, and have pinned your work several times. I love reading your blog, it’s a lovely mix of fashion and sewing, and your little family is just adorable!

  22. Jo says

    Hi Megan. I love this blog and I love your patterns, although I’m yet to sew one. Congratulations on your blogiversary and Happy Birthday! Fantastic way to celebrate both!

  23. says

    Happy Birthday! Happy Anniversary! Happy Everything! Your patterns are awesome – would love to win, but it doesn’t really matter with all the inspiration you give to everyone – thanks & hope to see much more from you in the near future!

  24. Nadia says

    Congratulations Megan!!! (And Happy Birthday!!) You are such an inspiration! :D I love your patterns and once I’m off exams I would love to try one out. The Darling Ranges in particular. Gotta love a pattern named after something to do with my home town :D
    All the best!

  25. Shirly says

    Happy aniversary and happy birthday too! This is so exciting and I can’t believe it’s been one year already! I absolutely love your patterns and your clothing, so keep up the good work Megan!

  26. Mary says

    Happy birthday! And happy anniversary!! Thank you for bringing your gorgeous patterns to us!!! ;o)

  27. says

    Congratulations to your anniversary and Happy Birthday! So you’re a scorpion!(Me too, my birthday is tomorrow and I’m celebrating for the first time in years!)

  28. Niki says

    happy anniversary and happy birthday! I love your patterns, and love checking out your website, facebook and pinterest boards :)

  29. says

    Liked on facebook! (can you tell that I really want to win!!!) I love your patterns and the prize packs sound fabulous :)

  30. Alicia says

    Congratulations!! You’re such an inspiration to those of us yearning to break away from our 9to5’s.

    Oh and I totally subscribed to the store news letter :D

  31. says

    Happy anniversary and happy birthday! You’re doing a wonderfull job, I love your patterns and reading your blog. Thank you for the give away!

  32. Karen Mcneil says

    Happy first birthday, you should be really proud of the amazing business you have built, not to mention the fabulous patterns!

  33. Emma says

    Oh wow, what an amazing giveaway!
    I so wish I could score myself more entries, but I gave up on social media, never enough time/energy. I’ll just have to cross my fingers and hope!

  34. says

    Only one year? It’s hard to believe! I feel like you’ve been one of the best pattern makers around for a LONG time! Cheers to you. Happy happy birthday! xoxo

  35. Cindy Weflen says

    Happy 1st Birthday :)!! I am making my first Darling Ranges dress this weekend (probably first of many).

  36. Rachael M says

    Happy birthday & anniversary! I have liked and mentioned you on FB, and signed up for your store newsletter. Congratulations and may you have many more happy and successful years!

  37. Clarissa says

    Congratulations on your business’s success! I wish you much more success in the future. Also, Happy Birthday!!! I did end up making my Darling Ranges dress after all the hulubaloo of my semester calmed down. It turned out great!

  38. Christina in Kentucky says

    Just found you thru a pin, and I am totally in love! Now to go get more entries…..

  39. kelly says

    Congratulations & Happy Birthday too. I learned to sew starting with your Rie dress pattern, and the wrap around shirt- thank you for making stylish & easy to understand patterns!

  40. sohini sarkar says

    Happy birthday to you and your megan nielsen patterns… i have been following your blog for a while and love the patterns and all the variations that you come up with. Wish you the best in the years to come.

  41. Christina in Kentucky says

    Just signed up for the newsletter! Done! Happy birthday, happy anniversary, and your designs are wonderful. Can’t wait to see what you do in the future!

  42. Femke says

    Congratulations on your one year anniversary, and happy birthday as well!
    Keep up the beautiful work!

  43. nessie says

    Hi Megan, I have just recently found your blog. I wish I had known about it when I was pregnant!! I am so amazed by people such as you who have children AND run a business! My 2 girls are 2 & 4yrs. I read some blogs & just dream of sewing. Congratulations!

  44. Agnes J says

    congrats on your 1 year anniversary. i’m now trying out a 2nd pattern of yours, really easy to follow :)

  45. Katie W says

    I used the Darling Ranges pattern to sew my very FIRST piece of clothing, and it was so fun! I am heading out to buy the blouse pattern today. I am looking forward to seeing what you come out with next! Happy Anniversary!

  46. Katy says

    Your first year has coincided with my first year of sewing. The kelly skirt is the very first pattern I’ve completed. I love hearing about how you got started, it is such an inspiration. Thanks for doing what you do!

  47. Sterling says

    Happy Anniversary! I have recently received my first pattern of yours; the Darling Ranges. I love it so far!

  48. says

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :-) I would really love to get my hands on the Kelly skirt, I want to make one in black cord for work and await the compliments! I am also going to tweet this, and put it on my blog. Have a lovely double birthday!

  49. Jaime Tanis says

    Congratulations! So exciting. I am a huge fan and you inspire me so much! Thanks for creating awesome independant patterns :)

  50. says

    Entry 8: You’ve been promoted on my blog! I’ve been to your site before, but now I’m going to peruse it again and fantasize about everything I’ll make if I win, and possibly add some patterns to my Christmas wish list!!

  51. Juliana says

    Hey Megan,
    thanks so much for the giveaway! Congrats on running a successful business – I hope there are many more years to come where you’ll inspire seamstresses all over the world. Thanks for rocking! :-)

    Sweet greetings from Gothenburg/Sweden!

  52. says

    Such an awesome giveaway! I’ve struggled to get your patterns in store in the UK and hate shopping for sewing supplies online when checking out a new company so this would be incredible! I love the notecard idea and adore the tote bag!

  53. Malea says

    I recently found your website and it is such an inspiration to me! Thank you for posting you thoughts, helps, and beginning! Happy anniversary and birthday!

  54. says

    wow! A double whammy – you’re birthday and the anniversary of your line. Congrats to you lady. You totally deserve it. With every post I can see that you put your heart and soul into your brand. It’s truly an inspiration and I thank you!

    Please enter me into this giveaway! I would totally love a chance to win a prize pack!

  55. Erin says

    Congratulations! I just started following you – looks like I’ve got a good year to catch up on!

  56. says

    Congratulations on your one year anniversary!! What a brilliant giveaway, thank you for the chance of winning. Happy Birthday!! :)

  57. says

    Happy birthday – to you and the patterns! I’m so excited about the giveaway – I REALLY want the Kelly skirt and Darling ranges dress patterns (they are on my birthday and xmas lists!) but to win would be AWESOME! Hope you have a brilliant celebration x

  58. says

    Happy birthday to Megan Nielsen Patterns and to you lady!! Hope you are having a most excellent day and congrats on the success of your 1st year!!

  59. says

    How fantastic! Congratulations on one year! Your patterns are fabulous, and I can’t wait to see what else you have up your sleeves!

  60. says

    I have been following you for a while, but had no idea that your pattern line was less than a year old! You have done so well in a short space of time, congratulations.

  61. Nic says

    Congratulations Megan, what a great year you have had – i discovered you nearly a year ago and keep a close eye on all your great work. Well done, happy birthday, and welcome home to Oz!

  62. Michele J. says

    Happy anniversary! I recently found out that I’m expecting our third child and cannot wait to give your maternity patterns a try!

  63. Sarah says

    Congrats on one year! Your designs are so pretty, and blog posts so fun to read – I’m so glad your patterns are already a year old and going strong! Go Meg!

  64. says

    Wow…I can’t believe your patterns have only been out a year – you must be so happy with how they’ve been received in the sewing world (worldwide to!) – I rate them the easiest to follow and the prettiest/most stylish patterns around! P.S. happy b-day to you to!

  65. M Haskins says

    Congratulations and Happy Anniversary! What an amazing giveaway! I really love your patterns, Megan, and I am so happy for your success. :D Continued good luck in the coming year!

  66. M Haskins says

    And I subscribed to your mailing list. :D I am so excited about this giveaway. My husband and I recently found out that we are expecting our first child and I very much want to try some of your designs!

  67. Trina B says

    I can’t believe it’s only been a year! Congratulations Megan! Such a generous giveaway too xx

  68. Becky McKee says

    What a generous give away! Count me in. And I liked you on facebook and subscribed to your newsletter.!

  69. says

    Yay! How exciting! Congratulations on an awesome year! I will be back once I’ve entered in all the other ways! How exciting :) Keeping my fingers crossed :)

  70. says

    Ahhh!! That’s so exciting! Congrats to the patterns going well and happy birthday to you! Your shop gives me hope. I read your post about starting up, and how you started with $500, and that’s give me hope! So congratulations, and thank you very much! You are very inspiring! Keep being lovely!

  71. says

    Wow – what a huge following, that is great. I have just finished my second banksia and love your patterns. Congratulations on 1 year, and your birthday of course!

  72. LISA ONG says

    Happy birthday! It’s been an awesome year. Thanks for being an inspiration! Hopefully, a fan from Malaysia will win one of giveaway ;)

  73. Liz says

    Oh wow, congratulations! =D I’m enjoying my Darling Ranges dress and am looking forward to the patterns to come from MND.

  74. says

    I found your blog about nine months ago through the becoming a designer series. I found them very informative and inspiring! I am amazed at all you have accomplished in one year! Congrats and Happy birthday!

    Your giveaway sounds AMAZING! I love your fabric card idea! Why did no one think of that sooner?

  75. Kat says

    I can’t believe it’s only been a year – congratulations on all your success!! Happy birthday all around :)

  76. Jodi P says

    Happy Birthday! I’m sewing & loving your beautiful mat patterns. So pleased for you that you made this milestone.

  77. Dani says

    Happy anniversary Megan! Thank you so much for creating maternity patterns that I actually want to wear and are so easy to make. Plus I was very excited to see you are a fellow Perthie, so happy to be supporting an independent pattern designer from my very own city. Well done and keep up the awesome work x

  78. says

    Megan this giveaway is the BOMB! Seriously I think I would die if I won this. Gahhh crossing my fingers so hard right now!!


  79. Amy W says

    Happy birthday Megan and company!! I love the Rie pattern and can’t wait to sew it up! You’re my favorite!!

  80. says

    Happy birthday! I just finished up a jersey long sleeve Banksia and I made the Kelly skirt for my friend. (I will have pictures on my blog soon.) I can’t wait for you to release some more great patterns!

  81. Sigrid says

    I’m finally getting back to my machine and would love to celebrate your birthday by bringing some patterns to life!

  82. Mel says

    Congratulation! I’ve started following you a little while ago because I love how you inspired me to make just a few alterations either to collars, sleeves or the lenght of a pattern and create so many different clothes! And you explain everything so beautifully! I whish you great success for many more years to come!

  83. Sumé says

    Congratulations!! On your bday….on your booming business! Going to be slightly stalker-ish now….I REALLY want to win this….so here goes:
    Following on twitter ….

  84. Sumé says

    ……and….subscribed to newsletter…..

    If I had a blog…it would have been on there as well…

    Desperate much?

  85. Alyssa says

    Hi! Just wanted to congratulate you on so much success in such a short time! You are a huge inspiration to me and show women that you can have a successful career, AND a family, AND you own very successful business, and a life! I just can’t wait to see what the next year has in store for Megan Nielson! xo

  86. Lisa Dolan says

    Congrats to you on your amazing success! An inspiration to us all :-)
    What an amazing prize to win…

  87. Kez says

    I had no idea your pattern company was so young! I didn’t start following you until the Darling Ranges sew-a-long, and it all just seemed so well run and professional that I assumed it was years old already! Congrats on one year, i would love to win the giveaway :-)

  88. Ale says

    What a giveaway!!!! I love the simplicity of your designs and I’d love to win… Happy Birthday!

  89. Alison Jackson says

    Hi, Have recently started to sew and found your patterns not only unique in their packaging design but also the clear and concise instructions. I love the fact that you don’t use tissue paper as I have found this difficult to use as a beginner. I would love nothing more than to win this give away which I am sure would help me to become a better sewer. Happy Birthday x

  90. Taryn says

    Oh my goodness! Congratulations! And I want to win! You are so generous; I’m adoring the PrizePack idea . . . maybe something extra-alliteratively cheesy, like Megan’s Primo Year’s Penultimate Pretty Picks “Packing-Up-the-Party” Prize Packs . . .oh dear I think I should have gone to bed hours ago . . . Thanks so much!

  91. Audie says

    Congrats on the pattern birthday (and yours too!) I just made the rushed maternity shirt pattern and I love it, now I just need to make about 10 more!

  92. Kristina says

    Congratulations on your one year birthday!! Looking forward to more great patterns in the future!

  93. says

    Congratulations, Megan! I’ve watched you “grow” (so to speak) and am so proud of what you’ve accomplished professionally, not to mention while doing the mommy stuff, international move, etc.

  94. Sarah says

    Oh this would be so lovely to win!! Congrats on your 1 year anniversary babe, I can’t wait to see where you go next :)

  95. says

    congratulations on your birthday and with many more to come i would love to try and put some use to your patterns as ive only just taken up sewing and its a challenge but fun im loving the world of make my own :)

  96. Shona says

    Happy birthday and anniversary! Holy crap, winning all that would be amazing! I’ve been wanting to make a Kelly skirt ever since you released it but I am forever broke.

  97. Ruth L says

    Congratulations on your successes and wishing you all the best for the coming years! I am a new follower of your blog – LOVE your artistic creativity and the great giveaway prizes. I subscribed to your post, commented, liked you on FaceBook and would sure love to win one of the amazing prizes in your giveaway!
    Ruth L

  98. says

    And i also pinned Banksia and I am following you on Pintereset (i guess i would really love those patterns ;)

  99. Szabina L says

    Glittery congratulations for your blog & work!
    Sparkly thanks for you sharing your pretty goodies with us :)

  100. Christina says

    What a fabulous giveaway! I would love to win, your patterns and aesthetics are just gorgeous:)

    All the best,

  101. Erin M says

    This is such an amazing and generous giveaway! Looking forward to another year of your patterns! Cheers, Erin

  102. Erica Lowther says

    I’ve just found your website and your patterns look like just the thing to get me started in sewing and making my own clothes. I’d love to win and get started on one of the patterns. Erica x

  103. Taryn says

    Happy Birthday! I also “liked” you on facebook: prematurely ending a six month ‘anti-/no-facebook-period’ just one month short – all because I want what you’ve got to give! Hooray for Party Prize Packs packed with your pretty picks for patterns and prints!

  104. Taryn says

    And signed up to follow your newsletter – although I was shocked that I had not already subscribed . . . wow this must be kinda overwhelming for you -in a good way, I hope!!! Thank you thank you thank you!

  105. Jillian says

    Just discovered this blog about a month ago… and I’ve totally fallen in love! You’ve got the cutest designs and such informative blog posts! I’ve learned a lot about sewing, even from reading! I can’t wait to start on my Banksia top :)

  106. says

    Wow! I just stumbled upon you from reading Stirandstitch.wordpress she is certainly one of your biggest fans and I can see why! Happy birthday to you!!! Thanks for doing this giveaway- !!

  107. Pascale Goodrich-Black says

    Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday! As a nursing mama who loves to wear and sew stylish clothing (while simultaneiusly chasing after a toddler!!) I really love your patterns! There is a real need for gorgeous new mama/ nursing/ pregnancy patterns. Thank you for helping me feel beautiful again!

  108. Pascale Goodrich-Black says

    And I just commented on Facebook. Thanks again for this amazing giveaway! I am crossing all my fingers and toes because I would so love to win!

  109. Laura says

    I’d simply love to win one of your patterns. They are all so cute! Thanks for sharing your creativity with the world!

  110. Kim says

    Congratulations on your anniversary!
    Love your patterns and im looking forward to what the coming year will bring!

  111. Mary says

    Your sewing website is great! My teen daughter loves looking at your new sewing creations and she loves your fashion style. I am entering the contest for her. If I win, she will be gifted with a surprise from her favorite sewing/fashion webite. Then, I will be busy making her favorite styles from your pattern collection; she will be so happy to have new clothes that have “fashion sense.” Thank you for your generosity in offering this giveaway.

  112. Kendall says

    Congratulations! What an awesome giveaway and a huge achievement. I love your patterns – keep them coming!!

  113. Nenny says

    Happy Birthday..! I’ve been intensely seeing your pattern this past months… It’s the simple and chic style I love. Congratulations..!!