Banksia Sewalong: sleeveless version

I love a sleeveless Banksia – so great for a hot day – and even better, so easy to do!

Ready, set go!

For the a sleeveless version you will need to make sure you have already sewn the side seams.

We’ll be using one of my favourite methods again – bias tape as facing. SO easy.

There are really two ways to go with this – you can either do the facing on the inside, and enclose all the raw edges on the inside. So all that will show on the outside is the topstitching. The other way to go is to make the facing a design feature, and put it on the outside of the top – which is the way i decided to go with my sleeveless top.

If you decide to put the facing on the inside, then you will find this tutorial from the Darling Ranges sewalong helpful.

Okay, lets start :)

Iron out one edge of your bias tape, so you are let with one folded edge. Fold the raw end of the bias tape (this will help it look neater when you are done) – and begin pinning it to the wrong side of the fabric. This will ensure your bias tape is exposed on the outside of your top. If you want your bias facing on the inside of the top, you will need to start by pinning the bias to the right side of the top.

Once you have pinned all the way round, sew 1/4″ from the raw edge.

Now turn your bias facing, and the seam allowance, to the right side of the top. You should be enclosing the raw edges and the bias tape should sit flat against the front of top. Note we are not binding the armholes with bias tape, we are using it as facing.

Sew around the edge enclosing the raw edges, and finishing your armholes.


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  1. Kez says

    I’m really excited to see all your finished Banksias…I feel like you’re making such a great range!

    • MegMeg says

      LOL Kez you are so right – i think i made 5 or something ridiculous like that! I shall soon have a wardrobe full of Banksia’s!! Hugs! xoxo