Banksia sewalong: recap!

We’ve covered so much ground with our Banksia sewalong – the basics, tips and tricks, and of course cute variations on the pattern. I’ll be sharing show & tell’s of the Banksia’s i made over the course of the sewalong in a few days, but till then, here is a recap of all the posts/tutorials covered in the Banksia sewalong:

Phew! That was a lot of work! Please excuse me while i go pass out from exhaustion hehehe

Seriously though, I really really hope you all enjoyed the sewalong!! I hope it’s helped you take on things you found a little challenging, and given you ideas for how you can vary the pattern. I’m loving seeing all the Banksia’s you have made! A couple of people have asked me where they can share their finished Banksia’s – if you’d like to add them to the Megan Nielsen Patterns Flickr pool, i think that would be a great place to see what everyone has made!

Since we’re almost done – there’s only a short while longer that you can get 10% off the pattern in store – enter BANSKIA at checkout!

And just for fun, here are a few ways I’ve worn my Banksia’s in the past:


Obviously, I really freaking love this top :)

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  1. Mélanie says

    Hi Megan,
    I’m French and I ordered the banksia top last month. This top is wonderfull ! And I really love all other your patterns.
    When I received the Banksia pattern I was a little disappointed (but just a little bit !) because I thought the Banksia was adjusted (curved ? I don’t know how to translate “cintré”) like the draw of the pattern and not like the photographies.
    So I’ve made 2 Banksia like on the photographies and I’m wondering if you will suggest an adjusted version in the sew along …
    Many thanks in advance for your answer !

  2. LISA ONG says

    Hi Megan… Been following the sew along so far, and loved it.
    I have a burning question tho, regarding the jersey version. Since it’s in jersey, do we still need to SBA/FBA and changing the apex position before we true up the side seams? or shld we just true up the side seams without other pattern alteration ( besides removing the placket)?

  3. says

    Thank you so much, this sew-along was so full of helpful tips and tricks!
    I wasn’t planning on participating, but the knit version tempted me a lot!