Banksia Sewalong: preparation!

You guys we start our Banksia sewalong on Friday!! I’m so excited!! I’m having a devil of a time deciding on final fabrics though! Here’s what i’m thinking right now:

  • The striped jersey will be for our jersey version of the Banksia – basically i will be recreating this top with the Banksia pattern.
  • The blue linen blend is left over from a dress i made my sister in law Annelise a few years ago – and since it’s a blend it never wrinkles. It’s like magic fabric :) So i’m thinking i might use it for the dress version we’ll be doing.
  • I love the vintage floral too – and originally wanted to use that for the dress – but it wrinkles like crazy, and i hate it when you stand up from sitting and the back of your dress is a wrinkle mess. (you know what i mean right?) But i love the print – so i’m thinking i might make a collarless version out of it, or perhaps the sleeveless version?
  • I’ll be using the navy silk for the long sleeved version of the Banksia – so basically i’ll be making this top.
  • I”m toying with using the pale blue silk cotton blend for a standard Banksia.
  • I adore the buttery yellow linen – i hand dyed it for my spring 11 collection and have enough left for a top. I love this fabric because it’s so lovely in summer – and the colour is kind of perfect.
  • The rusty colour linen was also hand dyed for the same collection, I’m thinking of using this fabric in conjunction with the brown and white gingham for a placketless version of the Banksia. The gingham as the main body of the top, and the linen as the collar. Not sure yet.

Yeah i know… that’s too many Banksia’s isn’t it??? Eeeeep! I need to cut this list down!

So is anyone else as indecisive as me? How are your plans going for our sewalong? Have you found the perfect fabric/button combo yet?

Well, we start our pattern drafting on Friday, and that will run all of next week – and then we’ll start sewing! As a little refresher, here is the little checklist i shared in our last sewalong, that i go through before i start sewing.

  • Still don’t have the pattern?? Don’t forget about our 10% of discount during the sewalong! Just enter the code BANKSIA at checkout
  • Want a button for your blog?? Get the code here!

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  1. says

    Wow! I love the long sleeve version. I have a fabric and have thought of several ideas for making a dress version, but now I saw that long sleeve version and want to make one of those too. I have not even had time to look for buttons :) I might make a couple different versions too.

    • MegMeg says

      That’s awesome Angela!!! I’m so excited about all the versions people are planning. Seriously, the long sleeve version is one of my favourites – i wear it sooooo often in winter, and somehow it almost looks like a totoally different top! XOXO

    • MegMeg says

      hehehe that is SO my problem too!! Yesterday i cut one out, so at least i’m committed to one fabric at least now… so indecisive!! XOXO

  2. says

    I have just received my pattern in the mail and admit I have cut it out already! I will join you in this venture, I already have plans for a dress, woven top and knit top, just need to find some decent buttons. For the dress I gave up, this one will not have the placket!

    • MegMeg says

      Wow Lizz!!! You are going to be pumping out a lot of sewing! That’s awesome!! I’m glad i’m not the only one with a long sewing list hehehe. Meanwhile, if you’re thinking of skipping the placket (sometimes i get tired of sewing them too!), i’ll be including instructions for a top with no placket – and also a top with a faux placket (sneaky!).
      So fun!! XOXO

    • MegMeg says

      Thanks Anto! I started working on that one yesterday, and i’m already happy with how it’s turning out!!

  3. says

    Hey Megs! I’m taking part woo. I’ve got my floral op-shop fabric. And I’m thinking I’d like to do a placket-less, capped sleeved, dropped back hem version…

    • MegMeg says

      Sophie! Yay!!! I have serious love for opshop fabric, i always feel like i got the deal of the century :)

      Anyway, i love the idea of your top – sounds sooo cute!!

    • MegMeg says

      oh darn didn’t see this before i responded to your other comment hehehe!
      The good news is we will definitely be having a tutorial next week for how to move the bust darts up or down :) yay!

  4. says

    I looked at my stash and found two fabrics I could use one is a gigham and another a quilting cotton. I had only planned on doing a blouse but now I am also thinking of doing a dress. I will start my cutting this weekend.