the banksia sewalong!

Well my friends, i think it’s time to get ready for our next sewalong – the Banksia top!

I adore this pattern – it’s one of my wardrobe staples – and there are so many customization options!

For this sewalong i really want to explore a lot of the ways you can change up the Banksia to get a different look – as well as the standard instructions. I have a feeling i might end up sewing like 10 versions uh ohhhhhh can you say panic? hehe

I’m planning on structuring it much like we did for the Darling Ranges dress sewalong – first pattern alterations, then sewing. I’ve already got some ideas on what pattern alterations i’ll be covering, mostly ways you can alter the pattern to get even more mileage out of it – and obvious ones addressing different body types – but i’d also like to know what pattern alteration tutorials you’d like to see!

What Banksia alterations would you like me to cover in the sewalong? Please let me know in the comments! Obviously i can’t do everything, but if there’s any obvious theme i’d like to include it!!

Oh and did i mention there’ll be a coupon code for the length of the sewalong… and starting NOW? i know. Awesomeness.

Just enter the code BANKSIA at check out to get 10% off the Banksia pattern! (it’s the last step in the checkout process)

I’ll be releasing a full schedule soon – with the plan to begin the sewalong towards mid September. I know that seems far away, but i wanted to give you enough time to order the pattern and fabric etc before we start. Shipping from Australia usually takes 1-3 weeks (though it’s been averaging around 1.5 weeks recently, yay!) – so if you need to get the pattern before we start there is heaps and heaps of time!

Have i missed anything? EXCITED!

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  1. Lindsay says

    I’m so excited! The Darling Ranges sewalong was super helpful, and a Banksia shirt is next on my to do list. In reviews of this pattern, I’ve noticed several people mention that the bust darts are high and angled (w/ it working for some people and not for others.) I was planning on looking back at your Darling Ranges bust alteration post when I got to this step, but if you had any other advice specific to this pattern, that would be helpful. And I can’t wait to see all of the variations. Thanks so much Megan!

    • MegMeg says

      Thanks Lindsay that’s a great suggestion! I was planning a post on altering the placement of the dart (for those it hits too high on), but definitely worth considering covering the angle too if that isn’t work for some :)

      Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we were all the same size? hehehe

  2. Jaime Tanis says

    I would love to see how to make a mandrin collar for this top!
    (oh, and your patterns are wonderful :)

  3. says

    Yay! This is exciting! Learning to sew a placket has been on my to-do list for a little while so I’m really looking forward to this. If possible, I’d also like to learn different collar typea as I’m not really a peter pan girl, but love the over all style of the blouse :)

    • MegMeg says

      I’ll definitely be covering different collar options – that’s a great suggestion honey!! I might even try and include a printable collar – maybe that’s too ambitious, i’ll see how i go hehehe

  4. says

    Yay, I’m in! I’m a complete novice and the banksia was the first and only pattern Ive made so far. Even though I’m v new to sewing, the instructions were so easy to use. I cut a size too big (I realised I like it a bit more fitted) so I’ll join in on this sew along and make a size smaller. I’ve loved all the versions out there, I just know I’ll be making a load more of these!

  5. katie says

    I feel like I’m regular framed but for some reason blouses fit tight at the back of my shoulders. I have popped shoulder stitches on many tops. I haven’t attempted to sew a sleeved top yet just b/c I’m not sure what to do.
    If you could help me with that fitting issue I’d really be grateful.

  6. Ashley says

    I am actually making this top right now! The major issue I’m having is what Katie mentioned–the sleeves are pulling like crazy in the back but there are folds of sleeve fabric there too. I’m resorting to just leaving the sleeves off bc I’m ready to wear it, but I would love info on this issue if possible, so it will be better next time I make it. Thanks! :)

    • MegMeg says

      Mmmm that is a pickle! The shoulders on the Banksia are slightly narrower than a standard blouse to make it easier to leave the sleeves off – which could be causing your pulling issues. I think you’re right, we might need to address this one :)

  7. Shanna says

    I really like the look of the sleeve on the tops you featured made by Haylee & Rachel. They look a little looser/shorter than the top on your pattern sample maybe? Perhaps this is just a fit difference, but I would love some tips on sleeve variations like these.

    • MegMeg says

      Hi Shanna!! They are definitely a little looser than the pattern sample – the sample photos were taken before the pattern was finalized, and so the fit has ended up slightly different. Actually, i think i should probably update the sample photos for clarity! Thanks for the reminder :)

  8. says

    This is so exciting! I’ve just ordered my banksia pattern from your shop and I’m looking forward to getting started. As a complete beginner I’ve found sewalongs super helpful so far and I just love the banksia pattern – roll on September!

  9. says

    Oh Excellent, I just finished this and wasn’t entirely happy with my first one ( mainly due to fabric choice, not the pattern which is lovely) and want to make another. I had read some reviews where people had issues with the collar being too short for neck opening and I had noticed this too though not to the extreme that others had found. I’d be interested to try and work out what caused this, I’m thinking in my case my placket seam allowance was too small which added to overall length( width?) of neckline.

    • MegMeg says

      I’ve seen those comments too – and i’m thinking it’s likely to be a seam allowance issue or a neckline stretch issue. Will definitley be covering this!!

  10. says

    Yay! I’m going to join in! It’ll be my first sewalong!

    I’d love to see some suggestions for those of those that are petite (okay, very short) but still full figured. I always have a hard time with patterns fitting in the neckline and the shoulders, but still being correct in the bust!

    Thanks! :)

  11. Kelly says

    I would love to be a part of this sew along, I am just wondering how difficult the pattern is? I successfully made a couple of your maternity patterns, but I am still kind of a beginner at sewing.

    • says

      I haven’t sewn the Banksia, so I don’t know, but the great thing about a sew-a-long is every step is detailed out for you, making it a great way to learn new skills and take on more difficult projects!

  12. Amanda says

    Hi there! I love this pattern! I’m definitely a beginner, and have only tried sleeves once (unsuccessfully, I might add). So any extra tips on sleeves would be much appreciated!

    Also – I’ll certainly need an SBA, so if you could include that in there I’ll use that for sure! :)

    Thanks so much for doing this sew-a-long for everyone! I can’t wait to get my pattern and start!

    • MegMeg says

      Thanks for the feedback Amanda!! We’ll definitely be covering sleeves – i think i might include an alternate method that’s a bit easier to understand if you have trouble with inset sleeves :)
      Glad you’ll be joining in honey!! xoxo

  13. says

    I’m excited for this sew along! I’ve had the pattern for ages, but just haven’t done it yet. I’m excited to see the variations.

    • MegMeg says

      Yay! I’m so glad you’re going to join in! Variations really are the most fun part aren’t they??

  14. Anna says

    Pattern purchased last night. It’s going to be my first sew-a-long. Compared to my bust and hips, I’m quite thick waisted, so any tips on grading between pattern sizes (if this is indeed possible) would be great. Being a sew-a-long novice, will you included time to do a toile or should I make time to do that before? Thanks for organising this Megan. I understand sew-a-longs are very time consuming to prepare :)

  15. says

    Yay! I’m so excited! I’ve had this pattern for a little while and really want to make it, but I’ve been a bit intimidated by the placket and buttonholes (wimpy, I know!)! Can’t wait to sew this!

    • MegMeg says

      So glad you’re going to join in hun!! And don’t be scared! We will conquer plackets together! (plus i’m going to include a super sneaky placket option for those who are really scared of making one)

  16. says

    Hi Meg,
    Ooh how exciting! I have the Banksia top already but haven’t made it yet as I’m 6 months pregnant! This migbht be a bit of an ask, but is there a potential for showing how it can be adapted to accommodate a bump? Tahnks Joanne x

    • MegMeg says

      Ooooo yes that would be super cute! I love the idea! I’ll put it on my wish list – but not sure if we’ll get to it as i’ll try to cover the alterations that will help the most people.
      But seriously, a maternity version would be adorable!

      • says

        Awh no worries Meg – thanks for replying! I see from the schedule you have a jersey version planned – now that’s something I could adapt possibly to accommodate a bump!

  17. Natascha says

    Sounds great! I think I join as well! I want to do one for my sister, who is realy big busted and maybe one for my mother. She had breast cancer last year and needs to wear special bras now, and they have a very high neckline. So maybe you could show us, how to make the neckline higher? And yes, I definately want one for me as well :)

  18. says

    I just ordered the pattern when I found this post! I have never done a sew along and I’m not sure that I have ever sewn a blouse either so this will be fun. I am looking forward to trying this out.

    • MegMeg says

      I hope you enjoy it! I love sewalongs as it gives you a lot of detailed extra help – plus i’m a sucker for doing things together as a community :)