passport to style: welcome to perth

Hello darlings! So excited to tell you all about something my dear friend Kristin Hassan has been working on!

I absolutely adore Kristin – she is such a sweetheart and was such a huge encouragement, support and sounding board when i was launching my clothing line. She’s a very talented designer (remember she was one of the designers featured in our becoming a designer series?) – and has recently moved from apparel into jewelery (i wear her wrap bracelet to death: 1, 2, 3).

Right now she’s busy with her new program Passport to Style: World Tour 2012!  Passport to Style is a fresh and exciting experience that will be bringing you almost a dozen different jewelry collections via a virtual trip around the world! Each city will be hosted by a guest blogger “Tour Guide”, and guess what… I’m your Tour Guide for the tour’s eighth destination, Perth!

Kristin sent me an adorable package filled with nearly a dozen different styles of jewelry, all inspired by the land down under. She asked me to style a few pieces for a day spent in Perth.

And to me – a day in Perth is a day outside. Preferably next to a pool.

Here’s a look I would wear as I soak up the sun :) Surprise surpise it’s a Darling Ranges dress, and sweet pink accessories hehe

The jewelry from this collection is only available in limited quantities for three weeks! Claim yours a.s.a.p. – Shop Now! (the collection goes live tonight)

Next Wednesday i’ll be sharing another Australian inspired outfit post and even more jewelry. We also have a giveaway coming up! Make sure you don’t miss a thing from Kristin or the tour by reserving your passport.

Fun right?! XOXOXO

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