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I’m sure i’ve gone on and on about my love for Melissa before – but i think it’s worth talking about again :) She is one talented lady! Back in January when she went to ALT summit, she made these really really cute leather bracelets with her blog name on – “I still love you”.

I was rather enamored with them – so whilst we were chatting about work, i mentioned how cool i thought they were – and she sent me one! Isn’t she just the sweetest?? There was a lot of squeeling in my house – and honestly i wear it almost every second day.

There was just one problem – I am not very co-ordinated, and I was really really struggling with the leather cording used as the closure. For the life of me i couldnt’ get it on and off – i know, pathetic. So i thought i’d better change the closure a bit so i could wear it more often.

It was such a simple little project! I bought some chain and clasps from Michaels crafts, got out a pair of pliers and attached them to the holes that were already punched in the bracelet. Done!! I felt a little bit clever i must admit hehehe

What do you think?? I’m pretty thrilled with the little alteration. It’s made my favourite bracelet even easier to wear. Thanks Melissa for being such a sweetie and making such cool stuff!!!

ps. the other rad bracelet i’m wearing is by my talented friend – the amazing apparel and jewelery designer, Kristin Hassan.

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  1. says

    Your not only awesome at clothing alterations but jewelry alterations. The leather bracelet is a great way to promote a blog without being promotional. If I didn’t know the bracelet was connected to the blog, I still would wear it. It’s very chic. Thanks for introducing me to another designer/blogger :)

  2. says

    Both are talented ladies, I like the alteration you made to the bracelet so you could enjoy it more!

  3. says

    Genius! I’ve been thinking of doing the same with mine, the leather string broke some time ago. I’m so glad you still like that bracelet!